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INDIA: Caves of Kaliya

This level can be described as a maze. In fact there are three levels: the upper one from where you begin, a middle one (that you can totally avoid) and a lower one that you need to pass through in order to get to the level's boss (Tony). There are some pick-ups (not Secrets though) and kills around the three levels, but if you are not interested, you can follow a quicker way.

From the spot that the level begins, the right hand path leads to the middle level. Then from the middle you can go to the lower one. The left hand path leads directly to the lower level and there is no way to come back to the upper level and there is no way to access the middle one. So, if you are interested in all pick-ups and kills or want to see everything, you need to follow the right hand path. Here you can find a visual guidance of the maze and instructions on how you can reach the opening above the cobra cave. Once you reach this point, follow the walkthrough below.

Cobra cave - Jump over the opening to get the Crystal and, if you want, save your game. Light a Flare, hang from the edge of the pit (having the passage you came from on your right) and drop to the ground. You can see two cobras on each side and, for your information, there are eight more cobras in the rest of the room. You can also see a slope in front you and a boulder will roll from there. For now, take one step backwards and kill the two cobras. Turn around and kill the next two cobras. The boulder starts rolling when you pass between the two angled ledges. You can trigger the boulder and jump where the dead cobras are. Then, carefully, kill the remaining six cobras and go through the opening where the boulder passed.

Alternative method - If you do not want to get all kills and do not wish to waste time and ammo on the cobras, do this: as soon as you jump down, dash (or run with jumps) towards the passage. The cobras will not even realize your presence and when they start attacking, you will be too far away. You will hear the boulder rolling after you, but it will not catch you as long as you do not hesitate. As soon as you reach the crawlspace on the right, duck and crawl in. If you do not have the time to do so and the boulder is about to get you, just dash to the end of the passage, where the crawlspace is, stick to the right hand wall and duck, having the crawlspace on your right. The boulder will hit the wall, but Lara will get no harm at all.

Crawl through the opening at the end of the passage and drop down at the end. Pick up the Small Medi Pack and get the Crystal. Save your game before sliding down.

End Boss - Tony is standing in the middle of the room. As soon as you enter, he converts the water that surrounds him into a fired liquid and starts throwing fireballs at you. It is not difficult to defeat him, as long as you do not hurry. You can kill him using the Pistols but this will take a lot of time. The Shotgun though does a good job here and you need about nine shots in order to kill him. Avoid running around the ledges like a lunatic, because you will waste a lot of ammo trying to kill him.

Equip the Shotgun before sliding down, so you can shoot him about three times until he converts the water into the fired liquid. Then jump to either nearby ledges, shoot him once and continue jumping to the next ledge. Shoot him again once and follow the same procedure until he falls down.

Or, after sliding down, immediately run and jump to the platform on the right. Turn to face Tony and equip your Pistols. Start shooting at him whilst jumping left and right (just be careful not to fall in the water). You will be surprised at how little effort it will take, and how little life you will lose (that is, if you lose any at all!) before he will die.

For the desperate players - If you are having troubles killing Tony, take a running jump towards the ledge he is standing as soon as you enter the room. Crouch in front of him and shoot him using the Pistols (or the Shotgun).

Once he is dead, get the pickups around the ledges: the Small Medi Pack, the Grenade Launcher and the Grenades*. Take a running jump to the ledge where Tony was standing and get the Infada Stone.

The FMV shows Lara emerging from inside the caves. A boat appears and a man asks her to get on board. Lara does so and the man introduces himself as Doctor Willard. He tells Lara that he was going to converse with Tony, but he was inspired by her job. So, he wants to offer her another work for the three other artifacts like the one Lara got from Tony. Lara tells him that this artifact is unique but she asks him what his interests in it would be. Willard scans the artifact and tells her that it is not from India; rather an island near Antarctica. It is a meteorite rock that was used by Polynesians who were once settled there many many years ago. Lara then asks how it ended up to India. Willard tells her that it was formed the planets, sculpted by Polynesians, distributed by goons. He then shows her a sailor's diary. Lara opens the diary and starts reading "August 14th, 18:34". Then the sailor's voice is heard and Lara imagines the moment through the reading.

"This voyage is getting too boring for me to continue with this journal. " as we see the sailor, Stephen Barr, sitting on a table. He sounds desperate, because the only tails he will have to tell are hours of bird watching, picking and pressing flowers. He then stands up and takes a look beyond at the ocean where an icy island is, whilst he continues "But these don't even concern me now. I just want food, something more than vegetable broth in me". So, he and four more men get a boat in order to reach that island, just to accomplish their pact: to get meat, pure, solid, blood rich meat.

When they finally reach the island, they track some footprints on the snow. It is obvious that these do not come from a human being. The footprints lead into a cave, so they enter holding lanterns to see clearly. Inside, there are only stalactites and one of the men mentions that the snow has run out and the tracks have gone. They continue anyway and cross a bridge in order to find what they are looking for. They reach a lighted cave and Stephen mentions that there is something there. One of the men pulls an artifact from the snow, which looks like a lizard. Another man says he found one more and each man finds an artifact apart from Stephen. Paul pinks Stephen he did not find one, when Stephen notices a dark shadow on a pillar behind Paul. "Paul!!" Stephen calls, but before Paul makes a move, a wolf attacks him and he falls on the ground. Stephen shoots the wolf and it runs away. He then picks Paul on his shoulder and run towards the bridge. The wolf follows them and when they all step on the bridge, it breaks away. They slide down a slope and they end up on a snow bank.

Paul is now dead and the rest of the men dig a grave for him. One them says that they should better not tell anyone what happened because they will need to come back and hunt down creature's samples. Everyone agree apart from Stephen who stands silent.

Back to the present, Willard tells Lara that Stephen was the only survivor of the four. He also tells her that when Stephen arrived back in London, he sold off his artifact. The other three men died for their pieces - one here in India, one in the South Pacific and one in Nevada. These are the places (London, South Pacific and Nevada) where Willard would like Lara to go. She closes the journal and says to him "Sounds good to me."

(Note - When you finish this level, you will have the option of choosing between London, South Pacific and Nevada. You can complete the three mid locations in any order you like, but you would like playing Nevada first. If you do not mind a spoiler, read this note.)

* Many people say that if you get the Grenage Launcher first, each Grenade will count as double, but if you get the Grenades first, each one will count as single. This is correct, but it does not change the summary of your Grenades (as these people insist). Just before getting the Grenade Launcher, each Grenade is indeed count as single. But once you get the Grenade Launcher, all the Grenades you have collected so far are automatically multiplied by two. The same thing happens with other weapons (e.g. Harpoon Gun), so it does not matter if you first pick up the Gun or the ammo.


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We would like to thank Nicky for her help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without her participation.

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