Level 3: Coastal Thailand | Part 3: The Ancient World

Going for the third Treasure (28/30)

Hang from the left side of the walkway and approach the metal ring on the wall. Release and quickly throw the Grapple cable to catch the ring.

Climb down a bit and wall run to reach the ledge on the left.

(Note about the wall run - If you have played Anniversary, you should know how this move works. If not, check the detailed description at the bottom of the main walkthrough.)

Grab the wall and start pulling it. Keep pulling until you pass the third column on the left.

Stop somewhere between the third and fourth pillar. That way, you will leave some space for Lara to go around the wall and reach the other side (behind the wall).

Do that, grab the wall and push it to the end (until Lara stops).

Release the wall and look to the left and above to spot the metal ring on the wall. Use the Grapple to catch it and wall run to reach the ledge in the middle of the room.

Go left and jump the gap.

Climb up the panel to reach the circular platform with the empty pedestal.


Kill the flock of bats that attacks and cross the walkway. Jump to the ledge on the right and pick up the Treasure (28/30).

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