Alexandria Explain

In order to avoid a confusion whilst playing the game, we provide you an explanation, so as to understand where you need to go and what to collect. So, use this if you do not wish to be spoiled from the walkthrough but would like to have a clear view of what you need to do.

The Alexandria part begins with the Alexandria level, but the hub starts from Coastal Ruins. A very important pick-up you must not forget from Alexandria level is the LaserSight.

Coastal Ruins
Gate Key


4 Tridents


Temple of Poseidon
Place the 4 Tridents


Cleopatra's Palaces
Proper play\ End of Alexandria


The Lost Library
Pharos Pillar


Pharos, Temple of Isis
Usage of the 4 Beetles
Retrieval of Mechanical Scarab


Hall of Demetrius
Pharos Knot


Clepatra's Palaces
Brief visit
4th Black Beetle


Coastal Ruins
End of hub

Pharos, Temple of Isis
Placement of the two Pharos'
3 Black Beetles
Winding Key

Coastal Ruins is the central level and all the others (Catacombs, Temple Of Poseidon, The Lost Library, Hall Of Demetrius, Pharos, Temple Of Isis) are just around it. There are various doors in Coastal Ruins that you can pass through in order to visit the other levels and come back. The only difficult part is that you cannot open some of them from Coastal Ruins and you have to open them from the mid-levels. But this only if you have forgot something and must return back.

In Costal Ruins, you have to find the Gate Key because it will give you the access to the Catacombs level. After a couple of back-tracks in these two levels, you gain the "actual" access to Catacombs. Your objective there is to find 4 Tridents. You can easily skip to the next level (Temple of Poseidon), but do not do that unless you have found all the Tridents. Then you can proceed to the Temple of Poseidon level. In there, you have to only place the Tridents, because this will open the route for the Lost Library. Your target there is to find the Pharos Pillar (the first of the two componets that will allow you to exit the hub). Once you find it, you can proceed to Hall of Demetrius. This is a small level and Pharos Knot (the second component) is not difficult to find. Once you have it, you can return to Coastal Ruins. Instead of taking the long route back by re-visiting all the past levels, pay attention from where Werner escaped. This will take you to Coastal Ruins directly and it will also give you the access to the level's only Secret. Then you can go to Pharos, Temple of Isis.

In Pharos, Temple of Isis level you place the two components you found and you can proceed. The goal here is to get the Mechanical Scarab and its Winding Key. In order to retrieve the Scarab, you have to find 4 Black Beetles. The first three Beetles are in the current level and the fourth one is located in the next level, Cleopatra's Palaces. So, for just a few minutes, you have to skip to the next level, get the Black Beetle and return back. Once you have the two components (Mechanical Scarab and Winding Key), you can go to the next level (Cleopatra's Palaces) and play properly.



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