Level 16: Temple of Poseidon

* Plus 3 destroyed spirits.

(Important - You need Four Tridents in order to continue on from here and complete this level. If you do not have them, you must return to the Catacombs level, where all four are located. Check the walkthrough of the Catacombs level to see which one you are missing. If you cannot find your way back, search for the climbable wall on the north side of the main area.)

Go up the stairs and take a diagonal standing jump to the ledge on the left. Make a mental note of the bird statue's location here, as shortly you will need to return to it. Turn around, jump to grab the ladder, and climb down. Avoid the deep pit in the middle of the long room, as you need to fill it with water first. There is an opening\ doorway on each side of the room that you can visit in any order you like. We however will start from the doorway on the north side, eventually following a clockwise route to other doors and openings.

[Bug warning (and some spoiler) - You need to place all four Tridents on four separate statues in four separate rooms to fill the pit with water. Sometimes however the pit remains dry even after doing this. Lara will not be able to jump down because she will get killed, thus, you will not be able to complete the level. There is no explanation for this bug so far, but there are two possible remedies. You can either blast every single skeleton with explosive arrows so that none remain "alive" (there is no obvious connection between the pit and the skeletons, but this fixes the bug), or complete your mission going counter-clockwise. That is, you would start in the room on the right of the wall you climbed down here from (north - west - south - east).]

North doorway - Go through the doorway on the north side. Climb onto the ledge and follow the hallway. Two skeletons appear in the next room. Do not bother with them now. Just keep going and drop into the pit from where you can safely blast the two skeletons.

Secret (1-1\ total: 49-70) - Enter the dark alcove in the southeast corner and crawl through the opening to get the Crossbow Normal ammo and the Small Medipack. Crawl back out, climb on the ledge and go through the north opening.

(Note - Make sure you go to the secret passage now. If you do not, on your way out of that room you will not have access to it any more!!)

Drop into the small pit and crawl through the opening beneath the huge face. Climb out at the end and head forwards. One of the two white vases includes Uzi ammo. Enter the room with the Poseidon's statue, jump to where the statue is and use one of the Tridents you have. Lara climbs up onto the statue and places the Trident at the top of the pole. This makes water flow.

Return to the previous room and enter the one on the left. The black holes on the floor are burners that ignite when you step on them. You can pass diagonally between two burners. When you step on the square in the far-left corner of the room (where the vases are), all the burners ignite and two skeletons appear from behind you. Take care of them and shoot the vases to get the Crossbow Normal ammo and the Shotgun Normal and Wideshot ammo's. Make your way back, but be weary of the burners. You should be able to Walk diagonally through them without catching fire. The crawlspace is filled with water now. Jump into it and swim outside. Climb out of the water and make your way back to the long room where the deep pit is. Then head to the left.

East opening - Follow the East Side of the long room and turn to face the deep pit. Take a look in the direction of the right hand side to see the climbable wall. Climb it to the top and dismount on the left or back flip onto the ledge behind. When you enter the room with the Poseidon's statue, a skeleton appears from the right. Take care of it and shoot the vase in the back right corner to get the Shotgun Wideshot ammo. Jump to the ledge where the statue is and use one of the Tridents you have. Lara climbs up onto the statue and places the Trident at the top of the pole. This makes more water flow.

Make your way back, eventually climbing down the wall. When you are about to reach the now flooded low path, a spirit emerges. Keep going, all the time sticking to the right. When you pass the arched opening, turn right and climb up the wall from where you first entered this area. Back flip onto the ledge behind and crouch down next to the bird statue. Wait until the spirit extinguishes itself on it. Climb down the wall again.

South doorway - Go around the pit and enter the doorway in the south. Follow the hallway to the end and around to the left and climb up the pole. Turn if necessary and back flip onto the ledge. The sleeping skeleton in the first room awakens after you place the Trident, but you can use the LaserSight bug and destroy its head. Shoot the vases on the right and pick up the Shotgun Wideshot ammo and the Crossbow Normal ammo. Enter the room with the Poseidon's statue and take care of the skeleton that awakens. Jump to the ledge where the statue is and use one of the Tridents you have. Lara climbs up onto the statue and places the Trident at the top of the pole. This makes yet more water to flow.

If you did not destroy the first skeleton before, do it now and make your way back by climbing down the pole. Swim to the now flooded hallway and return to the room where the deep pit is. Then head to the left.

West opening - Having the deep pit to the back of you, look for the opening on the left. The black hole underneath is a burner that ignites when you step on it. To climb through the opening, stand against the wall on the left of the burner. Take some steps to the right, and when you see the bottom left corner of the opening above Lara's head, jump up pressing Action to grab the edge. You are safe as long as Lara's left foot touches the left edge of the square around the burner (as shown in this screenshot). One more step to the right though and she is toasted!! Pull up and crawl forwards.

The two sleeping skeletons awaken when you approach them after placing the Trident. Shoot the vase in the next room to get the Small Medipack and enter the room with the Poseidon's statue. Jump to the ledge where the statue is and use your final Trident. Lara climbs up onto the statue and places it at the top of the pole. This makes the final lot of water flow.

When you return to the crawlspace, another skeleton appears. Take care of it and crawl through the opening. Hang from the left side of the edge to avoid the burner and make your way back to the deep pit. If you catch fire, do not panic! Give Lara a Medipack and jump into the gutter with the water flowing out from the huge face. Crouch down in the water and Lara will be saved.

[Bug warning - Sometimes, only the first of the two sleeping skeletons awake. You do meet a third one on your way out of the room, but the second remains sleeping. Make sure you get rid of it too (shoot it with explosive arrows if necessary), because otherwise you might trigger the bug described at the beginning of the level.]

After placing all four Tridents - The deep pit is now filled with water. If you cannot see water in the pit, enter each doorway or opening again and make sure all the skeletons are dead. Jump into the water and swim almost to the bottom. Go through the opening, swimming down, then left, before finally climbing out of the water. Follow either of the two openings and keep going, ignoring the skeleton that appears as you do so. Once you have passed through the first opening, avoid going through the second, as another skeleton will appear (unless you are interested in all kills). Go up the stairs on the left and drop down. The skeletons will not follow you here and you can either safely blast them or ignore them.

Two spirits emerge now, but luckily both of the vases nearby include a bird statue. Shoot either of them, crouch close by, and wait for the spirits extinguish themselves. Push the big button with the face on the south side to lower a block in the north revealing a passageway that leads you back to the Coastal Ruins. There is no reason to go back now, as there some things you have to do first. It would be good to go back for a couple of minutes, though, and open a gate with the Crowbar that you cannot open from the other side. This will give you direct access to the Temple of Poseidon level from the Coastal Ruins if you want to restore your health or return back in order to access the next level (The Lost Library) in case you missed something.

From the room where the spirits appeared, go to the next room and open the sarcophagus to get the Left Gauntlet (press Action in front of it). This opens the two doors nearby. Go through either of them and climb through the opening.

Pick up the walkthrough for The Lost Library.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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