Level 23: The Sanitarium

[General notes - The first level you play as Kurtis and your inventory is almost empty. It includes only one weapon, the Boran X (a prototype pistol created by him) and it is loaded with 9 rounds. The controls are similar to Lara with a few exceptions, like he cannot sprint or get strength upgrades. He can enter the Stealth mode and kick\ punch the enemies, but this takes a lot of your health. You will notice he is slower than Lara, but other than that he is playable.]

[Note about the enemies - Regarding the enemies, you will face loads of inmates. Although they seem poor and helpless, you do not have a choice but to kill them because they think you are food (there are a couple of exceptions though). Avoid shooting at their back, as they do not get a lot of damage and you lose a lot of ammo. Make sure you shoot them at the front and from a close range in order to use just three or four bullets to take them down.]

Getting into the Sanitarium - Pick up the Boran X Clip from the ledge on the right. You have to make your way down. You can either go through the elevator shaft by hanging from the edge of the doorways or dropping from the walkways. The second way seems easier and gives you more pick-ups, so hang from the edge of the walkway and drop down. Pick up the Boran X Clip and jump to the narrow ledge with the ladder. Climb down the ladder, turn right and jump to grab the opposite ledge. Release Action and press it again to grab the brown ledge below. Pull up and pick up the Health Pills from the other side.

Return back to the edge, hang from it and drop to the walkway below. Now hang from the elevator edge and drop down. Open the trapdoor and drop through it. Exit and climb down the short ladder on the left. Now climb down the long ladder and turn left. Walk up to the edge of the walkway and take a standing jump to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and open the door on your left.

Into the Sanitarium - As soon as you enter, draw your weapons and kill the inmate that opens the door of the cell ahead (if he does not, simply open it by yourself). Enter and continue to the hallway. Approach the dead guard.

The cut scene shows another dead guard being dragged into a duct by a monster (Proto). The man comments "And I thought this would be one of my easy days".

Pick up the Boran X Clip next to the dead guard and go up the stairs to another hallway, where the monster dragged the guard. The inmate here will not attack, so if you are not interested in all kills, leave the poor guy in his 'peace'. There is a closed gate at the end of the hallway. You can open it now, but if you want to know what happened into the Sanitarium, enter the open cell on the right and talk to the inmate.

In the cut scene, the man asks what happened down here and the inmate says that Proto is on the loose and going to kill them. The man asks who Proto is and the inmate says he is the Screamer; the Black Angel. The man asks what the inamte is doing here and he says that he did not sign for this. He is just a truck driver who drove the Sleeper there. They then got locked in the Sanitarium along with Proto who is fed by the inmates.

Exit the cell and approach the locked gate. You need a code to open it, so stand in front of the gate and press Action.

The cut scene shows the man using his farsee ability and the camera focuses on the code in the office of the next room.

Use the code to the pad (06289) and open the door. Go around the office and open the next gate. You cannot open the door of the office, so do not try to find a way in order to get the Chocolate Bar. Kill the inmate in the hallway and open the next gate at the end. Kill another inmate in the next hallway and open the green door at the end.

Hallway with dinning room - The camera does not help you, but if you hold the gun, Kurtis will aim at an inmate. Take care of him and enter the cell on the right. Kill another inmate in there and pick up the Chocolate Bar. Exit to the hallway and go to the right. Take a mental note of the number on the right hand wall next to a door (38471). Keep it in mind because you will need it in just a bit. There is an inmate in red uniform in the dining room. You can kill him, but there is no use as he cannot hurt you. Pick up the Boran X Clip and the Chocolate Bar from the dining room and return to the hallway. Go to the left and kill the next two inmates.

Laboratory - Open the green door and go up the stairs to enter the lab. Pick up the Boran X Clip on the left of the hanging creature and the Strahov Assistants Pass from the scientist's dead body on the right.

Upper part of the dinning room - Make your way back to the dining room and go to the far right corner. Use the Pass to open the door and enter. There is a inmate in the kitchen beyond. If you cannot see it, it means it is in an extra room on the right hand side of the kitchen. He rarely comes out, so deal with him if he exits. Go up the circular stairs and pick up the Large Health Pack from the right hand side of the walkway. Head to the other side and jump over the gap. Use the Control Panel and enter the code (38471). This opens the green doors in the hallway, opposite the dinning room. Return down to the dining room and head through the doors you just opened. Go up the stairs and open the next door.

Passage outside the laboratory - The door on the left hand side does not open, so follow the right side of the hallway.

The cut scene shows a scientist in the lab working on his PC. He hears a noise from the duct and realizes that something is going wrong. Proto bursts in and the scientist tries to escape. Proto attacks him and in a few seconds the scientist is dead.

Draw your weapon and wait for a bit. A inmate will show up from the left around the corner, so take care of it. Go to the left from where it came and stand in front of the grate. Press Action to pry it open and crawl through the duct. Kurtis does not exactly crawl like Lara, but you need to press the Duck button. Two more inmates are on the loose in the hallway outside the lab and one of them does not attack. If you do not want to deal with them, crawl through the opening and leave them behind. Jump up to grab the next duct and pull into. Crawl to the end and enter the lab. Kurtis can somersault like Lara. As soon as you reach the edge of the duct, keep pressing forward. Go to the other side of the lab and pry open the grate. Crawl through the duct and climb to the next one above; crawl to the end.

The cut scene shows you the next area. Behind the moving fan, Proto is having dinner and then leaves through an opening in the ceiling.

Drop down and pick up the Boran X Clip on the left. You have to stop the fan using the switch on the ledge above. You cannot climb up the broken ladder, so shoot one of the yellow tanks to destroy the ladder (three or four shots are enough for the first tank). Grab the ledge where the ladder was, pull up and throw the switch to stop the fan. Drop down and crawl beneath the fan, then through the duct on the left. Go down the stairs on the right to end the level.


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