Level 6: Jan Mayen Island | Part 1: Gate Of The Dead

Climbing up the tower/ From first to second tier and activating the third symbol

Jump to grab one of the lowest handholds on the side of the tower. Jump straight up three more times to reach the topmost handhold.

Traverse to the either left or right and jump to grab the horizontal pole.

Climb on it and wait for another pole to pass above. Jump to grab it and climb on it.

When the next ring brings a handhold above Lara, jump to grab it and do the same thing to grab the next handhold above.

Wait until the horizontal pole comes above you and jump up to grab it. Traverse away from the tower until you reach the middle of the pole.

Climb on the pole and jump to grab the circular ledge above; pull up. Go around the ledge to find a vase that contains a Treasure (4/30).


Grab onto the symbol that glows when Lara approaches it and rotate it to the right until you reach the same symbol on the floor. When you do it correctly, a third ray of light falls from the ceiling in front of the door.

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