Tomb Raider 6: The Angel Of Darkness Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 11: The Archaeological Dig

Kills: 4
Pick-ups: 4
Upgrades: NO

Exit the fenced area and turn right. Go around the corner, ignoring the ladder on the left, as you will come back later.

Inside the first trailer - As you approach the trailer ahead, a guard opens the door and exits from there. Kill him and get the K2 Impactor Gun he drops (Clip if you have it). Enter the trailer and use the switch to turn on the power.

The brief cut scene shows what happens by turning on the power: the lights and Control Panel in a room you have not been in yet turn on, a mechanical switch that will give you access to the puzzle of the level also turns on and the ventilation system is activated.

Exit the trailer and turn right. A second guard emerges from the tent. Kill him and get the M-V9 Gun he drops (Clip instead).

Room with big scanner - Open the big blue doors to the right of the tent to enter the room you saw by using the switch before. Approach the Control Panel and use the levers to scan the sandy area ahead. Press the direction keys to move the scanner at the top left. Once you locate the Symbol (as shown in this screenshot), press Crouch to regain Lara's control. Get the First Ancient Symbol Copy from the printer on the left and exit the room.

Inside the second trailer - Turn right and open the door of the trailer next to the tent. Go inside and get the Second Ancient Symbol Tracing from the printer. There is a terminal on the left desk from where you can get some info about the Nephilim Race. The Nephilim were the hybrid offspring of angels and humans. They were thoughts to be able to change their physical appearance and flourished in Turkey in early biblical times.

Exit the trailer and kill the guard that appears from the left. Continue to the right around the fenced diggings, heading back close to the entrance. Now you will use the ladder you ignored before at the break fence on the right.

Glimbing down the scaffoldings - Climb down the ladder and turn right. Follow the scaffolding to the end and climb down the next ladder. Go behind the next short ladder and jump to the opposite scaffolding. Climb down the next long ladder and kill the guard on the ground.

Going up again - Vault over the railing, which is next to the ladder you just climbed down. Or, if you are on the ground, locate the ledge to the right of the computer and climb up the ladder (as shown in this screenshot). Grab the wall and climb up, then right, then up again. Continue climbing to the left and if you need it, refresh your strength by landing on the first small ledge. Keep climbing up, then left until you reach the top stone ledge. Go to the other side and jump up to grab the stone arch above. Travesre to the other side, making sure you do not stop at all, because Lara has just enough strength to make it across. Release to land on the small stone ledge.

(Note - You can take a shortcut and avoid going all the way down, then up again. When you climb down the first short ladder at the break fence, approach the next ladder and notice that the ledge at the end of the stone arch is not far away. You can take a running jump over the railing and land directly on the ledge, as shown in this screenshot. You may want to save your game before trying, in case you do not make it the first time.)

Climb on the wooden platform and vault onto the bridge. Go to the right and turn left at the middle of the bridge. Use the switch to lower an elevator. The circular trapdoor is the exit, but you need to solve a puzzle first. Go back to the wooden platform and drop down to the stone ledge. You now have to jump to the elevator. If you take a standing jump, Lara will grab the stone arch above. So, either take a running jump or do a side-flip. Then step on the next stone ledge.

The wheel puzzle - Stand in front of the moving wheel to stop it. You can see many symbols, but you need to use and lock only four of them. Open the Notebook and turn the pages until you reach the last one. Werner made a sketch of the wheel, indicating two of the four symbols. Apparently, he was missing the other two, but do not worry. The missing symbols are the ones you found earlier.

The image on the right shows Werner's sketch which indicates the correct order of the symbols you have to lock. Based on Werner's numbering, here is the order: half moon, First Ancient Symbol Copy, Second Ancient Symbol Tracing, scorpion. There are also four levers around the corner to the right (as you face the wheel) and each one locks a symbol on the wheel.

To turn the wheel, use the crank. To avoid confusion, do it in order. So, turn the crack until you get the half moon symbol in the leftmost bracket. Go around and use the first lever from the left to lock the Symbol. Turn the wheel again until you get the First Ancient Symbol Copy in the next bracket and use the second lever from the left to lock it. Again, turn the wheel to get the Second Ancient Symbol Tracing in the third bracket and use the third lever. Finally, get the scorpion symbol in the last bracket. If you make it correctly, you will not have to pull the last lever. (This screenshot shows the "in-game" correct order).

The brief cut scene shows you the circular trapdoor above opening.

Go back to the elevator and jump to the stone ledge. Climb on the wooden platform and vault on the stone bridge. Turn right and go around to the left. Drop through the trapdoor to end the level.

(Note - You are coming back to this level after completing The Hall Of Seasons. For this brief visit, check the walkthrough at the end of Hall Of Seasons.)


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