Level 20: The Monstrum Crime Scene

The cut scene shows Lara reaching Prague. She gets out of the car and makes a comment about the weather that it is cold.

[ Notebook Reference ]

Head forward and talk to the man near the red car.

(Important for the PC players - Save your game before talking to Luddick. The game has a tendency to lock up at this point.)

Be nice to Luddick to get more info and be helped by him later. He says that a Monstrum killing was made in the house with the police tape. Vasiley was killed by the Cleaner because he was involved with the Mafia and found something that they wanted. The evidence taken to the Strahov: the Mafia center of operations in Prague.

Luddick shows a picture to Lara with Bouchard and Eckhardt. When she asks about Eckhardt, Luddick tells her that he is the top Mafia guy. He also mentions something about the rest five major members of the team that are all now gathered at the Strahov. Lara asks Luddick to get in there and if you are nice to him, he agrees to give you an access code. He needs about half an hour. Until then, Lara says she will go to Vasiley's. [ Notebook Reference ] Check the Notebook: Look for 5th Obscura Engraving at Mathias Vasiley's premises.

Area with the fountain – There are several doors around the place, but none of them opens. Follow the alley close to Luddick. There is a policeman at the end on the right but you cannot kill him stealthily. He either moves around or gets stuck exactly above your next pick-up. So, if you stand behind him, Lara will pick up the item and the policeman will notice her and start shooting at her. After you kill him, pick up the Combined Claw Hammer.

(Note - If you stand against the box next where you found the Hammer and jump up, Lara will grab an invisible ledge that you can climb on (as shown in this screenshot). The same happens with the box on the opposite side. However, there is nothing behind the wall.)

Return where Luddick is and go to the far right corner of the area. Use the Hammer to break the padlock of the trapdoor and press Action to open it. Drop down, climb down the ladder and pick up the Small Medipack. Return back outside.

Getting into Vasiley's house – There is an alley on each side of Vasiley's house (the one with the police tape) which leads to the back of the building. There are two policemen and a dog back there but you cannot kill the policemen stealthily, as they move around all the time. So, follow either alley and shoot them. You cannot open the red door at the bottom of the stairs because it opens from the other side, so use the Hammer to open the trapdoor beyond.

Drop down and follow the tunnel to the end. There is nothing interesting in the water and the two side passages, so go through the opening of the broken wall on the right. Go up the short stairs. You cannot open the door on the right, because you need a key, so go through the opening on the left and up the stairs.

The cut scene shows Lara catching Bouchard and knocking him down. Bouchard is now tied to the radiator.

Talk to him. You do not need Bouchard anymore. So, you can choose whichever question\ reply you want. Depending on what you say though, you get more info. Lara asks Bouchard why he wanted her dead in Paris and he tells her that she was a bad issue that wanted tying up. He did what he had to do, especially when he realized that Eckhardt was the Monstrum, because he (Eckhardt) was putting pressure on all his operations. You learn that Eckhardt is protected by the Cabal (a group based in Prague) that uses Mafia front to distract attention from their real activities. Werner was hired to locate one of the five Obscura Paintings in Louvre. He found out too much and contacted Vasiley and exchanged information. That's why Eckhardt killed Werner.

Vasiley's faxes and the four Obscura Engravings that Vasiley sent to Werner (he kept back one of the five Engravings) were intercepted by the Cabal and Eckhardt did not need Werner. So, he was tidied up like Vasiley. Since each Engraving contains an encoded map of a particular Painting's location, Eckhardt is after the fifth one, as it is the key for the last Obscura Painting. He will then revive The Sleeper and breed the extinct Nephilim back into existence. This last Engraving shows a location called The Vault of Trophies. Lara decides to take a look around Vasiley's place for the last Engraving, leaving Bouchard tied to take a break, as he has been around a lot.

Into Vasiley's apartment – [ Notebook Reference ] The info about the Vault of Trophies has been added to your Notebook. An additional info has been added "Check the premises for a hidden area", something that you will do now. Open the red wooden door to enter the apartment.

(Note – You can skip a part of the level and get the Last Obscura Engraving now, missing just one pick-up. Check the Bug note below.)

Go up the circular stairs to the upper level. Go around the balcony and push the movable drawer towards the scaffolding to gain a strength upgrade. Climb on the drawer and jump up to grab the ledge above. Pull up, continue up and grab the next ledge of the scaffolding. Turn left, walk to the edge and take a standing jump to land on the opposite ledge. Pull the chain twice to move a cupboard downstairs, revealing an opening with a Small Medipack. Jump to the next ledge on your right and pull the chain four times (you cannot pull the chains if you have not got the upgrade). The camera shows the front side of the clock downstairs opening and then the upper part of the floor design, pointing 3 o'clock. If you pull the two chains in an opposite order, you need to pull the chain for the clock twice and the chain for the Small Medipack four times.

Climb down to the balcony following the scaffolding to your back. Go down the stairs, get the Small Medipack from the opening you revealed before and go to the clock. Press Action to take a closer look on the clock. Press the right direction key to move the clock hands to 3 o'clock. Press Stealth to confirm. The design on the floor is converted to a secret staircase. Press Crouch to get rid of the clock view.

[Bug note – Many people have mentioned that although they have set the clock hands to 3 o'clock, the staircase does not appear. If loading a previous saved game does not solve the problem, try this: Stand, facing the gold double door opposite the entrance and jump backwards and towards the design on the floor (as it is shown in this screenshot). Lara will fall through the floor and land in Vasiley’s secret room. You cannot see the staircases, but they are there. Collect the Engraving and go up the invisible staircase. When Lara shows half of her body to the upper room (as shown here), take a standing jump to get out. Thanks to Simulation for bringing this up to our attention.]

Vasiley's Secret room – Go down the stairs to a secret room.

The first case on the left gives you some info about the Periapt Shards. Three crystalline shards, known as "weapons of light" shaped like spearheads. Lara speculates that no one knows how they work. From the second case on the right hand side, Lara reads an inscription "Tres Periapti coniuncti cum iustitiae igne mala cingunt" – The three Periapts joined together burn with righteous light to confine evil. You know now what they can do, but later in the game you will see how. The third case on the left, gives you some info about The Sleeper. Cubiculum Nephili is a stone cask that contains the last remains of the extinct Nephilim race. It was buried somewhere in Turkey. [ Notebook Reference - The second info (inscription) is added to your Notebook ]

Pick up the Vasiley Full Fax in front of the desk. Examine the Fax to get the code (31597) for the keypad behind the desk; enter the code. The painting slides on the left, revealing an opening on the wall. Get the Last Obscura Engraving and return upstairs. Open the door where you entered the apartment.

The brief cut scene shows that Bouchard is gone.

Exit to the hallway and approach the door on the left hand side.

A second cut scene shows Lara opening the closet. Bouchard is dead and his body falls down in front of Lara. "What the hell's going on around here" she calls.

Pick up the Cellar Key close to Bouchard's body and exit going down the stairs. Use the Key to open the red door.

(Important for the PC players - Save your game before talking to Luddick. The game has a tendency to lock up at this point.)

Outside again – Go up the stairs and talk to Luddick. He gives you the Strahov Low Security Pass to access the warehouse area (if you were rude at your first meeting, Luddick says that he gives you a second chance). If you were nice, he sells you the Scorpion X Gun for 800€. You do not have a choice unless you do not have the money. If you were rude, he does not even mention about that gun and you begin the next level without it. You have a second chance though to get the gun in the next level. If you did not talk to Luddick at all when you first met him at the beginning of the level, you will have the same conversation as if you were rude.

The cut scene shows Lara getting out of a car walking down an alley.


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