Level 3: Coastal Thailand | Part 2: Bhogavati

Courtyard with greenery\ Going for the Treasure (14/30) on top of the pillar

Grab the handholds on the back wall and climb up, then jump up to grab the next handholds. Continue to the right to grab the small ledge, then the next handholds. Climb up a bit and then right to the next ledge. Release to grab the lower ledge and shimmy right past the tree trunk. Pull up on the ledge and pick up the Health Potion.

Turn around to face the pillar and jump on it. Pick up the Treasure (14/30).


Turn to face the wall you climbed up earlier. Drop back and hang from the edge. Release to grab the lower ledge pressing the Interact button to help Lara because she will grab only with one hand. Traverse to the left around the corner and jump to grab the ledge where you started the climbing before; pull up.


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