Level 5: Southern Mexico | Part 2: Xibalba

Treasure hunting in Ball Court

Halfway down the stairs, look to the right to spot a rectangular vase. Break it and pick up the Treasure (11/50).

Go down the rest of the stairs to reach the Ball Court. As soon as you enter, locate the rectangular vase on the right hand side. Break it and collect the Treasure (12/50). Turn right and approach the wall.

If you take a look above, you will see that you are beneath the first calendar puzzle. Approach the plants in the right hand corner and break the vase to get the Treasure (13/50).

Stay close to the first calendar puzzle and head to the other side.

You will find the Treasure (14/50) hidden in vase in the corner.

Now go to the exact opposite side, to what seems to be the second calendar puzzle. There is another vase here with a Treasure (15/50) hidden in it.

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