Level 5: Southern Mexico | Part 2: Xibalba

Courtyard of big Temple\ Getting the goddies

First, get the Health Potion from the stone ledge that is in plain sight in the lower courtyard.

Drop down and approach the left side at the bottom of stairs where you will find a vase in a small alcove. Break it and pick up the Treasure (18/50).

Now go to the right hand side of the stairs. There is a wooden pole leaned against the wall and a Health Potion behind the low wall opposite the pole.

Carrying the pole, go up the stairs to the upper courtyard. Pick up the Health Potion at the top of the stairs on the left.

Then go to the right. There is a vase on the ledge that overlooks the lower courtyard. Break it and collect the Treasure (19/50).

Turn to face the Temple and locate the vase at the top of the pillar with the hole. If you have left the wooden pole somewhere, pick it up and put it in the hole. Jump to grab the pole and climb on it. Then jump to grab the top of the pillar and pull up. Break the vase and pick up the Treasure (20/50).


Drop down and approach the Temple. There is a vase in the far left corner with a Treasure (21/50) hidden in it.

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