Level 8: Arctic Sea | Part 2: Yggdrasil

The timed run for the Relic/ First Page

Go to the first symbol which is located to the left of the exit (as you face it).

Press the Interact button to activate it and make it glow.

Turn right and sprint to the extended ledge above the toxic pool. Just before reaching the ledge, release the Sprint button and steer Lara a bit to the left. Keep running and jump towards the pillar with the second symbol.

Lara will hit on the pillar and slide to the ledge below losing some health.

However, you will land in front of the second symbol, so press the Interact button to activate it.

Turn right and jump over the toxic pool to land on the opposite ledge. Run forward and jump to grab the tall vertical pillar. Climb to the top, tapping the Interact button at the same time to make Lara climb faster.

When you perch on the pillar, jump to the ledge ahead.

When Lara pulls up on the ledge, do not move forward. Instead, make a "blind jump" to land on top of the next tall vertical pillar beyond the ledge. If you move forward on the ledge, Lara will bypass the pillar and end up in the toxic pool.

Aim for the middle part of the low wall on the left before jumping there. If you jump towards the left part of the wall (the one that is closest to you), Lara will bypass the wall and end up in the toxic pool behind, because the distance is small. (The yellow X's show where you should NOT jump.)

In case you land on the wall, step backwards to hang from from it. Then traverse to the very right, tapping the Interact button to make Lara move faster.

Jump to the small vertical pillar behind you, then to the ledge beneath the entrance. Turn right and approach the edge of the ledge.

Jump on the pipe and make two consecutive jumps forward to cross the pipe quicker. Then jump to the ledge ahead.

Activate the third symbol and jump back to the pipe.

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