Tomb Raider 7: Legend - Cinematic Dialogues

Nepal, Part 1

LARA: Just because no one's ever caught one, doesn't mean they're not real.
LARA'S MOTHER: That is very true, but perhaps they don't wish to be found. I've heard they're rather fierce.
LARA: Yeti only look fierce. They probably don't like being so cold all the time. I shouldn't like it either.
LARA'S MOTHER: You never have to be cold, my Lara, if you don't want to be.
LARA: Look!
LARA'S MOTHER: Henry! What's happened?
HENRY: Lady Croft! Please stay seated!
PILOT: Mayday, mayday...this is Bravo Tango Two Two niner...we've lost our portside engine...trying to get crossfeeds open...
LARA: Are we going to crash?
PILOT: ...starboard engine non-responsive...
LARA'S MOTHER: Not unless it's absolutely necessary.
PILOT: ...stabilizer jammed...kicking rudder, loosing altitude...we're going full nose down...
LARA'S MOTHER: Close your eyes, darling.
LARA: I don't want to close my eyes.

Meet Tiwanaku

ZIP: You know, I think you forgot your climbing gear on purpose.
LARA: What would give you that idea? Really, Zip, it's like going up a set of stairs, only far less boring.
ZIP: Yeah, well, I want to throw up every time you look down... Hey, Alister's back. Grab a headset.
LARA: Back so soon...from Florence, wasn't it?
ALISTER: Decided on Genoa at the last minute. My dissertation will never see daylight at this rate, but never mind that. What are you doing in Bolivia?
LARA: Ascending. Alister, meet Tiwanaku. She's a lovely pre-Incan civilization, currently in ruins.
ALISTER: Delighted.

PDA Check

ZIP: Hey, do me a favor and check your PDA.
LARA: It still works if that's what you're wondering.
ZIP: Cool - they said it was waterproof. You should be able to swim with it no problem.

First Contact

MERCENARY: Copy that. I'm here, but I don't see no climber. Yeah, well, I can't shoot on sight if I can't see nobody. I got worked up thinking I'd get to put someone down today - and now there's nothing - he owes me one.

Second Contact

SECOND MERCENARY: So what? It jumped out and started swinging?
FIRST MERCENARY: Nah, sort of danced around. Screaming or yelling or whatever.
SECOND MERCENARY: Yeah? Well, I would've kicked the hell out of it.

Falling In Love Again

LARA: Isn't she beautiful? I'm falling in love all over again.
ZIP: You say that to all the ruins.
LARA: I'm a terribly lucky girl. And here come the bloody tourists to spoil it all.
ZIP: Your cam doesn't pick up detail that small. What do you see?
LARA: Men with guns. Mercenaries, by the look of them.
ALISTER: What're they doing there?
LARA: Getting into trouble.

Death By Irony

ZIP: Ow. That sounded permanent.
LARA: Death by irony is always painful. Amateurs.

Nepal, Part 2

LARA'S MOTHER: Lara, have you found anything for the fire? Lara, what are you... No, get back! Good Lord, what is it?
LARA: There's something in the light.
LARA'S MOTHER: Stay here. What... Who are you? What? What about my daughter? You stay away from her! She meant no harm!
LARA: What's happening, Mother? Who's there?
LARA'S MOTHER: Oh, God, no!
LARA: Mother? Mother!

James Rutland Talks

RUTLAND: Hold your fire! Lara Croft! I've been hoping I'd get to meet you. At ease. We're just going to talk.
LARA: I'm listening.
RUTLAND: Maybe you found a piece of this? Is this what led you here?
LARA: Where did you find that?
RUTLAND: It doesn't matter. What's important is what it does. Do you know?
LARA: What I know is my business.
RUTLAND: So you don't, then. And that means you don't have a piece. Amanda said you were sloppy. You should've paid more attention in Paraíso.
LARA: Amanda? Amanda is dead. What the hell do you know about Paraíso?
RUTLAND: We're done talking.

The Stone Dais

LARA: There is more than one. Father, you were right.
ALISTER: What was that?
LARA: Keep yourself caffeinated, lads. We've still got some work ahead of us.
ZIP: Means we're still alive. Can't complain about that.

Returning Home

LARA: All right, who was that?
ZIP: You've heard of the Rutlands, right? From the States? Well, you just met the Senator's youngest son, James Rutland. Went to West Point, and that's about all he's done.
LARA: Call up the footage, please.
WINSTON: Welcome home, Lady Croft. Will your hand-luggage require emptying or filling?
LARA: Winston, take a look at this. It's almost identical, just configured differently.
ALISTER: Identical to what?
LARA: Something I saw a long time ago in Nepal, miles from any pre-Incan culture.
WINSTON: And you believe this to be a fragment of the sword?
ALISTER: What sword?
LARA: Most likely another of its kind. Zip, I want you to find out what you can about this Rutland, particulary where he is at the moment.
ZIP: Try Peru. He talked about Paraíso.
LARA: He did imply there's information about the artifacts there.
ALISTER: He said you've been to Paraíso. What happened there? And who's Amanda?
LARA: Alister, go over these images and see what you can work out. Zip, ring Anaya and see if she can meet me in Paraíso Saturday morning.

Unwelcome in Paraíso

LARA: They don't seem quite so keen on visitors these days.
ZIP: Well hey, you're the one with the guns.
LARA: You can't blame me for knowing how to accessorize. Any word from Anaya?
ZIP: She said she'll meet you at the statue in the marketplace.
LARA: At least we'll have our privacy.

Rendezvous with Anaya

ANAYA: Hello, Lara. You realize that the streets were not deserted a moment ago.
LARA: And I've been trying so hard to blend it. I hope I'm not the one who frightens them and not something else.
ANAYA: There's nothing here; just a heap of pottery shards... Littered with the bodies of old friends. If I knew this was where it would lead, I would never have told you about Bolivia.
LARA: Yet, here you are.
ANAYA: La Paz is not so far away.
LARA: Neither is the past.
ANAYA: Lara!
LARA: Go! I'll catch up!

Any Bike Will Do

ZIP: Anaya call on her cell. She's got mercenaries after her.
LARA: Tell her I'm on my way.
ZIP: Right.

Wrecking Crew

Digging Up the Past

ANAYA: It hasn't changed much. What are a few years, after all, when stacked atop thousands more?
LARA: There's something I didn't tell you before. I think Amanda might not have died down there.
ANAYA: Is that what this is about? Closure?
LARA: Isn't that what it's all about? Why we dig up the past? To understand it.
ANAYA: I'm an engineer, Lara. I build for the future; I don't dwell in the past.
LARA: You will someday. Eventually, everyone does.
AMANDA: Lara! Get down here, you slacker! Jason says we're about to break through!
LARA: In a minute, Amanda. We have some structural concerns...
AMANDA: Would you just get down here?! Did the rope break?

Demon of the Past

KENT: Amanda? Amanda!
AMANDA: Kent?!
KENT: It's her!
LARA: Wait! Kent! Kent!

Amanda Falls Behind

LARA: Amanda!
AMANDA: I think this stone unlocks the door.
LARA: I don't like it. Are you sure you're reading it properly?
AMANDA: That thing is coming! You have a better idea?
LARA: The door might be trapped.
AMANDA: We're trapped! Ah! Oh God!
LARA: Amanda, run! Amanda!

Going Back In

ANAYA: To be perfectly honest, I think this is a terrible idea. Everyone agreed to leave things as they were.
LARA: I will as much as I can. But from what Rutland said, I'm sure there's a clue down there about what killed my mother. I have to go back.
ANAYA: There's no use trying to enter at the same point. It's caved in.
LARA: The river had to get in there somehow.
ANAYA: I'll leave you to figure out the how. I can't go down there. I'm sorry.
LARA: It's fine. Really. If there's any trouble, call Zip and he'll patch you through. Don't take any chances: I'm not losing any more of my friends.

Amanda Survived

ZIP: Is that what I think it is?
ALISTER: It's called an anachronism.
LARA: It was Amanda's.
ZIP: Hightops don't fall off your feet that easy.
LARA: It's been unlaced... I never imagined she could have survived.
ALISTER: There was a lot of water - she still might not have.

The Queen's Story

LARA: It tells the story of the last Queen of Tiwinaku. Her father was king, but she was lost and raised by a warrior. She became queen after a shaman named Tunupa discovered her royal heritage.
ALISTER: Tunupa is another name for Viracocha, their god of creation.
LARA: The shaman brought her to Lake Titicaca where she borrowed his staff, an object of great power.
ALISTER: According to myth, Viracocha originally lived in the lake.
ZIP: The god of indoor plumbing.
LARA: She led her people into an era of peace. After many years of wise and just rule, there was some sort of power struggle. She died shortly thereafter, and she was carried off in a boat to Paradise.

Viracocha's Staff

LARA: The queen's shaman. A dais with a sword set into it, or in this case Viracocha's staff. This is it.
ALISTER: Do you believe it's the same one we saw in Tiwanaku?
LARA: There's more than just one dais, but possibly.

The Queen's Sword

LARA: Look at her. She's beautiful. We were so close before. So close...
ALISTER: Wonderful, Lara.
LARA: Do you notice anything familiar about her sword?
ZIP: That's what Rutland was holding.
LARA: Except this is just a ceremonial copy. And what do we have here? The tip has broken off. My God... I had no idea it looked like this. I saw this before, at Waseda University in Japan, but I didn't know it had anything to do with these artifacts.
ZIP: Hell, I'll get a hold of them right now.
LARA: It's not there anymore. It was stolen by Shogo Takamoto.
ZIP: Takamoto?! Yakuza is nothing to mess with, Lara.
LARA: I don't care, Zip. I want that piece. Arrange a meeting.
ZIP: Okay, but - hang on, I got Anaya calling on her cell. I'm patching her through.
ANAYA: Lara? Lara can you hear me?! Those bastards from town are here, and they're coming down after you!
LARA: Well, this is a tomb. I'll make them feel at home.

Artifacts Recovered

ANAYA: I hope you found what you were looking for because I am never coming here again.
LARA: I was right. This is all she left behind.
ANAYA: She got out and didn't tell us? Why has she been hiding all these years?
LARA: Maybe not hiding, exactly - just not keeping in touch with old friends. Perhaps she found or learned something down there that she wanted to keep to herself. Zip, did you speak to Takamoto?
ZIP: Eventually. He didn't want to see you, so I reminded him how you hate the word no.
LARA: I'm a horrible conversationalist. I trust he wants to get together on neutral ground?
ZIP: You'll love this. He wants to meet at Toru Nishimura's offices across the street from his penthouse.
LARA: Nishimura? Takamoto doesn't know we're friends?
ZIP: Nope. All he knows is Nishimura's hosting a corporate party tomorrow night and you'll meet him there.
LARA: Better and better. All right, then, I'm heading there straight away. I'll need to find something to wear, though...

Fashionably Late in Tokyo

ZIP: What exactly happened last time you and Takamoto got together?
LARA: He was trying to pass of forged relics from the Asuka Period, and conventional reasons doesn't work with Yakuza.
ZIP: But you let him go.
LARA: And now we're going to have a useful conversation. It's turned out quite nicely.

Nishimura's Warning

NISHIMURA: Welcome, Lara. You have been enjoying my little party?
LARA: I'm enjoying it very much, Nishimura. When Takamoto arrives, however, it may cause you some inconvenience.
NISHIMURA: Take care. He is a very dangerous man when his interests differ from yours.
LARA: You'd be amazed how persuasive I can be, even with dangerous men.
TAKAMOTO: I am convinced. I am dangerous too, you remember. But please, enjoy the party while you can, and good luck.

Meeting with Takamoto

TAKAMOTO: Be brief, Ms. Croft. I have many demands on my time, you understand?
LARA: Of course, Takamoto-san. I am looking for a piece - a sword fragment - in a care of Waseda University. Or it was until you stole it.
TAKAMOTO: I am not a thief, and you would be wise to avoid such accusations.
LARA: Then I suggest we skip to the negotiations.
TAKAMOTO: I don't have any idea what you're talking about.LARA: Of course you do. Just name a price.
TAKAMOTO: Ms. Croft, are you deaf?
LARA: I don't know; let's see. Try begging for your life like you did the last time we spoke.
TAKAMOTO: Kill her! Kill her now!

Heading for the Roof

ZIP: Where'd you get those?
LARA: Basic etiquette - never arrive at the party empty handed.
NISHIMURA: Takamoto has no doubt returned to his penthouse. Do not follow him, Lara. His men will be waiting.
ZIP: His lobby's a death trap. I know you're into those, but it's not really a winning option.
LARA: If I can't go down, I'll go up. How to I get to the roof?
NISHIMURA: The roof? There is an elevator. Be cautios; there is construction above.

Takamoto found

TAKAMOTO: You should not have come here. This is my province, not one of your rotten little tombs.
LARA: Tell me about the sword, Takamoto.
TAKAMOTO: What about it? What is it that fascinates you, Ms. Croft?
LARA: Let me have a look at it and I'll tell you.
TAKAMOTO: Your persistence will be the death of you.

Artifact Revealed

TAKAMOTO: You have disrespected me. You have broken into my house. You have killed my men...
LARA: I've simplified your payroll, and now, if you don't mind, I'll streamline your inventory.
TAKAMOTO: You speak of this. It is the most prized of my collection.
LARA: And why is that?
TAKAMOTO: I am fond of recovering objects from dead Englishmen - in this case, one of your Crusaders. Some have even said the warmonger was one of your King Arthur's knights. I do not know how the fool came by it, for it is clearly far older than the eleventh century, when your people lived in a huts of mud.
LARA: And for this reason you'd rather die than hand it over.
TAKAMOTO: No, for this one.

Recovery and Exit

LARA: This is it all right.
ALISTER: Did you see what it can do?!
LARA: Yes, Alister. I did.
ZIP: Nishimura's got a chopper outside waiting for you.
LARA: Excellent. Tell him he's my new favorite person. Thank you, Nishimura-san. I'm very relieved to find you here.
NISHIMURA: I am relieving myself too. What about Takamoto? Where is he?
LARA: It depends on whether he was naughty or nice.
ZIP: I've got a line on James Rutland, by the way. Want to go to Ghana?
LARA: Absolutely. Africa is among my favorite continents.

Hunting Rutland in Ghana

LARA: No sign of Rutland so far. Have we worked out what he's doing here?

The Postcard Business

LARA: If all else fails, I can get into the postcard business. Oh, now look at the little termites mucking it all up. That won't do at all.
ZIP: Looks like they didn't get in from this side? Any ideas?
LARA: We'll see. I'll do my best thinking plunging off cliffs.

Grand Entrance

ZIP: Ow, that's where we put the temple.
LARA: Grand entrances are always impractical. It's what makes them grand.
RUTLAND: Lara! You are a busy beaver, aren't you?
LARA: Oh look, it's Rutland. Fancy dropping down for a chat, then?
RUTLAND: Only if you can shoot this far.
LARA: You know long-distance relationships inevitably come to an end.
RUTLAND: I'd wish you luck with that, but, know...

Dearest Amelia

LARA: This shouldn't be here... Oh... "Dearest Amelia - Yours always - Richard." It was Mother's. Zip, can you hear me?

The Ghalali Key

RUTLAND: Lara! You came for the Ghalali Key, too, then. Perfect!
LARA: Pretend I don't know what you're talking about.
RUTLAND: Oh, you know, it's what puts the sword back together. It's the size of a fist, and according to Amanda's research, it's here.
LARA: What do you know about Amanda? Where is she?
RUTLAND: So, your... your father did some digging here, didn't he? You know, Amanda thought maybe he found the Key.
LARA: I don't know what you're talking about. Tell me about that sword fragment you're so fond of waving about.
RUTLAND: Ha! Well, I have been spending some time with it, and I've learned a couple things. Let me show you.

Two Shards

LARA: I'm really not your enemy, Rutland. These pieces weren't broken apart. They were designed to separate and reattach. The Ghalali Key does that? I don't suppose you'd tell me where this came from. The Crusades? King Arthur?
RUTLAND: History doesn't interest me.
LARA: Well then, why don't you stay here and consider the future. Make sure I'm not in it, however. You won't enjoy seeing me again.
RUTLAND: Your father might not have found the Ghalali Key, but Amanda doesn't know that, and she's at your mansion right now. You'd better have good insurance.

Hasty Departure

ZIP: Lara!
LARA: God, finally! I've been trying to get through for ages. What happened?
ZIP: This woman just tore her way through the front door. She had some sort of... I don't know what the hell it was...
ALISTER: It was like black smoke.
LARA: I'll be there straight away.
ALISTER: No! We're fine! Look, you've got to follow her! She's going for another piece of the sword!
LARA: What? Where?
ALISTER: In Kazakhstan. I found a photo that matches the pieces you have.
LARA: All right. Do an inventory and try to locate something called the Ghalali Key. Meanwhile, it looks as if I'm bound for colder times.
ZIP: Pack warm.
LARA: I mean to be cold.

Trouble in Kazakhstan

LARA: Alister, I'm at the base. Go ahead.
ALISTER: I was right, it was a secret Soviet project from the 50's called "Carbonek". The laboratory was studying an ancient sword fragment, but some mysterious disaster brought the KGB down and they erased it all from history...almost.
LARA: There seems to be trouble below.
ZIP: You got there right on time.
LARA: Or a little late. Those are Rutland's men attacking the Kazakhs.
ALISTER: Or Amanda's. Most likely she's the one behind this.
ZIP: The lab is somehow connected to that military base, but we don't know how. If you find the command center, we might get a better idea. Now, after the firefight dies down, you should try...
LARA: Oh, come on, Zip. Waiting is for the patient...

Allies Under Fire

LARA: Get down!
FIRST KAZAKH: You are American?
LARA: British. And it looks like we share an enemy. Where's your command center?
SECOND KAZAKH: Don't tell her! What's she doing here?
FIRST KAZAKH: Wait, if she uses the code without the key, the alarm will trigger and Central will send us help!
SECOND KAZAKH: What are you saying?!
FIRST KAZAKH: We're guarding snow and wolf piss here! You want to go yourself?
SECOND KAZAKH: Through the gate. The code is K1879.
LARA: Thanks. Wish me luck.

Command Center

ZIP: Satellite photos? We've got our own. There's nothing there.
LARA: The lab wouldn't be visible from above. We need maps. There it is.
ALISTER: Oof. That's a hike.
LARA: I'm not walking. There's a military transport train that runs past the lab. It looks like Amanda's boys are ahead of me - I'd better run.

Runaway Train

Reunion with Amanda

ZIP: Hey! That's her!
LARA: Amanda?
AMANDA: Dammit, Lara, I'm busy.
LARA: I see you've changed your look. That was you in Bolivia, then, with Rutland.
AMANDA: I've been all over, and I'm going to places you can't concieve of. You're the one being left behind this time. Sorry.
LARA: I'm sorry, Amanda. If I'd known you were alive, I swear that I would have done everything I could to save you.
AMANDA: Please. I got over that a long time ago. You know what really used to bug me, though? When I got out and saw that you left without even trying to...oh, what is it archaeologists do? Oh, right. Dig.
LARA: We'd thought of it as a memorial.
AMANDA: Whatever. Don't let her follow me.

Headset Hijack

AMANDA: Hello, Lara.
ZIP: What the... How the hell did you get on this channel?
LARA: Hush, Zip. She must have taken a headset while she was rearranging your office.

Shields and Maps

LARA: It's a shield, tenth or eleventh century...probably recovered with the piece we're looking for. It resembles Lancelot's crest, doesn't it?
ALISTER: It would if the bugger had existed.
LARA: Oh, what's this now? It looks like a map. Have a good look and see what you can make of it.
ZIP: What do you think it's for?
LARA: Maybe our knight needed help finding his way home. Or perhaps this piece wasn't all he had.

Amanda's Pet

LARA: Amanda. I'm sorry for what happened, but we can still work together.
AMANDA: There is no we, Lara. There never was. It was just me down there. Me and this. Do you remember it? I touched it, and it touched me back.
LARA: I don't think that was a good thing.
AMANDA: I tamed it then. And made it my own.
LARA: My God... Amanda!
AMANDA: A little friendlier than it was in Paraìso, isn't it? I taught it how to fetch.
LARA: You're mad! It killed our friends, Amanda! And it almost killed us!
AMANDA: And it saved my life, once I mastered it. It's all about broader perception. I'd stay away from it if I were you, though. It can still be a little touchy.

Prize Obtained

ZIP: Damn, you're lucky; you know that, right?
LARA: I'd like to think some skill was involved. Did Alister have any luck with the map I sent?
ALISTER: I'm back. You're not going to believe where this leads.
LARA: Oh, you're going to find me extremly credulous today.
ALISTER: Cornwall.
LARA: As in, take the M5 to the A30 Cornwall?
ALISTER: As the crow drives.
LARA: Well then, let's see who can get there first.

Destination: Cornwall

LARA: There seems to be a fine line between coincidence and irony.
ZIP: You sure about that map?
ALISTER: Unfortunately. There was some nonsense about the discovery of the real King Arthur's tomb here years ago, soon discredited. And yet another roadside attraction was born.
LARA: Well, let's see what we can see, shall we? At least it should be educational.

Myth Becomes Fact

ZIP: Signal's poor, Lara. What are we looking at?
LARA: We're looking at the myth. Except it's real. They're all here - the court of Camelot.
ALISTER: You're sure about this? King Arthur who wast verily of ye loins of Uther Pendragon?
LARA: I've no doubt about the authenticity of this tomb, Alister. Arthur was the eleventh century figure that became legend. The Once and Future King was as real then as the air I'm breathing now.
ALISTER: I don't know, Lara.
LARA: Excalibur. The sword in the stone. That's how it always goes, doesn't it?
ALISTER: Pardon?
LARA: Swords in stones, Alister. They're part of the monomyth. There wasn't just one Excalibur or one Merlin. We keep seeing swords and daises all over the world because they were everywhere.
ALISTER: So, you're saying that everywhere they went they raised up kings... shaping the course of human destiny?
LARA: Well, it's a possibility.
ZIP: Who? And what happened to them and their swords?
LARA: Perhaps they're in Avalon - it's as good a place as any. Except our Merlin was killed, and our Excalibur was left in pieces in the hands of the locals.
ZIP: So where's Avalon?
LARA: I don't know. On the other side of the looking glass, perhaps.

Bedivere's Legacy

LARA: It says Bedivere returned a fragment of Excalibur to Arthur after the other pieces were carried off by the knights.

The Final Piece

LARA: Arthur Pendragon, king of the Britons. I wouldn't take Excalibur if I didn't need it so. I hope you can forgive me.
ZIP: Lara, there's something going on up here... Alister, you see that?
ALISTER: See what?
ZIP: Ah, hell! Get your hands... Get off...
LARA: Zip! Alister!
ALISTER: Hey! Let go! Lara!
LARA: Zip! What's happening?!

Team Reunited

MERCENARY: Jake? Morgan? What's going on?!
LARA: Hello, lads.
ZIP: Hey Lara, what's up?
LARA: They didn't make off with your credit cards, did they? Is everything all right? Alister?
ALISTER: I'm...fine, I'm fine. Just not my usual evening routine.
LARA: Then let's go home.

Home Again

ALISTER: Brilliant. This is brilliant. King Arthur was real, the Knights of the Round Table were real, and now we have Excalibur right here in front of us. Those stodgy bastards at Oxford will have kittens when they hear of this.
LARA: It's even bigger than that, Alister. What Arthur called Excalibur is a powerful artifact that predates him by millennia.
ZIP: Well, it's still in pieces. Who brought the superglue?
LARA: While I was in Ghana, I asked you to look around for the Ghalali Key. No luck, I take it.
WINSTON: It was not among your father's collection.
ZIP: Or his records.
LARA: It wasn't in Ghana either, or Rutland was... Hello, what's this? I've seen you before, haven't I? Hang on... A striking resemblance, don't you think?
WINSTON: The pendant was a gift from your father. I never knew where he'd come by it, until now...
ALISTER: Where is it now?
LARA: It's in the Himalayas. My mother had it with her when... Zip, Alister, I'm going to Nepal. Please make the usual arrangements.
ZIP: We'll take care of it. C'mon, man.
WINSTON: Not to presume, Lady Croft, but I'd hoped you wouldn't try to use the sword yourself after what happened to your mother.
LARA: She removed the sword - that's what killed her. I don't intend to do the same. If my father had known any of this... He tried so hard. And they hated him for it.
WINSTON: No one hated him, Lara.
LARA: It bloody well wasn't love, was it? His reputation was destroyed. Now there's more than one thing to be salvaged from that mountain top.

Return to Nepal

LARA: The wreckage should be just on the other side.
ZIP: I can't see anything. You sure you're in the right spot?
LARA: I never forget a face.

The Key Obtained

ZIP: Lara? You okay?
LARA: Of course.
ZIP: Just checking. It's usually someone else's past you're digging into.
LARA: That's where you're wrong, Zip - this has always been what it's about. Now there's one more place I'd like to visit. It shouldn't take too long.

Excalibur Reforged

ZIP: How did you know that would be there?
LARA: Give me a moment, please. Excalibur reforged.
ALISTER: Well done, Lara.
LARA: It's broken, but perhaps...

Chapter Closed

ALISTER: So any more sightseening, Lara, or are you finished?
LARA: We're going back to Bolivia. Then we'll see.

Bolivia Redux

LARA: I'm going to need a clear head for this, lads. No distractions, please.
ZIP: Good luck.
LARA: Anyone between me and that stone dies.
AMANDA: Stop! I don't want anything bad to happen, but it will if you come any closer.
RUTLAND: Kill her!

Amanda Rises

AMANDA: James!
AMANDA: Oh God... James...
LARA: I'm sorry, Amanda. Truly.
AMANDA: What are you doing?! Stay away from there!
LARA: It's what I came for. You don't need that. We can both do this.
AMANDA: It only works once, and I'm going to be the one.

Answers Breed Questions

LARA: Mother! It's Lara! Your daughter! Don't touch the sword!
AMANDA: Take out the sword!
LARA: What? No! Mother! Mother, listen to me...
AMANDA: It'll explode unless you pull out the sword!
AMANDA: You idiot! You ruined everything!
LARA: All these years I blamed myself, and it was you! You killed her!
AMANDA: Killed her?! She's not dead! She went where I was supposed to go! Where you could have gone!
LARA: Make sense right this second or I swear I'll execute you where you stand!
AMANDA: I told you to pull out the sword! I TOLD YOU!
AMANDA: AVALON! It's not a myth! Don't you get it?! You'll never understand. I'm wasting my breath.
LARA: From this moment, your every breath is a gift from me.
ZIP: Lara?
LARA: For years my father believed Mother was alive. It was what kept him going. I pitied him for thinking that way. Alister, go to the British Museum immediately. Ring me when you get there. Dress in layers - you'll be there awhile.
ALISTER: Right. I'm off.
LARA: Zip, call Professor Eddington at the Cavendish Laboratory. Arrange a meeting.
ZIP: Will do. What should I tell him?
LARA: Tell him... Tell him my father was right about everything, and there may still be time to do something about it.



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