Level 4 | CRoft Manor: Protected By The Dead

Exiting the room and getting the Treasure (12/13)

Push the pillar close to the broken column that is close to the cage.

Climb on the column's narrow ledge and jump to grab the flat ledge of the movable pillar.

Pull up and jump to grab the top of the broken column. Pull up and turn left. Jump on the beam of the next pillar and hang from it.

Traverse to the right and around the pillar. Before reaching the next beam, look back and jump to grab the ledge behind you. Pull up and collect the Treasure (12/13).

Jump back to grab the crevice in the column and traverse to the right.

Pull up on the second beam and jump to grab the handhold of the column that is hanging from the ceiling.


Traverse to the right and jump back to land on the ledge in front of the exit.

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