Tomb Raider 1: Atlantean Scion Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 10: City of Khamoon

The FMV shows Lara examining the two pieces of the Scion she got from Peru and Europe. She fits them and receives a vision of a gold city. We can see a gold pyramid and beyond it three shadows that represent the three rulers of Atlantis. Each one has a piece of the Scion and when all three are united, a power is released and energy rises above the pyramid. One of the rulers uses the power of his Scion in order to awaken a creature. To punish him, the other two rulers take his piece of Scion. A celestial object impacts Atlantis and the continent is destroyed. The three pieces of the Scion are scattered to the earth's corners: one in Peru, the second in Europe and the third in Egypt. Lara rides her motorbike and (since she has already gone to the first two places) she heads to Egypt, the last place she saw in her vision.

First sandy cave - Lara is standing in a sandy cave. Proceed ahead until you reach the edge. Turn around and drop backwards to grab the edge. Release Action and press it again to grab the crevice below. Shimmy to the right until you reach a passage with a switch. Drop down and use the switch to open a door in the pit below. Drop into the pit and go through the door you just opened. Pull the movable block three times, climb on it and drop down on the other side. Enter the alcove and pick up the Magnum Clips and Small Medi Pack.

There is a second movable block in the opening next to the switch. Pull it once, jump onto the first movable block and pull the second one three times. Then go to the back-side of it and push it once to position it next to the pillar. Climb on the block, then onto the pillar. Grab the crevice, shimmy right and when you are able, pull up.

Second sandy cave - Stay here and draw weapons. A black panther will emerge, so kill it. Then drop down and vault onto the sloped block on the left. Climb on the ledge and pick up the Small Medi Pack and Magnum Clips (or a pair of Magnums if you do not have them). Drop down and go to the other side. Take a standing jump over the slide and draw weapons. A mummy will appear from the right hand side, and luckily it cannot reach you. Take care of it.

Area with Obelisk and Sphinx - Slide into the next area. Go to the right and jump into the pool. Get the two sets of Magnum Clips and climb out of the water, using the ledge with the two palm trees. Vault onto the low rock and climb on the ledge above. Go almost to the middle and take a running jump to grab the Obelisk. Pull up and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Turn around, drop backwards to grab the edge and release to land at the bottom of the Obelisk.

Go to the Sphinx now. Climb on the movable block, then onto the ledge beneath the head. Go around either way to reach the back-side of the Sphinx' head. Climb on the block and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Enter the alcove and get the Saphire Key. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Return back and pull the block. Go behind it and use the Key you just got to open the door. Go through it.

Room with five statues - Follow the passage to reach a room with five statues. As soon as you exit the passage, turn right and climb on the block. Pick up the Small Medi Pack and jump to the next block on the same side. Draw weapons and kill the black panther that emerges below. Then jump to the next two blocks and enter the passage on the left. Half way across and before reaching the part of the floor that bends upwards a bit, draw weapons because a second black panther will attack. Start shooting whilst jumping backwards, and if you are having troubles with it, return and jump to the block opposite the passage. Then kill it from safety.

Area with overhanging rock structure, pool and cat temple - Follow the passage until you reach a platform above a sandy area with a crocodile running around. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Kill the threat from above, then safely drop down. Enter the tunnel beneath the platform you were standing on and go to the end where you will find a Large Medi Pack. As you exit the tunnel, go to the ramp on the right hand side. This hides a boulder trap and you better activate it now, so that it will not surprise you later. Start from the bottom of the ramp and go up it. When you see the boulder fall down, side-flip to avoid it.

1st Secret - Go to the southwest corner of the area. You need to jump over the slide, so jump standing on the left hand side. Inside the alcove you will find some Magnum Clips and a Large Medi Pack.

Pool and room with ledges and movable blocks - Now jump into the pool and swim through the underwater tunnel. Pull the lever at the end to open the nearby door. Swim through it and surface in the next room. Climb on the walkway and kill the crocodile that is swimming around.

(The sequence of pushing/ pulling the block is shown in this screenshot.) Climb on the upper walkway and go to the movable block. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Facing west, pull it twice. Climb on it and turn right. Take a standing jump to grab the ledge on the south side. Pull up, go through the opening and up the steps. Turn around and climb to the opening above. Flip the switch to extend a platform in the room outside. Drop down, exit and drop onto the walkway with the movable block.

Facing east, push it twice to position it next to the steps. Go to the right side of it and (facing south) pull it once. Go to the back-side and (facing north) push it once to position it at the end of the walkway. Climb on the block and take a running jump to grab the ledge on the north. Pull up. Here you will find a second movable block. Push it to reveal an opening behind.

(Note for the PS players - Once you push the block, hop back twice, grab the ledge and drop down. Climb on the first movable block and kill the mummy that attacks from there.)

Exit to the balcony and use the switch on the right hand side to open a trapdoor above the platfrom you extended before. Return back and push the movable block once more. Climb on it, turn right and take a running jump to the extended platform. Pull into the room above and use the switch to open a trapdoor that surrounds the cat statue in the temple below.

Approach the edge of the opening (on the west side) and go to the front left corner. Take a standing jump with Action to the L-shaped ledge and walk up to the edge on the other side. Take a running jump to the opposite rock structure and drop onto the lower ledge ahead, where you will find some Magnum Clips. Facing west, locate the ramp on the left. Slide down to land next to a Small Medi Pack. Pick it up and take a running jump to the rocky ledge on the east. Kill the crocodile that appears on the ground, then take a running jump to the blue roof of the Temple. Pick up some more Magnus Clips.

2nd Secret - Face east and climb on the square sloped block in the right hand corner. Take a running jump to the ledge above the ramp where the boulder rolled from and pick up the Uzi Clips. If you did not deal with the boulder before, be careful as you drop down. If you do not want to deal with it at all, hang from either side (north or south) and drop down without losing health.

Inside the Temple - Go to the cat statue and locate the blue block below. Drop onto it, then onto the ground. The sandy tile leads to a spiked trap, so do not bother. Go through the opening on the north and pick up the Magnum Clips from the alcove on the left. Then drop through the opening in the floor to reach a dark room.

Flip the switch in the back left corner to open a trapdoor in the area outside the Temple and drop some light in the room you are currently in. (The PS players will find a Save Crystal here.) Drop onto the lower ledge and draw weapons. Two black panthers lurk below, so kill them from here. Once you are done, climb in the alcove behind the cat statue and get the Magnum Clips. Drop back to the ledge and then safely drop to the ground.

Two more black panthers will attack from the west door, which will open as you approach the central pillar. For a quick "take out", equip the Shotgun. Otherwise, run and jump to grab the block on the other side, pull up and kill the panthers from above. Once you are done, enter the passage they came from and pick up the Large Medi Pack.

Exit and climb on the stone block, then on the ledge above. Cross the bridge to reach the central platform. Two more black panthers come from the east door. If you want, you can kill them now, but if the spot does not help you aim at them, let's go for a Secret.

3rd Secret - Go around the pillar and take a running jump to the ledge with the cat statue. Climb into the alcove and pick up the Shotgun Shells. Drop back to the ledge and, if you have not done so, kill the panthers from here, where you have a better range. If they leave, hang from the ledge to lure them back, then pull up.

(Note - Instead of going to the Secret, you could also drop onto the stone block you came from and kill the panthers from there. Then climb back up and get the Secret.)

Carefully drop to the ground and enter the passage the last pair of panthers came from. Pick up the Small Medi Pack and, once again, climb on the stone block, then onto the ledge above.

This time enter the twisted passage on the right hand side. After turning around the fourth corner, a mummy will attack from the next room. To deal with it without health loss, you can do this: turn to face the way you came and hop back to step on the trigger square (see this screenshot to get oriented). Then run back the way you came from, without stopping or hesitating at all. Once you exit, jump to the bridge where the mummy will not follow you. The mummy will most probably enter the passage again. In that case, step on the ledge next to the doorway (as shown here) to lure the mummy back. Be careful, however, because the mummy attacks with quick moves, so jump back to the bridge, shooting at the same time.

Once you are done, cross the twisted passage to enter a room with sand in the corner. The only accessible opening for now is the one in the back right corner. Climb through it and go up the ramp to reach a second room with a pile of sand. Climb on the pillar and pick up the Saphire Key. Then go up the pile of sand to reach a room above the five statues you saw at the beginning of the level. Take standing jumps from ledge to ledge and pick up the Magnum Clips from the third one. Jump to the last ledge and climb on the platform. Use the switch to open a trapdoor in the second sandy room and dump most of the sand to the room below.

Carefully make your way back, but be careful as you reach the opening to the second sandy room. Hang from the edge and drop onto the slope below, then slide to the first room. Use the slope on the side of the one you just slid down and go up it. Use the Saphire Key to open the gold doors. Go through them to end the level.


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We would like to thank Nicky for her help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without her participation. Special thanks to George Maciver for proofing the text.
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