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Level 7: Temple of Karnak

This level is linked with the next two levels (The Great Hypostyle Hall and Sacred Lake). You need to visit each level twice in order to proceed to the next section.

First Time

[Note about the scorpions - You will encounter many black scorpions throughout this level. They are poisonous, and if they bite Lara the health bar will turn light green. Your screen will start to wave and things will become blurry. To be healed, you need to take a Medipack (the Smaller variety is enough). You will die if the green bar runs out at any point, unless you are at the end of the level where you can end it and be saved.]

The cut scene shows Lara driving the jeep towards the Temple. She hits on a rock and gets out.

You are done with the jeep and will not get it again. From the starting point, turn left and climb up the rocks. Slide downwards and kill the black scorpion that emerges from the left. Pick up the Small Medipack in front of the giant needle and kill the next black scorpion that comes out from behind it. Now, scout the area a little bit and see what is what. There are three doorways on the left (south), some stones that lead to another area on the right (north), and another doorway with three columns on each side straight ahead (west).

Three doorways (south) - Head to the three doorways on the left (south). The left and right ones do not include anything, so go through the middle one. Climb up over the block and drop down on the other side.

1st Secret (1-4\ total: 26-70) - Head to the left and drop through the hole. Crawl through the opening and kill the black scorpion that scuttles towards you. Head forwards. Shoot the vase on top of the block and get the Shotgun Normal Ammo. Continue to the right. Three more black scorpions are lurking inside. Kill them and shoot the other four vases (you cannot shoot the big black-yellow ones) and get the Large Medipack, Flares, Uzi Ammo, and Shotgun Wideshot Ammo. You can also shoot the vases before killing the scorpions and kill them from safety at top of the blocks where the vases were.

Return back the way you came and climb up through the hole. When you climb up on top of the block just prior to returning to the giant needle, turn to your left and jump up to grab the ledge (as shown in this screenshot). Pull up and jump to the opposite side. Get the Small Medipack, jump to the ledge you were before, and take a running jump to the next one. Pick up the Uzi Ammo and jump to the alcove ahead to get the Shotgun Wideshot Ammo. Return back to the main area with the needle.

Doorway with columns (west) - Go towards the opening with the three columns (west), but do not go through it yet. Notice the angled block to the left of the doorway. Jump up to grab it and shimmy to the right hand corner. Pull up, turn slightly right and jump to grab the flat ledge. (See this screenshot to get oriented.) Pull up and get the Shotgun Wideshot Ammo before safely dropping to the ground.

Go through the opening and look for the closed door on the right. You will be back later to end the level here. Continue through the grated doorway. As you go up the ramp, Lara will glance upwards and right. Guess you need to go there. So, climb up onto the block and then up to the ledge. Turn around and jump to the middle ledge. From there, jump onto the third one. Pick up the Shotgun Normal and Uzi Ammo's from the two corners and return to the middle ledge.

Use the two niches to activate the mechanisms that open the two gates. Go through the left one and pick up the Small Medipack from the floor and the Shotgun (or Ammo if you already have it) from the pedestal. Now go through the right hand gate and get the Canopic Jar 1 from the other pedestal.

A cut scene shows a button and a door in a room that you have not been yet if you follow this walkthrough.

2nd Secret (2-4\ total: 27-70) - Return back down and jump into the pool. Collect the Flares from the bottom of the pool and swim through the opening. Open the door at the end (stand in front of it and press Action) and return back to the surface and get some air, or proceed if you have at least 25% air left. Swim downwards and go through the door you just opened. When you turn left, notice the opening in the ceiling. You can surface there. Climb out and pick up the Uzi and Crossbow Normal Ammo's.

3rd Secret (3-4\ total: 28-70) - Having the water in front of you, jump into the water and swim forward. There is nothing on the right. Notice the triangular opening though on the left. Swim through it and get: Shotgun Wideshot Ammo, Crossbow Poison Ammo, Large Medipack, and Uzi Ammo.

Exit by swimming through the triangular opening and getting some air that you may need by the place where you got the 2nd Secret. Make your way back outside the pool and then outside to where the needle is.

Stones that lead to the other area (north) - As you return back to the area with the needle, climb up the stones on the left. When you reach the opening between the rocks, stop and take a look at the pillars ahead. There are two openings between the pillars that lead to the same room - the one you saw after getting the Canopic Jar 1. Before beginning your next venture, you may want to take some pick-ups that are located on the walkways above the pillars.

Before sliding down, climb on the right, higher stone. From there, take a running jump to the flat stones on the right (see this screenshot to get oriented). Then jump towards the walkways. Pick up the Small Medipack from the low block on the right and the Shotgun and Uzi Ammo's from the walkways. Safely drop onto the ground.

Room with two pits, staircase and bowl - Go to the left part of the area and shoot the black scorpion that emerges from behind the stones. Get the Flares from the stone in the far left corner and drop through the hole. Climb up onto the ledge to reach the next room. Alternatively, you can go to the right part of the area, climb up the block and follow the hallway to reach the same room.

4th Secret (4-4\ total: 29-70) - Regardless of the way you entered this room, look for a small opening on the left wall (as shown in this screenshot). Crawl through it and pick up the two sets of Uzi Ammo and the Flares. Return back to the room.

In the middle you can see a staircase that leads to a peculiar looking bowl. On each side of that is a pit. The left one contains nothing but a black scorpion. Kill it from above if you are interested in all kills. The pit on the right contains another black scorpion together with a Small Medipack. Kill the scorpion from above and drop down. After getting the Medipack, climb back up and use either of the two bars above the pits to traverse across. If you used the right bars, a black scorpion will be waiting for you at the other end. Take care of it and push the button on the back wall to open a door back near where you entered the room. This will release another black scorpion, but it is not a great threat to you. Traverse back across the pits and go through the door. Use the niche.

The brief cut scene shows the bowl being lowered.

Area underneath the bowl - Go down the staircase and safely drop through the hole that the bowl revealed. Get the Large Medipack from the block and follow either of the two openings alongside the Statues with the horns. Each opening contains a receptacle where you need to place a Canopic Jar. Since you have found the first one, place it in the receptacle on the left.

The cut scene shows the door you saw before (close to where you actually got the Canopic Jar 1) open.

Pool with strong current - Both openings lead to the same pool with a Statue in the middle. If you jump into the pool the current will prevent you from swimming towards the Statue. Swim to the right instead and get the two sets of Shotgun Normal Ammo's from underneath the ledge. Swim to the middle of the pool now and let the current take you back to the bowl.

Climb out and then climb through the crawlspace on the right (assuming you have the Statues with the horns to the back of you). Follow the rather cramped passageway inside. When you finally get to stand up again, fetch the Flares from the alcove on your right and begin crawling through the next tunnel. You reach a sandy area eventually. Crawl through the opening at the far left and drop down at the end to find yourself in the next room over to where you lowered the bowl. Opposite the crawlspace from where you just dropped down, there is a block you can climb on. Climb onto it and go to the left. Make your way back to the needle area and then enter the doorway with the columns on the right (west). Go through the door you opened using the Canopic Jar 1 and slide down into the next level.

Pick up the walkthrough for The Great Hypostyle Hall (First Time).


Second Time
After completing the Sacred Lake (First Time)

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 9
  • Pick-ups: 5

The current pushes you to the end of the tunnel. Climb out of the water and then negotiate the next two ledges. Drop onto the ground and you are back in the pool with the Statue in the middle. Go through the opening on the left and place the Canopic Jar 2 inside the receptacle. The two big Statues will begin pouring a green fluid into the bowl through their horns. The bowl then throws the fluid into the pool, the latter of which freezes.

Make your way back to the pool. Now Lara can walk on the water that covers her legs until her knees. Climb up onto the ledge where the Statue is, pick up the Uzi Ammo from behind the Statue, and go through the opening. Climb into the hallway from the right hand side and walk to the edge of the opening.

Pool with the cage - You can see the two crocodiles outside, one swimming in the pool and the other one beyond. Drop onto the block below and kill them from more or less your current vantage point (you could climb out from the left of the hallway but there is not a safe block beneath the opening). You are not done with the crocodiles yet. There is one more. Hang down from the edge of the block to trigger the crocodile. Then pull yourself up and turn it into a handbag.

Pick up the Shotgun Normal Ammo from the sandy ledge on the right, and one more from the bottom of the pool. Follow the underwater tunnel beneath the cage and climb out of the water. Push the button on the wall at the other side to lower the cage out in the open. Drop into the water again and climb out from the either left or right side of the pool. Get the Hypostyle Key and the Sun Goddess from the pedestal.

(Bug note - When jumping into the water on getting the Key and the Goddess, Lara might be unable to climb out of the arena. To fix this, try swimming back to the tunnel under the pedestal where you pressed the button. Then return back to the lake. This seems to fix the bug.)

You need to return back to where you placed the two Canopic Jars. Scale the block at the far left side of the area and then climb into the hallway. Drop through the hole, follow the tunnel and you are back in the pool where Lara can walk on the water. Follow either of the two openings at the other side, passing the receptacle you placed one of the two Canopic Jars into.

Going back to the area with the giant needle - Climb through the crawlspace on the right. Follow it as it goes, climbing up two ledges. You reach a sandy area and then crawl through an opening. Drop down and you are next to the room where you lowered the bowl on your first run through this level. Draw your weapons because Von Croy's men have already reached the area. Kill the one who emerges from the room on the right. There is another one inside the room but you can avoid him so long as you do not enter it. If you are interested in all kills, go ahead and kill him, but be careful because he shoots at you from behind one of the doors you opened up earlier on.

Opposite the crawlspace from where you just dropped down, there is a block you can climb on. Climb over it and go to the left. Stay on your toes; two more ninjas are waiting for you. Kill the first one from the far right corner of the area and immediately twist the other way in the aftermath, as the second one is coming from behind you among the pillars. Make your way back to the needle area. When you go through the broken wall, a black scorpion appears behind you. It cannot reach you, so do not bother (unless you are interested in all kills). Enter the needle area and head to the right where the opening with the pillars is. Kill the ninja that comes towards you before he can climb out and shoot at you. Go through the opening on the right and slide down.

Pick up the walkthrough for The Great Hypostyle Hall (Second Time).


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