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INDIA: The River Ganges - Screenshots for jumping above the river and exploring the ruins in reverse

Save your game before performing the jump, because you may not be able to return back!!

Once you reach the cave with the two monkeys and the Crystal, go to the right. There is a big opening with a slanted edge and at the opposite side you can see a green bank. This is from where you would arrive here on your quad bike, if you had chosen the path through the ruins.

Now our aim is to jump over the river to the other side. Did you notice the big tree on the left hand side, at the opposite bank? It has some thick green roots extended into the water. The circle in the screenshot shows the roots.

Go to the left hand wall by the big opening and stand at the very edge, as close to the wall as possible. Angle Lara as the screenshot shows and hop back twice. It is essential that you have enough momentum for this movement.

Your target is the corner in between the two roots of the tree. Once you angle Lara as shown in the 2nd screenshot, start running towards the water. As soon as Lara reaches the edge, press Jump. The jump must be done manually, so you have to be very careful and jump at the very edge. Whilst Lara is in the air, press the Left direction arrow slightly. Do not hold it for too long, though. If you do, she will go too far and will not make it to our aim, which is the corner in between the two roots of the tree. So, press Left, trying to line Lara up with that corner. Immediately, press Action. Of course Lara will not grab the corner or anything else, but if you time it right, either will happen:

1. Lara will "bang" into the corner, jump very high towards the tree (this has something to do with the corner bug) and land on the root on the left, facing towards the bank (her feet will be half in the air).

2. She will hop on the spot (corner) and if you do not press anything, she will land on the right hand root.

If the above method does not work for you, we have an alternative method.

Before heading off to the ruins, turn around on the roots and jump towards the ledge ahead and to the right of the cave opposite. Now do as described in the walkthrough, to get to the ledge with Harpoons and Uzi clips. Return to the bank via the roots of the big tree. Enter the passage on the right and follow it as it goes to enter the temple ruins. Now you can explore all the area of the ruins and get to the bank of the river from where you would have entered if you had followed the other path. You can kill the monkeys and get all the pick-ups including the two Gate Keys. You can even use them to open the gate, but since there is no need to open the gate as you have no quad bike to pass through with, you can simply keep them in your inventory. Be careful with the monkeys, however, because most of them will appear from behind you.

After you explore all the ruins, return back to the cave with the tree. You need now to get to the other side again (to the opening with the Crystal). Normally, you would jump over the river with your quad bike, but since you are on foot, there is no other way than to do it on foot.

The way back

Go to the big tree (the one with the three green roots). Jump on the middle root and turn to the left to face diagonally the opening. Position Lara at the lower left corner, as far at the edge as possible, and line her up with the corner where the slope meets the right wall of the cave.

Hop back once and make one more step back. You may think that Lara turned, but it is the camera that changed view. Your aim is to land just at the corner between the slope and the wall. If you go too far to the left, Lara will land on the slope, slide backwards and fall in the water. If you go too far to the right, she will not make it and fall in the river instead. So, take a very careful lined running jump towards that corner. Be ready to press the either left or right arrow to help Lara land on the right spot. As soon as you see her approaching (not earlier) press Action. She will not grab anything of course, but if you are lucky, her feet will hit the aforementioned corner.

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