Level 8: Arctic Sea | Part 2: Out Of Time

Making your way to the lower level

Facing the device, approach the egde of the walkway. Wait for one of the three floating platforms that move around the device to approach and jump to it.

If you cannot do it from here, turn right and go to the other side of the walkway. Jump over the gap and approach the tower.

At this point, a situational adrenaline begins. Natla flies from the left and throws a fireball at you, so jump away to avoid it.

Then walk up to the edge of the extended part of the walkway and jump to grab one of the platforms.

Pull up and wait a bit as the platform circles around the device. Turn having the device to your back and wait for the platform to reach the ledge with the metal ring at the front. Use the Grapple to catch it and run off the platform to hang from the Grapple cable.

If you do not do that and jump to the ledge above the ring...

... a situational adrenaline will begin. Natla will fly opposite Lara and throw a fireball. Jump away to avoid it.

Then wait for a platform to pass and jump on it. Wait if necessary until the platform circles around and reaches the ring. Use the Grapple to catch it and jump off the platform to hang from the Grapple cable.

Once hanging from the ring, turn to face the ledge below (the device should be behind Lara). Swing and jump to that ledge.

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