Tomb Raider 1: Atlantean Scion Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 3: Lost Valley

Follow the passage to reach an area with a stream ahead. Here go to the right to a series of blocks that you can start climbing down. Have your weapons drawn and Lara will aim at the two wolves below. Kill them and proceed to the ground. Climb into the entrance to the cave and kill a third wolf that lurks there. Follow the twisted passage to reach a cavern with tall rocks and an opening high above. If you want the maximum amount of kills, go to the right and slide down the slope to deal with three wolves. To avoig getting hurt by them, jump back over the slope where the spot is safe. The passage past the slope is a dead end, so once you kill the wolves, return back to the tall rocks.

Valley - Climb up the rocks and pick up the Large Medi Pack from the skeleton. Climb down the rocks on the other side to reach a valley. Draw weapons and kill the raptor that comes from the far left. When you move farther into the valley, a second raptor attacks. You can easily kill these raptors if you start shooting as soon as they appear, jumping backwards at the same time.

Continue into the valley, keeping to the right hand rocks. You will soon come across a waterfall and a broken bridge. Quickly enter the nearby passage because mama T-Rex is around and she is not happy. Do not stay at the entrance, because the T-Rex can still reach you. Move more inside and if you need a safe spot, follow the passage, killing a raptor on your way. The passage will get you to a higher opening that the T-Rex usually (not always) does not approach. Once Lara aims at it, start shooting and do not let go of Action. That way you will lock the target and when the T-Rex comes into Lara's range, she will shoot it. Once it is dead, drop down to the valley.

1st Secret - Just on the right you can see a waterfall that cascades into a pool. Climb into the opening on the right of the waterfall (as shown here) and go around to the right to get some Shotgun Shells. Then drop back down.

2nd Secret - Facing the same waterfall, vault onto the low rock on the left. Climb on the higher rock and take a diagonal standing jump to the next one. Grab the crevice and shimmy to the right (the above sequence is shown in this screenshot). Pull into the waterfall alcove and enter the right hand passage. Pick up the Magnum Clips and the Shotgun Shells, then return back, hang from the edge of the waterfall and drop into the pool. Climb out of the water.

Head to the right and towards the stone arch. Two raptors will attack, but hopefully one by one. Start shooting whilst jumping backwards.

3rd Secret - Once they are dead, pass under the rocky arch and look for a flat block on the right hand side (as shown in this screenshot). Climb there and turn left. Take a standing jump to grab the next block and pull up, then another standing jump and grab for the next one. Pull up and walk to the front left corner. Jump to the Temple roof and pick up the Large Medi Pack, Magnum Clips, Uzi Clips and Shotgun Shells. Make your way down by either using the blocks you came from or walking to the other side of the roof and jumping towards the back wall. That way you will land on a slide and reach the ground intact.

Inside the Temple - Go up the steps and enter the Temple. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Jump into the water and swim to the right and through the tunnel. Get the Machine Cog #1 at the end and return back to the surface. Climb out of the water and return back to the valley.

When you exit, locate the lit opening on the right hand wall. Climb into this opening using the flat rocks beneath it and follow the passage, dropping down two blocks. The next passage gets you to the broken bridge (and the PS players will get a Save Crystal on their way). Take a running jump to grab the opposite side and pull up. Proceed ahead and pick up the Machine Cog #2. Then hang from the bridge and drop to the ground (without losing health at all).

Go left and keep an eye on the right hand wall to locate an opening (it is on the right of the opening you killed mama T-Rex from). Follow the passage with your weapons drawn and Lara will aim at a raptor. Kill it and continue to a small cave with a pool. This gets you back to the valley, but for now climb up the stone blocks to reach an alcove with the Machine Cog #3. Get it, climb down the blocks, drop into the pool, swim through the tunnel and climb out of the water and into the valley.

Heading back - Go straight ahead to return back to the entrance of the valley. Climb up the blocks to the skeleton you got the Medi Pack from and climb down the rock face. Enter the twisted passage and return back to the waterfall where you killed the two wolves. Use the rocks on the left to climb to the top and run forwards, passing the tunnel you came from at the beginning of the level.

Jumping above the stream - You now need to perform a series of jumps above the stream. Take a running jump to the opposite side, move a bit to the left and take another running jump to the opposite ledge (to the side of the ledge you initially came from). Go to the right and around the ledge and take a standing jump to the square ledge, jumping from the left hand side. If you jump from the right, you need to press Action in order to lower Lara's arc. Jump to the L shaped ledge and then jump to grab the higher block on the other side of the stream. Pull up and follow the passage which gets you to a wooden bridge (the PS players will find a Save Crystal here).

Using the cogs - Cross the bridge and place the three cogs into place on the wall. Then use the switch. The camera will show you the cogs moving, making a gold gate change its position. The gate now redirects the water flow to a tunnel that was previously dry.

4th Secret - Jump into the water and swim towards the waterfalls. Climb out of the water and pick up the Large Medi Pack from the alcove (see this screenshot to get oriented).

Jump into the water and swim to the gold gate. Enter the tunnel and surface. Climb on the right hand walkway and pick up the Shotgun from the skeleton.

5th Secret - Take a deep breath and jump into the water. Swim through the long tunnel until you reach a room with an opening in the ceiling. Surface there and climb out of the water. Pick up the Small Medi Pack and the two sets of Shotgun Shells.

The opening here overlooks the now dry stream. Hang from the edge and drop down. Go right, stand against the slide and jump over it to land in the pool. Here you will find an opening that was previously hidden behind the waterfall. Climb there and follow the passage. The door opens as you approach. Go through it and follow the passage to start the next level.


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We would like to thank Nicky for her help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without her participation. Special thanks to George Maciver for proofing the text.
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