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ANTARCTICA: Meteorite Cavern

The goal is to get back the four artifacts. Our friend though, Willard, has transformed into a huge (ugly) spider after using the four artifacts and raising the meteor. He is also not willing to let Lara get the artifacts so easily.

The first thing you should know is that you cannot kill him. So, do not empty your guns on him. However, you can stun him for some seconds and during this time, you have to sprint into one of the hallways, get one artifact and exit before he awakes. This is the main pattern, but there is one tough point: Willard shoots white bolts and he never misses. This means that if he shoots in any direction, you are definitely dead. So, you need to stun him before he starts shooting.

Keep in mind that as long as you move, he will not shoot at you. Just be careful not to step in any of the straight hallways whilst he is awake, because if you do so, he will immediately shoot you and you are history. This means that you need to move quickly and do not hesitate at all. The Rocket Launcher or the Grenade may stun him faster, but they are difficult to use and they do not help you move easily whilst shooting. Desert Eagle though does a pretty good job. You could probably find your own strategy, but here is what worked for us (this page is a visual guidance).

Killing Willard - We found that being opposite Willard is easier to take him down and get the artifacts. From the starting position, Willard is exactly on the opposite side and he will move to the either left or right. In any case, do not move at all. Let's say that he moved to the left (anti clockwise). Start shooting at him (you need about 12 Desert Eagle bullets) until he is stunned. Even if you see him close to you, do not move or you may fall into a lava pit. 95% he will fall between the hallway you are standing in front and the hallway on the left. Once he is down, run to the right, pass the first hallway (not the second) and stand exactly opposite Willard (between the two hallways). Do not try to get any of the artifacts yet, because you do not have time, as he is about to wake up.

Once he wakes up, you should be opposite each other. Start shooting at him again and if it is possible, side step to the right towards the next hallway (the one opposite the starting position). Willard will fall again close to you, but you are also close to the hallway. Once he is down, roll and sprint into the hallway. Release just before you reach the artifact to avoid bypassing it. Pick it up, roll and sprint outside cutting to the right. Willard should be on your left and if everything went well and you did not bump anywhere, he will be about to wake up whilst you are exiting the hallway. Stand opposite him and start shooting. Repeat the above until you get the four artifacts. When you get them all, the meteorite falls to the crater. Now Willard is vulnerable, so finish him off.

Alternative method - If you are up for a little challenge, you can defeat Willard with your Pistols, and no health loss; although it will take more time and running, and you may need to practice a bit. As soon as the level begins, start running around the crater with your pistols drawn. Cover the straight parts with jumps, so as to gain distance. When you are relatively far from him, stop in front of a path leading to an artifact, turn around and start shooting at Willard. Shoot him until he gets close to you. Do not panic if he gets too close, just be careful to be ready to run away, so that he cannot push you in the lava pit or hurt you with his legs. Then turn around and start running again.

Run/ jump around the crater a few rounds so as to gain more distance from him, then again stop in front of a straight path, turn around and start shooting. You will have to do this "run-stop-shoot" process approximately nine times before you manage to stun Willard once. Try to every time stop in front of a straight path, so as to be ready to dash for an artifact when he gets stunned. As soon as he freezes, dash in the straight path, grab the first artifact and dash back out before he wakes again.

Now you have to get the rest three artifacts. Repeat the process again (run-stop-turn around-shoot him, approximately nine times) but with a difference now. After the seventh time, it is recommended that you stop only in front of any of the three remaining paths that contain artifacts so that you can dash and get one once he freezes. This way, whenever he decides to freeze, you will be on the right spot to dash in the walkway and get the artifact. After you get all artifacts, repeat the same process again: run away, stop anywhere this time, turn around, shoot him, run again, stop, shoot, etc., approximately nine times and he will eventually explode.

After beating Willard - Once you are done with him, notice the two ladders alongside one of the hallways. Take a running jump to grab either of the ladders and climb up until you reach the ledge. Shimmy towards the ledge and when you see Lara's hand grabbing the ledge (although she is not hanging from the ledge with both of her hands), pull up. Go through the opening and then to the left.

Crawl through the opening and follow the passage until you reach a snowy ledge that overlooks the arena. Turn left and jump up to grab the handholds above. Traverse across and drop to the rock below. Walk to the end and take a running jump to the next rock on the right hand side. Turn right and jump up to grab the ledge above. Turn around and take a running jump to the opposite ledge, which is below the snowy rocks. Pull onto the upper ledge to reach an area with a metal block and a light on it. Go to the left of the block into the cave and slide down.

Draw weapons and follow the passage around to the right. Once you reach the outside area, two guys in white start shooting at you - one from the left and one from ahead. You can lure them towards the passage you just came from and shoot them from there whilst hopping backwards. Take care of them and pick up the Large Medi Pack and the Desert Eagle Clips they dropped. Watch out for the guy that emerges from the passage on the left. He will throw flames from his weapon. Kill him and pick up the Desert Eagle Clips he drops (again you can hop back towards the passage once he is triggered and kill him safely from there). Two more guys are coming from the fence beyond, so keep your eyes open. Behind the fence there is another guy. He does not leave anything so do not go there if you are not interested in all kills and pick-ups.

Go through the passage to the left of the fence and follow the area to the end. The door of the fence beyond opens as you approach. Enter to finish the level and the game.

The FMV shows Lara entering the helicopter. She kills the pilot and takes the charge of the helicopter. After the big chase, Lara finally escapes.

Note about the Secrets - If you have found all 59 Secrets of the game (this is the number that the game requires), after the credits the Bonus level, All Hallows will load automatically.


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We would like to thank Nicky for her help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without her participation.

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