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Level 5: Offshore Rig

The FMV shows a plane reaching an offshore rig. It is the plane that Lara sneakily entered before. She is inside unconscious and in the brief cut scene that follows, we see her waking up in a room with crates (it is obvious that Bartoli led her in here).

You begin the level weaponless. The guys left in you possession only the ammo, Flares and Medi Packs. So, apart from getting out of this place, you also need to find weapons.

Getting out of the room – This room is locked and there is only one door in the back left corner of the room. The switch that opens the door is hidden behind some crates in the far left corner. This is timed, so you need to clear your path, setting up the movable crates. There are many ways to clear the path, but here is one, which is also shown in this diagram: There are two crates that are not movable in front of the door, so do not bother with them. From the starting position, there are three crates on the left hand side in front of the column, and only two of them are movable. First, push the crate which is closest to the windows towards the un-movable ones (that is, push it having the windows on your left). Now push the crate which is exactly in front of the column once and then push it towards the far right corner. Now go behind the column. There are two crates and only the first one is movable. Pull it twice, go behind it and push it next to the one in the corner. Now you have a clear path.

Get in the alcove and use the switch to open the door. It is timed, so press the Look button to break the camera that shows the door open, and roll. Start running normally, going around the column to reach the door. Do not jump, just run normally and you will make it.

Pool with plane – Once you make it, the alarms turn on. Jump into the water before the guards come out. Beyond you can see a moving fan in the right corner, so avoid going towards it. Just to the left of the fan you can find an underwater lever. Approach it from the left hand side and pull it to open a gate next to the fan. Do not rush to enter. Swim back to the other side (where you jumped into) and pass the barrels on the left. Now swim to the wall on the left (where the gate is) and stick to the bottom. Swim towards the gate, pressing the right direction key to enter (see this screenshot to get oriented). Follow the twisted tunnel until you can surface.

1st Secret – Before climbing out of the water, pull the underwater lever just beneath the opening of the tunnel you came out. This opens a trapdoor back in the tunnel close to the fan. Swim through the tunnel again and you will see the trapdoor at the bottom. Swim down and get the Jade Dragon from behind the fan. Return back through the tunnel to surface.

(Note – If after getting the Dragon your air is very low and you think you will not make it, swim out of the alcove to enter the tunnel and go right. Swim right again and stick to the left wall. Swim out of the door back in the pool with the plane, but to avoid getting sucked and killed by the fan, stay close to the wall, turn sharply to the left to enter the pool and swim forward away from the fan and close to the bottom a bit, and then surface. After your air is restored, swim carefully again through the door and in the passage to return to the small pool of water with the lever and the opening above the water.)

Getting back the Pistols – Climb out of the water and into the passage. Follow it around to the left to reach a ledge above the pool. Go to the right and jump over the gap. You do not want to stay in front of the windows, do you? So, continue ahead and drop to a platform below. Push the button to open the hatch under the plane and jump into the water. Climb into the plane through the hatch and push the button to turn off the engine and the propeller.

Jump into the water and once again, swim through the gate next to the fan and then through the tunnel. Again, climb out of the water and into the passage to return outside. Go to the right and jump over the gap. Drop to the platform (where you used the button and opened the hatch) and go to the walkway next to the plane's wing. From the front left corner, take a running jump to grab the wing and pull up (as shown here). Go to the top of the plane and step on the trapdoor. It will open and you will fall through it. Pick up the Pistols and climb up the ladder to return back to the top of the plane.

Jump into the water and climb on the ledge you first entered this area (after exiting the crate room). Two guards come from the door (one of them with pistols), so kill them both. Pick up the Large Medi Pack from the one and the Yellow Pass Card from the other. Go inside and avoid the ramp on the right hand side, because the barrels will roll down. Go up the steps and use the Card you just got to open the door. Enter and push the button at the end to turn off the annoying alarm.

(Note - From the point you used the button, you can see a passage on each side. You need to follow both ways in order to finish the level. These are shown in this diagram. Use it as a map if you think you are lost.)

Right set of stairs – First go to up the right hand set of stairs. Turn the wheel to open the door and enter. Turn around and kill the bad guy that is coming from behind. Pick up his Small Medi Pack and enter the next room. Another bad guy enters from the door at the top of the ramp. Kill him and pick up the Large Medi Pack he drops. The door closes if you go up the ramp, so turn the wheel to open the other door. When you enter, yet another bad guy will come from the room on the right hand side. Take care of him and pick up his Large Medi Pack. Inside the lounge, you will find two sets of Automatic Pistol Clips and two sets of Harpoons. Get them and enter the bunkroom.

The timed run in the bunkroom - Get a pair of Automatic Pistols and some clips for it from the middle upper right bank and the Harpoon Gun and two sets of Harpoons from the far lower left bank. On the first upper left bank (close to the entrance) is a button that opens a trapdoor at the other side. It is timed, so you need to be quick. Not so quick though and lose your orientation. Push the button to open the trapdoor and press the Look button to break the camera. Roll and run diagonally to the right to drop to the ground. Lara will kneel, but this will not be a problem. Run normally (do not jump) to the end of the bunkroom and climb to the upper right bunk. Turn around and take a standing jump to grab the edge. Pull up.

The passage ends up to a ramp. Slide down backwards, pressing Action to grab the edge. Climb down the ladder to reach a room with four burners. There are two movable blocks here. As you face them, pull the right block once to bring it outside and then push it in the right hand corner (you will not need it).

Now pull out the other block, go to the backside side of it (you are in the alcove) and push it in front of the ladder. Now pull it once (having the burners on your left) to line it to the ladder above the burners. Climb on the block and take a running jump to grab the ladder. Or, after pulling the second block out, do not bother anymore with it. Climb on it, stand on the upper left corner to face diagonally the ladder, and take a diagonal running jump towards it. You may need to press right slightly as Lara approaches the ladder and grab it. Climb to the top, draw weapons and kill the bad guy around the corner. Pick up the Red Pass Card he drops.

2nd Secret – Before going up the stairs, climb up the ladder on the left. Pick up the Silver Dragon and climb back down.

Back to the pool with the plane - Go up the stairs to reach an opening above a pool. If you take a look you should recognize the place. Jump into the water and climb into the passage. Go outside and turn right. Once again, jump over the gap and if you have not done so, shoot the windows to enter the room where you used the Yellow Pass Card. Go through the door again.

Left set of stairs – Now go up the left hand set of stairs. A thug and his Doberman are waiting, so take care of them and pick up the Uzi Clips the thug drops. Be careful of the ramp. You can see the barrels at the top and they start to roll as soon as you approach the bottom. Run in front of the ramp to trigger the barrels and then go up the ramp. Use the Red Pass Card to open the door.

Room with two pools - Do not rush to enter. Walk up until the entrance, but do not enter (do not step on the blue floor with the yellow strips). Draw weapons and Lara will aim at a bad guy on the left ledge; kill him. Now enter, run to the left and jump on the grating ledge. Two more bad guys are coming - one from outside and one from the other side of the room. Kill them from here. Now pick up the Shotgun Shells from the guy on the ledge and drop down to get the Flares and the Small Medi Pack from the other two. The alarm started when you entered the room, but you cannot turn it off.

Climb\ jump on the grating ledge (where the dead body is) and locate the movable block (see here is you cannot find it). Push it once (you cannot push it further anyway) and drop back down. Climb on the extended square ledge to reach the other side of the block and pull it once. Drop back down and once again, climb\ jump on the grating ledge. Push the block once to position it on the extended square ledge. Drop back down and climb on the platform above the pipe, opposite the block. Take a running jump to grab the block and pull up. Turn right to face the opening above and stand in the back right corner. Turn slightly to the right and take a standing jump to land into the opening, or grab it and pull up (see this screenshot).

Control room - Draw weapons because as soon as you turn around the corner, a thug starts shooting at you from the control room beyond. Kill him and pick up his Shotgun Shells. Use the switch on the left hand wall (between the machines) to exchange the water in the pools outside. This will flood the first pool and empty the second one. Take a look at the floor - the dark part is a trapdoor that you will open in a while. Make your way back the same way you came and drop to the ground. Climb on the platform above the pipe (opposite the block), jump into the pool and climb out at the other side. There are some pipes to the left and right side of the structure. Jump over either, and then take a standing jump over the slide. Use the switch to open the trapdoor back in the control room. (This screenshot shows the location of the switch.)

Underground room with walkways and pool – Make your way back to the control room. Once in there, drop through the trapdoor you opened and slide down the ramp to land on a walkway. There are several walkways around and of course you can see the pool below. For your information, there are two scuba divers down there who shoots harpoons at Lara. So, if you can aim at them from above, kill them.

(The next series of jumps is shown in this page.) First go to the left to reach the end of the walkway. Turn right and take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and head to the end of the ledge. Again, take a running jump to grab the square ledge next to the column, which is a bit to the left. Pull up and jump to the square ledge on the right (between the column and the wall). If you take a look behind the corner, you will see a thug on the ledge beyond. If you do not want to lose health, draw weapons and jump diagonally to the next square ledge shooting at him. Immediately jump backwards to the previous ledge (the one between the column and the wall). Do this once more and you are done. Or, when you land on the ledge between the wall and the column, move to the upper edge, close to the wall with your weapons drawn. Angle Lara to the right and she should aim him. It only takes a round or two with the Automatics. Take a running jump to the ledge he was standing and pick up his Shotgun (loaded with two Shells).

There is another thug beyond that may have noticed you. If he has not, shoot him to wake him up. He will start moving around and show himself to the right and left side of the column. Start shooting when Lara points at him and kill him from here (killing him face to face takes a lot of your health). Once you are done, take a running jump to the ledge he was standing and pickup his Shotgun Shells. Yet another thug is standing on the ledge at the far side. Yes, you can kill him from here. Once you are done, take a running jump to the next ledge and head to the end (notice the opening above? You will return in order to exit). For now take a running jump to the next ledge and finally a standing jump to the ledge where the last guy is. Shoot the window and pick up the Green Pass Card from the alcove. Then drop back down.

3rd Secret – You need to jump into the water in order to get the level's final Secret. To locate it, take a look below on the footings. The Gold Dragon is on the footing exactly below. If you have not killed the scuba divers, draw weapons and Lara may aim at them from here. Otherwise, you can jump into the water freely. If you do not mind losing a small percentage of health, you can hang from the edge and drop directly onto the footing. Two bad guys will attack, so take them out and pick up the Small Medi Pack from one of the guys and the Dragon (plus a pair of Uzis and two sets of Uzi Clips as a reward for finding all the Secrets).

(Note – If you are low in health and do not want to spare a Medi Pack, jump into the water even if you have not killed the scuba divers. If you swim without stopping, they will not harpoon you. Then climb onto the footing at the other side and shoot divers and guys from there.)

To return back up, swim around and locate the footing in front of a ladder. Climb on the footing and jump to grab the ladder. Climb to the top and jump around the ledges, as you did before, until you reach the one beneath the opening (that is close where you got the Card). Climb into the opening and head up the two ramps.

Back to the control room - Climb up the ladder and drop down at the other side to return back to the control room. A bad guy appears, so kill him and pick up his Small Medi Pack. Enter the control room and use the switch again to exchange the water in the pools. Now you will transfer the water in the second pool and empty the first one. Use the Green Pass Card to open the nearby door that gives you a direct access to the flooded pool (since the first one is now empty). Jump into the water and swim through the tunnel. At the end, pull the lever to open the gate and continue swimming until you can surface. Climb out of the water and proceed forwards to end the level.


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