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London broadsheet The Times funded a series of expeditions in the early part of the 20th century which resulted in the discovery of Tutankhamen's Tomb. Collaborating with Derbyshire based studio Core Design, The Times newspaper released an exclusive stand-alone game for fans of the phenomenally successful Lara Croft helmed videogame in 1998. The following is our exclusive walkthrough and game guide.

1st Secret - After sliding down, turn to the right and head to the back right corner (northwest). Go through the opening and turn around at the end in order to face the first room where you started. Climb onto the ledge and crawl outside. Climb onto the next three blocks and finally the one at the bottom of the slide. Enter the hallway on the right and pick up the Shotgun and the Wideshot ammo for it. Make your way back down to where you started the level.

Go down the ramp on the south in-between the two statues. In the next long hallway with the columns, two scorpions appear. Kill them and then head to the other side of the hallway, killing two more scorpions as you do so. Enter the next room, drop into the pit, and pick up the Small Medipack and the Flares. Climb out of the pit and go through the doorway on the other side.

Just to let you know, a spiked ball starts to roll towards you when you go down the stairs. To avoid it, slide down either of the two ramps next to the stairs. The bottom of the two ramps are flat. Stand on each one and jump to grab the upper ledge. Pull up and pick up the Uzi ammo from the right hand one and the Shotgun Wideshot ammo from the left one. Drop down and go through the opening at the bottom of the stairs.

You should be able to see the spiked ball at the other side of the room. Notice the crawlspace on the wall to the left (south)? Well, you will come back to here in a while. For now, go through the opening on the right and then up the ramp. Go behind the ledges on each side of the ramp - either by going around or climbing over them and dropping down on the other side. Get the Large Medipack and Shotgun Wideshot ammo from the right, and the Small Medipack and Crossbow Normal ammo from the left.

2nd Secret - Climb onto the two ledges next to the ramp and shoot the two lion's heads to lower a block on the left of the big golden statue that is sitting on the north side of the room. Drop through the hole and follow the tunnel. Climb onto the block and then climb up the ladder. Enter the small room above the statue and pick up the Crossbow and the Normal ammo for it from the two back corners. Make your way back to the room with the golden statue.

Stand having the statue to the back of you and locate the movable golden vase on the left of the ramp. Pull it twice to stand it above the colored tile.

The cut scene shows a block rising up in the previous room, where the spiked ball is, and the two dogs awakening that previously were sitting just dormant at the bottom of the ramp.

As soon as you have control of Lara, jump over the vase and climb onto the nearest ledge ahead. You can kill the two dogs from here without getting damaged. Drop down, go down the ramp, then through the hallway to return to the previous room. Three more dogs emerge from the room you came from before. Jump\ climb onto the block and kill them from there.

From the top of the block, take a standing jump to grab the crawlspace and pull yourself into it. Crawl to the end until you can stand in a hallway. Crossing the hallway, ignore the two mummies in the alcoves alongside you, as they do not awaken now. Turn right and the camera will show a third mummy awakening along with the previous two. Since you cannot kill them with the weapons you have, get past the third mummy and drop down at the end where the mummies will not follow you.

Pool with gondola - Go to the right or the left side. Does not matter which. As you approach the edge of the pool, the camera will show a crocodile near the edge. It may have already reached you, so take care of it. Just to let you know, there are three more crocodiles swimming around, so stay sharp and kill them as each one comes towards you. Then shoot the vase on the right (as you face the pool) and get the Revolver.

Jump into the water and look for the underwater switch beneath the ledge you were standing on. Use it to open a gate on the other side of the pool. Swim to the other side, climb out of the water, then go through the gate you just opened. Follow the twisted hallway and go down the stairs to reach the next room.

Room with vases - Inside the nine vases around the room, four contain pick-ups, two contain beetles, and three are empty. Starting on the ground, the first one on the left is empty, the next one at the back left contains Revolver ammo, the one in the far left release beetles, the middle one has a LaserSight, the one on the left of the gold vase is empty, and the one in front of the gold vase releases beetles. From the upper ledge, the vase above the gold vase contains Revolver ammo and from the back two, the middle one has a Small Medipack. Be careful of the fire as you climb onto the ledge.

There is no reason to break the vases that release beetles. To unblock the passage in front of the opening, shoot the vase that is on the left of the movable gold one. Now, pull it once, go the right, and pull it once more. Go through the opening and head up the stairs. Shoot the first vase to get some Revolver ammo and the second one to get some Flares. Shoot the third vase if you are interested in all kills, as a red scorpion emerges from inside it.

Go down the next set stairs and approach the pit. Combine the Revolver with the LaserSight and shoot one or both of the lion's heads to fill the pit with sand. The three mummies beyond the pit awaken one by one. Cross the pit, get past the mummies, as you cannot kill them, and head up the stairs on the right. A spiked ball is rolling through the next hallway, so shift a bit to the left. Go through the hallway and enter the alcove on the left to avoid the second rolling spiked ball. Continue up the ramp to reach the next room.

The gate closes behind you, so go up the stairs ahead. When you approach the pedestal, the gate on the right opens. Get the The Gold Mask from the pedestal and go through the gate. Follow the hallway and go up the stairs. A swarm of beetles attacks, which makes it more difficult to complete the next part. There is a trapdoor almost at the end. The handle is on the right hand side and you need to stand having the stairs from where you came on your left. Jump up to grab the handle and open the trapdoor. Climb through the opening above and head up the light stairs to end the level.



We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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