» Tomb Raider 1: Atlantean Scion  

Adventurer Lara Croft has been hired (by Jacqueline Natla) to recover the pieces of an ancient artifact known as the Scion. With her fearless acrobatic style she runs, jumps, swims and climbs her way toward the truth of its origins and powers - leaving only a trail of empty tombs and gun-cartridges in her wake. On this trail are the most breath-taking 3D worlds yet seen - where exploration, puzzle and platform elements blend in a seamless real-time environment.*

Available for platforms: PS - PC - MAC - Sega Saturn

[ Developer: CORE DESIGN ] [ Publisher: EIDOS Interactive ]

Secrets: There are 45 Secrets in the game. The number of Secrets in each level varries from 1 to 5 and they consist of normal pick-ups (ammo, Medi Packs etc), but no PS Save Crystals. There is no reward for finding each level's or all game's Secrets.


» Level 1: Caves
» Level 2: City of Vilcabamba
» Level 3: Lost Valley
» Level 4: Tomb of Qualopec

» Level 5: St. Francis' Folly
» Level 6: Colosseum
» Level 7: Palace Midas
» Level 8: The Cistern
» Level 9: Tomb of Tihocan

» Level 10: City of Khamoon
» Level 11: Obelisk of Khamoon
» Level 12: Sanctuary of the Scion

» Level 13: Natla's Mines
» Level 14: Atlantis
» Level 15: The Great Pyramid

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* Text was taken from the CD pack.
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