Level 5: Southern Mexico | Part 4: Land Of The Dead

Climbing to the middle level

With Thor's statue to your back, look above and to the left to locate the metal ring underneath the serpent statue's chin. Use the Grapple to catch the ring and jump off the pillar.

Lara's weight opens the serpent's mouth and toxic water starts falling from there. This means that the water level in the pool is being raised, so you have to move quickly. If the water reaches you, Lara will die instantly. Turn slightly to the left, swing and jump to grab the handhold on the pillar ahead. Jump to grab the handhold above, then jump to the safe ledge on the left.


Alternatively, once you grapple the metal ring, climb up the cable to the top until Lara is hanging beneath the serpent's chin. Turn to face the pillar on the left, but do not swing, because the deadly falling water is just behind you. Press Forward and Jump to leap off the cable and grab the handhold on the pillar. Traverse to the left and pull up on the stone ledge.

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