Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 1: Great Wall

The level opens with a cut scene. Lara arrives in China, transported by a helicopter. The pilot cannot find a place to land near the Great Wall so Lara ( in typical gun-hoe fashion) says "No problem". She tosses a rope and descends, landing near a cave entrance.

Head forwards and enter the cave. The helicopter that Lara was in is now flying away and Lara looks up to watch its flight, noticing a second alcove above. This is where you need to go. When you approach the pool, a tiger attcks from behind, so quickly wade into the pool and climb on the stone block (as shown in this screenshot). Kill the tiger and take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up, follow the ledge to the end and jump on the stone pillar. Turn a bit right and jump to the next ledge. Follow it around to the left and climb on the block you find in front of you. Turn around and take a running jump to the opposite ledge.

1st Secret – Before continuing, jump to the ledge on the right and pick up the Silver Dragon at the end (as shown in this screenshot). There is another tiger that is lurking below if you want to kill. Jump back to the previous ledge.

Vault onto the low ledge and climb up the next three blocks. Turn around and take a running jump to the ledge beneath the wide opening. Climb into the building and step on the grating in the bottom right corner. You will fall through it and land into a pool below. Climb out of the water and go up the steps. Take a running jump to grab the edge of the alcove with the switch and pull up. Use the switch to open the door that leads outside. Take a running jump to grab the previous ledge and pull up. If you fall into the water, walk on the rocks to reach the steps, where you can climb out. Go through the doorway to reach a broken stone bridge.

Broken stone bridgeThree crows attack from the building beyond. They appear one by one, so if you stay close to the exit, you can easily kill them. Go towards the broken part of the bridge and slide down into the pool. Swim through the opening on the right hand side and get the Guardhouse Key. When you surface, a tiger is waiting for you on the land. Climb out of the water and take care of it. Then climb on the green blocks (to the left if the opening you got the Key is to your back) and climb back up onto the bridge.

[Note – If you are having troubles with the tiger and it takes a lot of your health, try this: Whilst surfacing, approach the ledge opposite the opening (that is, facing the green blocks). Wait for the tiger to run behind you and quickly climb out of the water and onto the top green block (as shown in this screenshot) The tiger cannot reach you, so you can decide if you want to kill the tiger or leave it alone.]

Guardhouse – Use the Guardhouse Key to open the door and enter. Two spiders attack, so kill them both. If you wait for some seconds, a third spider will come from the steps on the left. Take care of it as well and climb up the ladder. Kill yet another spider up there and pick up the Rusty Key. For the last spider, you can also go up the steps to reach the ledge beneath the windowsill and jump up to kill it. Climb down the ladder and use the Key you just got to open the door.

Room with skeleton - Cross the hallway and kill the three spiders in the next room. Turn around and kill one more spider that is coming from behind. Pick up the Shotgun Shells and Large Medi Pack next to the skeleton (the poor guy that obviously failed). Then pull the movable block to unblock the exit behind it. Go through the opening and slide down the ramp.

Pool with blade traps – Do not rush to jump into the pool, because there is a blade trap. Notice the crevice on the left? You will use it to get across. So, jump to the back left corner of the pool and jump up to grab the crevice. Shimmy to the very right and release to drop into the pool. Carefully swim beneath the blades in order to reach the opposite wall. Climb into the doorway above.

Continuant traps – You may want to save your game here in case you do not manage to clear the next traps. Cross the hallway and run over the decrepit floor before it collapses, because there is a spiked pit below. As soon as you enter the next room, the door closes behind you and two boulders start rolling from the left hand side. So, cut to the right and use the Look button to break the camera that shows the boulders to roll. Keep running and jump over the spikes to land on a slide. Or, as soon as you exit the door, proceed a bit to stand exactly on the thin line that goes parallel to the floor, dividing it in two. The two boulders will roll harmlessly, whilst Lara stands still between them (like in this screenshot). When they are history, go right at your ease and jump to land on the slide. When you drop into the room below, immediately side jump to the left to land exactly above the Automatic Pistol Clips. Quickly pick up them and jump forwards to grab the opening and pull up, because two spiked walls are coming from the two sides of the room. You lose a small percent of health, but you could avoid it if you did not get the Clips.

2nd Secret – Take a breath here and if you want save your game again. The next sequence includes quite many traps. Run over the decrepit floor (again, there are spiked pits below) and when you reach the end of the last decrepit floor, jump over the first moving blade. There are decrepit floors between the moving blades and here is a strategy to get past them without losing health: As soon as you jump over the first moving blade, stop, press forward once to move a bit and jump over the second blade (that way you take a standing jump). Again stop, press forward once and jump over the third blade. Move diagonally to the left, quickly pick up the Jade Dragon and exit to avoid the spiked walls that are coming from the sides. Keep running, hugging the right hand wall, because two more spiked walls are coming from the left. Slide down into the room below, roll and run on the decrepit floor to the right to fall through, because yet another spiked wall threaten your safety. You are done!!

There are two rolling blades in the next cave and a Small Medi Pack next to a skeleton. To get the Medi Pack, approach it carefully and use the Look button along with the up direction key to watch the first blade. If you do not approach a lot, you will manage to get it. Now get past the rolling blades to enter a cave with a zip line. Two spiders attack from the opening on the right hand side and three more when you approach the zip line. Kill them all, but do not get the zip line now or you will miss the level's final Secret.

3rd Secret – Hang from the edge beneath the zip line and drop to the block to the left (as shown here). Jump up to grab the crevice above and shimmy to the right. Pull into the cave and follow the passage, getting some Flares on your way. Grab the ladder, climb a bit to the right and climb to the bottom. It is a long way down, so keep going. Follow the passage to reach an area with greenery. Head to the right where the two skeletons are and… can you hear the growling? A T-Rex is ready to attack from the opposite side, so either start shooting at it or return back to the passage you came from and use it as a backup. Once it is dead, go to the side it came from and pick up the Gold Dragon (plus a Small Medi Pack, a Grenade Launcher loaded with a pair of Grenades and two pairs of Grenades as a reward for finding all the Secrets).

A second T-Rex is now waiting for you outside. You can decide if you want to deal with it or run to the far left and enter the passage you came from. If you lose some health because of the two T-Rex's, do not heal yourself yet, as you are about to finish the level. Jump up to grab the ladder and start climbing up. Do not dismount on the left – just keep climbing up to pull onto the ledge above. Drop down to the other side to return back to the zip line.

(Alternatively, you can run past the first T-Rex and run/ jump quickly for the Secret. Then you can kill them both from the alcove with the Dragon, or run back past them. You need to be very careful and fast! Also, the skeletons on the ground actually 'show' you the right way. Enter the passage from where you exited, letting them both live. Note though that if you do let them live, they will be walking around the valley making the whole cave shake, even when you reach the zip line – this will not affect Lara in any way, though.)

Grab the handle of the zip line and do not let go of Action until you reach the other side of the cave. As soon as you reach the ground, draw your weapons, because two tigers will show up from the opening on the right. You can step backwards a bit if you want and wait for them in order to kill them one by one. Or, do not bother with them now and quickly proceed to the next cave. Locate an alcove on the right hand side, near the big door and climb up. Shoot the tigers from there. Or, if you are not interested in all kills, enter the next cave and approach the doors to end the level. If you want to explore a bit, be careful of the fire on the right hand side of the second cave. Approach the door to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara approaching the closed door, whilst she is being attacked by a thug. She dives for cover and the thug hits on the door.

Lara: Pardon me if that was just your way of trying the doors for me.

Thug: Heh heh... With a tommy gun on my key ring.

Lara: Though not anymore... So, after you!

Thug: Somehow you don't behave like you got a monk's blood.

Lara: I understand that somehow is in my favor. So, indulge me about the dagger. I'd be indebted with your life.

Thug: These doors are waiting for the right one. The right time to arrive and then the dagger's blade will honor the hearts of those who believe. So, unless you pledge your loyalty as well.

Lara: And which one is that?

Thug: To the sins and fortunes of Marco Bartoli.

The thug drinks something from a flask and then dies.

Lara: Perhaps not just yet then.

Lara holsters her guns and walks away from the door. In the campfire beyond, she finds a notebook and starts reading. She now knows where she needs to go "Aha!! Gianni Bartoli!! Via Caravelli... Venice."


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