» Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian  

Legend has it that when you drive the dagger of Xian into your heart, you acquire the power of the dragon. Literally.

In Ancient China, the Emperor was the holder of this power and with his army alongside him, he was a force to be reckoned with. Thus he staked claim to the vast lands that are China. His final battle however ended in defeat. While people fell into submission all around him, the Warrior monks of Tibet would not relent and courageously fought against his evil. Knowing the power of the dagger, they succeeded in removing it from the Dragon Emperor’s heart — reducing him and his army to carnage. The dagger was returned to its resting place within The Great Wall and locked up for all time...

Now three parties hold the dagger close to their heart. And all for entirely different reasons. Lara, forever the adventurer, is one of these. On her travels, she will encounter the other two...*

Available for platforms: PS - PC - MAC

[ Developer: CORE DESIGN ] [ Publisher: EIDOS Interactive ]

Secrets: There are 48 Secrets in the game. The number of Secrets in each level is 3 and they consist of Dragon statues (Jade, Silver and Gold). If you find all 3 Secrets in each level, you are rewarded with extra items (Medi Packs, ammo etc.). However, there is no reward for finding all game's Secrets.


» Level 1: The Great Wall

» Level 2: Venice
» Level 3: Bartoli's Hideout
» Level 4: Opera House

» Level 5: Offshore Rig
» Level 6: Diving Area
» Level 7: 40 Fathoms
» Level 8: Wreck of the Maria Doria
» Level 9: Living Quartes
» Level 10: The Deck

» Level 11: Tibetan Foothills
» Level 12: Barkhang Monastery
» Level 13: Catacombs of the Talion
» Level 14: Ice Palace

» Level 15: Temple of Xian
» Level 16: Floating Islands
» Level 17: The Dragon's Lair

» Level 18: Home Sweet Home

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The walkthrough has been completely revised. Many new screenshots have been added and text has been proofed (September 2007).
* Text was taken from the CD pack.

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