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Level 5: Parisian Ghetto

First Time

Kills: 0
Pick-ups: 8
Upgrades: NO

The cut scene shows Lara waking up in an old railway car (poor girl) the next morning at 6:00 am.

[ Notebook Reference ]

Proceed forward and go through the doorway to exit the car. Turn left and head to the homeless. Talk to him. Lara asks about Bouchard (a contact of Werner, as you might have read from the Notebook) and where she can find him. Although you do not get much info, the homeless tells you to ask the owner of the Cafe Metro.

Climbing to the walkway above the car - Go back where you exited the car. Facing the exit, jump to grab the top of it on the left (as shown in this screenshot) and pull up. Alternatively, vault onto the big pipe next to the car and jump to grab the top of the car. Then duck under the barbwire on the left.

Lara says she can climb "that" easily and the camera shows the barbwire on the wall. Pick up the Large Health Pack and jump to grab the barbwire. Start climbing up, then right. Drop on the metal walkway and turn around.

Walkway above the car - Turn left and take a running jump to grab the opposite walkway (as shown in this screenshot). Pull up and jump to the small grass-covered narrow ledge. Turn right and walk, pressing the Walk button to avoid falling down. Go behind the fence and pick up the Chocolate Bar and a wad of 160€. Make your way back to the walkway above the car the same way you came.

Talking to City Guide - Jump to the left where the City Guide is. Talk to him to get more info about Bouchard and the Monstrum. He tells you that Bouchard owns a club called Le Serpent Rouge and he also suggests you to go to the Cafe Metro. [ Notebook Reference ] After the dialogue, go to the right around the corner and pick up a wad of 160€ at the bottom of the stairs. Return back and open the door next to the Guide.

Parisian streets\ Talking to Janice – You enter what looks like an abandoned street. On your right you can see the club Le Serpent Rouge, but it is closed. So, talk to the "lady" on your left. There is no reason to be rude because Janice can give you some useful info. She tells you to try Cafe Metro and talk to Pierre, the owner. She also suggests you to talk to Bernard who frequently visits the Park. Both used to work at the club; Pierre as a barman and Bernard as a janitor. Janice also mentions Carvier and something bad that happened to her. [ Notebook Reference ]

Objective (contains SPOILERS) - You now have two people to talk to in order to find Bouchard: Bernard and Pierre. Make your choice because if you talk to the one, the other man will not help you. In both cases, you get a key to enter the club Le Serpent Rouge and both men ask for the same thing; a Trinket Box. In order to get that, you need to go to the next level (The Serpent Rouge) and then return back to Parisian Ghetto. However, you get a different reward for finding the Trinket Box. Make sure you talk to Janice or neither of the men will help you.

Also, there are four midlevels you can visit (Rennes' Pawnshop, small part of Bouchard's Hideoutl, Willowtree Herbalist and St. Aicard's Church), but if you are not interested about the pick-ups, you can totally ignore them. Note, however, that all of them can be done in your second time through Parisian Ghetto, and especially the small part of Bouchard's Hideout level, because there is a door that Lara cannot open, as she needs to upgrade her leg strength. In order to do so, you have to go to next level (The Serpent Rouge), where Lara gains this strength. So, since you are coming back to Parisian Ghetto, leave everything for later.

Getting some money from the streets - From where Janice is standing, pick up a wad of 160€ under the shelter on the right. You will find some more on the landing after heading up the stairs on the left, opposite Janice (this screenshot shows the location). Once you get the latter, follow the road straight ahead, having Janice to your back, and approach the sidewalk with the seat. You will find a wad of 160€ in the right hand corner.

Now you need to make a choice and decide from whom you want to be helped.

Getting Pierre's help – Facing the direction of Janice after getting the last wad of money, head to the right. The road leads to the Cafe Metro. Enter through the door next to the motorbike. If you are wondering who is the owner of the bike, take a look on the right. A man is sitting on the table, but he is not willing to talk.

Talk to Pierre. He will help you find Bouchard if you get him the Box from the stage light of the club, the one that does not work. He forgot to get it when he left in a hurry. Once you make the deal, he gives you the Bartender's Key to enter the club from the stage door. So, exit the Cafe and turn left. Turn right, head down the stairs where Janice is and turn left. [ Notebook Reference ]

There is a brief cut scene where the man you saw earlier comes from the alley where you are heading to. He rides his bike and leaves.

Enter the Serpent Rouge from the stage door in the alley next to the garage door.

Getting Bernard's help – Facing the direction of Janice after getting the last wad of money, head to the left. Pass the arch and take a look on the left. A man (the Doorman) is standing behind a gate but he is not willing to help, at least for now. Continue down the street and you will see the Park on your right. Open the door and talk to Bernard.

He is not willing to help at the beginning, saying he is busy. Lara tells him that Janice told her that he visits the park. She also mentioned that he worked for Bouchard. Lara explains that Bouchard may know what happened to a friend of her. Bernard tells Lara that Bouchard owes him a Box that he wants back. It was hidden at Bouchard's old club, The Serpent Rouge, but he had to leave it behind because the things got nasty. Lara then suggests him that she can retrieve it for him from the old club. Bernard tells her that he knows a password that would get her past Bouchard's Doorman at his new hideout. So, they make a deal and he gives her the Ex-Janitor's Key that will get her into the garage next to The Serpent Rouge. From there, a passage will lead her into the main building. So, Lara is looking for a small box, hidden in the broken lighting rig. [ Notebook Reference ]

You may have noticed the goodies behind the closed gate at the bottom of the stairs in the old subway, close to Bernard. You will get them later. Exit the Park, turn right around the corner and head towards the truck. Turn right and enter the Serpent Rouge from the garage door on your left.


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Second Time

Kills: 0
Pick-ups: 1 (Pierre's help)
Upgrades: NO


You just exited The Serpent Rouge. Climb down the ladder and drop through the opening in the floor. Head down the stairs and safely drop down to the street (Rue De Clef).

You have to give the Trinket Box to Pierre or Bernard, depending on the help you got. You have an alternative choice, however, and this is to give the Box to the Doorman.

Before doing that, you may want to visit the four midlevels. You will find some items from two of them that you can later pawn at Rennes'. Make sure you visit these levels now or you will not have a chance to pawn your stuff after leaving Parisian Ghetto. This page includes a complete walkthrough for the four midlevels.

Giving the Trinket Box to Pierre – Go back to the Cafe Metro and talk to Pierre. He hesitates for a while, but Lara reminds him that he does not want to see her dangerous side. Pierre tells her that someone else was asking for Bouchard. It was the customer who was sitting in the corner. He then tells her about his ex, Francine, who knows a discrete route to the back of the premises. He then gives Lara Francine's address and the code for the gate. It is already arranged and Francine is expecting her. [ Notebook Reference ]

After the conversation, you have the Cafe Owner's Contact. It is a piece of paper with a code on it and it will help you access the house of Pierre's ex-girlfriend.

Exit the Cafe and turn left. Continue ahead until you see Francine's house on the left hand side: Rue Dominique 17 (this screenshot shows the location). Before proceeding, make sure you have pawned everything. You are not going to need the items later in the game (they are useless items in your inventory) and once you enter the next level, there is NO way to come back. Do not be afraid to pawn what you have on you. Rennes will not buy something that it is useful for the game later. Once you are done, enter the code (15328) and open the door. Go up the stairs and open the door to enter St. Aicard's Graveyard level.

Giving the Trinket Box to Bernard – Go back to the Park (if you are not already there) and talk to Bernard. Lara asks for the password, but Bernard requires the Trinket Box. "No chance old man. Password first". Bernard gives Lara the password (Pluit Noir) and tells her to find the Doorman at the graveyard next to the church. [ Notebook Reference ]

Before talking to the Doorman, make sure you have pawned everything. You are not going to need the items later in the game (they are useless items in your inventory) and once you enter the next level, there is NO way to come back. Do not be afraid to pawn what you have on you. Rennes will not buy something that it is useful for the game later.

Once you are done, go to the Doorman exactly opposite the Park and talk to him. Lara tells him she wants to see Bouchard, but the Doorman is not willing to help. She tells him the password and the Doorman opens the gates to St. Aicard's Graveyard.

Giving the Trinket Box to the Doorman – You can ignore Pierre or Bernard and go directly to the Doorman. Give him the Trinket Box along with 800€ and he will let you enter the St. Aicard's Graveyard. If you do not have the money, the Doorman will not help you. Have you pawned the items you have on you? Maybe you can collect some money this way. If your money is still not enough, you just have to go back to Pierre or Bernard. If you have the money for the Doorman, you will enter the Graveyard from the same place as talking to Bernard.


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