Tomb Raider 8: Underworld Walkthrough & Game Guide for PS2

Level 7: Andaman Sea | Rituals Old

Treasures: 0/0
Secondary weapon: Assault Rifle and Thor's Hammer plus Sticky Grenades

In the cut scene, Lara reaches Tisiphone, anchored off the coast of Thailand. The camera gives an overview of the upper deck and focuses on Lara who climbs the side of the ship.

[Checkpoint] Although this is Amanda's second ship, the layout is the same as the one in Thailand (God Of Thunder). Since you have Mjolnir with you (Thor's Hammer), use it to kill all enemies with one shot and have some fun. The Hammer is visible in the Weapon Selection list in PDA and it accompanies the two direct weapons (the Pistols and Assault Rifle). To equip the Hammer, press the Change Weapon key twice.

Using Mjolnir - When you use the Hammer by pressing the Fire button, it throws a blue energy bolt that blasts the targeted enemy. If you have the Hammer drawn, by holding the Target Lock button and then press Interact, Lara will swat the Hammer on the floor, sending a kind of shockwave that makes the enemies to lose their balance.

As soon as the level begins, equip the Hammer and kill the mercenary shooting from the right.

Deck with stacked containres - Go down the stairs to reach the lower deck with the stacked containers. There is a mercenary shooting from the right, so kill him. The more you stay here, the more mercenaries you will have to kill. If you like using Mjolnir, stay on the deck and kill as many mercenaries as you like before leaving.

If you are not interested, there is a direct route you can take and leave without dealing with many of the men. Once you go down the stairs, kill the mercenary mentioned above and keep going forward having the container area to your left. When you reach the end, turn left (the containers should be still on your left) and head forward. You may have to kill a couple of mercenaries on this side, so deal with them and go up the stairs. Then enter the ship through the doorway. [Checkpoint]

Inside the ship - Go down the stairs and follow the hallway around to the left. Go through the next doorway on the right and turn left. On the T-junction, go left and up the stairs.

In the cut scene, Lara enters the room where Natla is caged and demands to know where Helheim is. The Atlantean queen carves something on the glass and tells Lara that apart from the Hammer, she also needs an ancient ritual to perform at the same time. Lara has the Hammer and Natla knows the ritual, so neither of them can go to Helheim alone. Lara has no other choice but to work with Natla, however she makes clear to her than once Natla steps out of line, Lara will kill her.

When Lara brandishes the hammer to break the cage, she is stopped by Amanda who shows off the Wraith Stone that stole from Croft Manor. As the two former friends prepare to fight, the doppelganger steps in and knocks out Amanda. Lara tries to kill the doppelganger but it evades the bolts and escapes. Lara smashes the glass to set Natla free and as the pieces fall down, the camera focuses on one of them that has the coordinates of Helheim tha Natla carved before. "Meet you there" she says as she flies through the vent above.


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