Beneath The Ashes: Father's Secret Study

Hallway with deep pit/ Getting the Treasures (20, 21 and 22/28)

Notice the slightly bent vertical column near the fence (it is exactly opposite the opening you just came from). Climb up it and perch on it. Turn to face the opening you came from and jump to grab the wooden beam on the left.

Pull up and walk towards the wall. Jump to grab the handhold above to the right and climb to the next one.

Now jump up to grab the next handhold above.

Jump to the right to grab the small handhold next to the alcove with the skulls. Then jump up to grab the handhold above.

Climb to the right, then upwards, and jump up to grab the handhold above.

Jump to grab the small handhold on the left .


Finally, jump to the left to grab the edge of the alcove.

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Special thanks to Slate and StuffedGamer for sharing the screenshots!

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