Tomb Raider 8: Underworld Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 1 | Prologue: Croft Manor

Health Supplies: 1
Treasures: 0
Relics: 0

The game begins with a brief FMV that shows the explosion of Croft Manor.

In the next cutscene, it is obvious that Lara did not expect something like that.

Head forward and around the next two corners, avoiding the flames that can hurt Lara. Climb on the next ledge and go up the stairs. Use the switch to open the nearby door; go through it.

Lara's bedroom - This is Lara's bedroom (well, what's left of it). Go to the right and crouch beneath the beams. Climb on the ledge above the fallen stones on the left and use the Grapple to catch the ring on the door (to the right of the one you came from). Pull it, drop down and go through the opening.

Flaming hallway with deep pit - Pick up the Health Pack opposite the entrance. Walk to the edge of the pit and jump to grab the narrow ledge on the right hand wall (as shown in this screenshot). Traverse to the left if necessary and jump to grab the ledge above. Traverse to the left again and release to grab theledge below. Continue traversiong to the left. When you cannot go any further, jump back to land on the floor.

Push the brown chest towards the wall. Climb on it and jump to grab the handhold on the wall. Traverse to the right as much as you can (the flames inside the wall will not hurt you). Jump to the right and approach the door. The floor collapses from the stones that fall from above, so jump over the flaming pit.

Turn left and cross the balcony. At the end, turn right and use the Grapple to catch the ring above (as shown in this screenshot). Run and jump off the edge. You will start swingning above the flames, so press Jump again when you are above the opposite stairs to release the Grapple and land on the balcony. Continue to the right and hang from the edge where there are no railings. Drop to the ground.

The cutscene shows Winston and Zip trying to get out from the main door. The latter points his gun towards Lara and shoots her. Lara evades and Winston tries to stop him, but Zip is determined that Lara must die. She screams "Wait!" and everything fades out.


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