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You begin the level in Sophia's office, where she left you in the cut scene at the end of the previous level. Go outside, but do not proceed a lot because Sophia throws harmful energy bolts from her scepter. You cannot kill her with your weapons, so do not waste ammo and time.

The deal here is to reach the top of the building, shoot an electrical panel and fry Sophia. Then you can go and claim the artifact. You will see some pick-ups as you go, but we suggest you not to get them whilst you are climbing up. Kill Sophia first and then take your time to get the pick-ups (and the only Secret of the level). Sophia is shooting from the opposite side and until you kill her, do not jump close to her because the bolts will kick you back. Besides, the electrical panel is on your side.

Since you go upwards, Sophia will follow you, making her way upwards too. If you do not hesitate during the whole process and quickly climb up the various ledges, Sophia will not bother firing bolts, because she first needs to reach your level. So, as long as you do not remain still, you will not lose a lot of health.

(The following procedure of going upwards is shown in this page.)

First go up the ramp on the right hand side (if Sophia's office is to your back) and climb on the block. Turn around, side step to the right and take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up. (You can also grab the grates above and traverse across, but you will lose more health.) Vault onto the ledge on the left hand side, turn around and jump up to grab the bridge above. Pull up, cross the bridge to the end and push the button to open a trapdoor behind you.

Roll, cross back the bridge and climb on the block to the left. Here you can see the trapdoor you just opened. Turn around and climb on the ledge above. Then climb on the upper one either from the left hand side where the light is or walk forwards and jump up to grab it. Go to the end and take a diagonal standing jump to the left to grab the ladder. Climb to the top and crawl through the opening. Turn around and climb on the upper ledge (stand against it and jump up to grab it). Take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge, pull up and head to the end. Draw you pistols and shoot the electrical panel on the right hand side. Sophia should be now standing on the right spot. Bye...

Do not attempt to cross the walkway where Sophia is laying dead or you will have the same ending as her. Carefully make your way down to get the pick-ups: one Small Medi Pack next to the crawlspace, one Small and one Large Medipack on the walkway beneath the ladder and one Small Medi Pack on the ledge with the button.

Secret - To get the level's only Secret, go to the block beneath the trapdoor and drop to the ledge towards Sophia's office. Having her office to the back of you, drop backwards to grab the edge and shimmy to the left. Release and grab the crawlspace below. Pull into and drop down on the other side. Pick up the Rocket and the Large Medi Pack. Crawl back outside and drop to the ground.

Now make your way up close to the ladder. Take a running jump to grab the ledge on the opposite side (where Sophia was) and climb up the blocks to reach the part where the artifact is. Do not attempt to step on the metal ledges or you will get toasted. Locate the button on the side of the block that is in front of the artifact. Push it to turn off the power and pick up the Eye Of Isis to end the level.


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We would like to thank Nicky for her help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without her participation.

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