Tomb Raider 6: The Angel Of Darkness Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 16: The Sanctuary Of Flame

Enter the room beyond.

The cut scene shows flaming stripes flowing between the hexagonal ledges of the room, ending in the lava pool beyond.

After the cut scene wait for some seconds for the flaming springing balls to recede. Walk forward and avoid stepping on the dark hexagonal ledges, because they erupt and take Lara with them. (This screenshot shows a dark hexagonal ledge.)

Making your way across the lava pool - (The following sequence is shown in this page.) Walk down and notice the hexagonal ledges in the lava pool. You have to jump on them in order to get across. Start running on the first group of ledges and stop on the last one. Do not stop on the previous ledges because they sink into the lava. There is another group of six ledges ahead. Jump on the right hand ones and move to the right, as one from the left ledges sinks.

You have to be quick in the next two jumps. The fireballs are coming from everywhere and if one hits you, you lose health. Jump on the next set of ledges ahead and then on the three ledges to the left. Then move to the right. From there, jump to the right hand group of ledges and then directly to the stairs. If the fireballs prevent you from jumping on the last group of ledges, take some steps backwards and perform a running jump, turning left in midair, to land on the ledge exactly in front of the stairs.

Head up the stairs and run into the alcove to get the Fire Crystal.

Return back, but before leaving, take a look at the alcove on the left hand side. Walk up to the stairs on the left, but do not go down them at all. Take a standing jump to land on the first hexagonal ledge (as shown in this screenshot). Walk up to the edge, jump up to grab the ledge above and pull up. Jump to grab the edge of the alcove, pull up and get the Health Bandages and V-Packer Cartridges. When you get both, a third ledge rises up which will help you take a running jump and land back to the stairs.

Making your way back - (The following sequence is shown in this page.) Go down the stairs. There are two hexagonal ledges in the lava pool. Hop to the right one and then jump to the next one on the right. Jump up to grab the two ledges above and pull up. Turn left and jump to the opposite set of ledges. Now turn left to face the lava pool and jump on the two ledges below. Wait for a few seconds and new ledges will rise up on your right. Walk on them and jump to the ledges that just appeared on your left. Go around to the right. A new single ledge rises up, so jump to it and finally jump on the safe blocks ahead.

Head to the exit and return back to the Hall Of Seasons level.


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