Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 14: Ice Place

Room with cages - Equip your Pistols and shoot the bell to open the door. Go through it to reach an area with two cages. The one on the right is empty and there are three locked yetis in the cage above to the left. You are safe for now, so proceed into the room.

Beyond, in front of the archway, you can see two platforms. There are more of them around the room. If you step on them, they will toss Lara upwards. This may seem cool, but Lara will crash on the ground if she does not find a ledge to land or grab whilst in midair. The key here is to stand outside of each platform, facing the direction of the ledge which is above, and run on the platform.

Top of the room - Stand just outside the platform, facing the archway, and take one step backwards. Run on the platform which will toss Lara up, getting her on a ledge at the top of the room. Lara usually lands directly on it, but grab the ledge if necessary. Go to the left and vault onto the ledge. Pick up the two sets of Uzi Clips from the alcove and use the switch to raise the empty cage and lower the one with the yetis, releasing them at the same time. To kill them, you can do either:

• Do not go down and kill them from here. Locate the flat ledge opposite the one you landed on before (as shown in this screenshot). Hang from the edge to lure the yetis and pull up. Stand at the edge and above the opening of the platform below, so that Lara can aim at them diagonally. Shoot them and once they are dead, go to the other side and drop down.

• As soon as you use the switch, immediately roll, step on the ledge you landed on before, turn to face the ledge below and jump down on the ledge from the right hand side (be careful not to fall through the hole!). Take out a powerful weapon and shoot the yetis as they are approaching the steps and/ or are walking up to them. You will have plenty of time to kill them before they can reach you.

Inside the cage - Regardless of the way you used to kill the yetis, drop to the lower ledge. Go to the other side and around the corner where you will find a Large Medi Pack. Return back and notice the opening in the cage above the one the yetis were in. Take a standing jump to land in the cage, pressing Action to lower Lara's arch. Pick up another Large Medi Pack and draw your weapons because a yeti appears when you approach the stairs in the corner. Take care of it and go up the stairs. Use the switch to raise a grating just outside the bars. Go down the stairs to return to the previous cage.

1st Secret – Before exiting the cage, locate the movable block exactly opposite the entrance (as shown in this screenshot). Pull it once, then push it to the side to reveal a huge room. The Gold Dragon is laying on a pillar at the other side of the room. Line Lara to the pillar and drop to the invisible (!!) walkway below. Cross the invisible walkway to reach the Dragon. Return back to the main room.

Shooting the first bell - Go where the double platform tossed you up before and notice the single platform in the right hand corner (as shown here). Approach it and take a look above to spot a bell. Equip your Pistols, step on the platform which will toss you up and shoot the bell. When you hear the bell ringing, it means you succeeded. To make sure you will shoot the bell, start shooting as soon as you step on the platform and go on shooting constantly. If you are lucky, some bullets will hit the bell as you go either up or down and you will not have to retry – at least not too many times. You may want to save your game before stepping on the platform. You do not die after each unsuccessful drop (unless you are low in health), but you lose health. Once you hit the bell, the first gate behind the archway opens.

[Note - If you cannot shoot the bell, you can try an alternative method (thanks to EscondeR for the tip): Stand outside the platform, having it to your back (as shown in this screenshot). Draw your Pistols and jump backwards. Lara will pass just above the platform, but she will also touch it. This will activate the platform which will toss Lara up. That way, you will reach the highest point in front of the bell (as shown here). Just shoot the bell and you are done.]

Shooting the second bell - Go towards the gates and stand having them on your right. The grating you raised before is above. Stand just outside the platform and run on it. It will toss you up and make you land on the grating. Turn around and notice another bell. Jump up and shoot it to open the second gate below. Jump on the slope below to the left, slide, grab the edge and drop to the ground.

Once the two gates are open - Go through the gates you opened and stand just outside the platform having the gates on your right. Run on it and press Action to grab the ledge above. Shimmy to the right, taking a look above to spot a bell. Drop to the ledge below. You need to shoot the bell in order to open the gate on the left above, but it is quite tricky. Grab the slope again, pull up and jump to back-flip onto the slope behind. Keep pressing the Jump button and Lara will start jumping back and forth onto the slopes. When you are ready, draw your Pistols and shoot the bell to open the gate on the left (see this screenshot to get oriented). Drop to the ledge and take a breather.

Grab the slope again and shimmy to the very left. Pull up and back-flip onto the slope behind. Keep pressing the Jump button along with the left direction key to land on even ground. Climb into the opening and then climb up the ladder. Dismount on the ledge and turn around. Climb in the opening above and take a standing jump to the left. A yeti appears, so take care of it and pick up the Flares from the block. If you are having troubles with the yeti, try this: Walk to the front left corner of the opening and jump to the ground. Immediately roll and take a running jump back to the opening. Kill the yeti from here.

Inside the cave - Climb into the opening the yeti came from. If you step on the right hand side of the opening, wait a bit and a tiger will show up below. Kill it from here and drop down. There is path going down, a ramp to the right that leads to a closed door, and a ledge on the left. Climb on the ledge to the left and pick up the Small Medi Pack.

2nd Secret – Go up the ramp on the right hand side and make U turn to reach a dark opening with a slope at the front (as shown in this screenshot). Jump onto the slope and follow the passage, taking a standing jump over the slide. Pick up the Silver Dragon and return back to the path.

Another tiger appears when you step on the ramp at the end of the path. To take care of it without injury, step on the ramp backwards and run\ jump back to the opening you came from. Kill it from here and enter the cave. Two more tigers will attack from behind the rocks at the far right as soon as you step on the ramp. Again, step on it backwards and run\ jump back to the opening from where you can safely kill them. Once they are dead, return to the cave and get the Tibetan Mask from the block. When you get it, the door at the top of the ramp opens.

Room with openings in the floor - Return back and go through the door you just opened. Follow the passage to reach a hallway with a barred window that overlooks an area of the previous level. There is a hole in the floor at the end of the hallway and a yeti will attack when you drop down. You can hang from the edge and alert it, but it is difficult to aim it from above. So, equip a powerful weapon, drop down and kill it (be careful of the openings in the floor). Go to the far left corner of the room and pick up the Large Medi Pack. As you can hear, another yeti is lurking below. If you can, kill it from above. To do that, stay between two openings in the floor and close to the wall where you can have a better range. If the yeti leaves, hang from the edge to lure it back.

The area below is full of spikes, so you have to find a safe spot. Go above the last opening and light a Flare. Throw it below (press the Draw weapons key) and you will see the part where there are no spikes. Carefully drop down and go around the perimeter of the room to get to the other side. In the far right corner (beneath the upper entrance) are two sets of Automatic Pistol Clips. Now climb in the opening that leads to the balcony and use the Tibetan Mask to open the nearby door. Pick up the Small Medi Pack at the end of the balcony, drop back down and climb to the door you just opened.

Above the red wooden bridge – When you step on the bridge, turn left and notice the Flares in the alcove. Take a running jump to the ledge, get the Flares and jump back to the bridge. If you accidentally fall to the ground, you can climb up the icy blocks close to where you got the Flares. Cross the bridge to the end and enter the opening on the left to reach a ledge above the frozen pool. Use the switch to activate the bowl which will pour hot oil to the frozen pool below. This will melt the ice. Jump to the slope below and slide to the ground. Two tigers emerge from the cave beyond. You know the place around. Run\ jump to the block to the right, beneath the wide opening and kill them from there.

Jump into the water and get the Gong Hammer. Two fishes come from the opening, so either harpoon them or climb out of the water and kill them from above. Swim to the other cave, but do not proceed a lot, because there are falling stalactites. Stick to the left hand wall and stop just before you reach the shore. Three yetis are lurking outside, so be prepared. Wave to the shore and start shooting. When a yeti is ready to reach you, jump back in the water again. Do this until they are all dead.

Cave with fork - A fourth yeti attacks when you approach the upper side of the cave. Take care of it by jumping backwards. Here you can see a fork. First, go to the left and stand against the slide. Side-step to the right side of the slide and take a standing jump over it. The stalactites will fall just in front you. Enter the cave and draw weapons. Kill the yeti and drop into the pit it came from. Pick up the four pairs of Grenades (or the Grenade Launcher instead of one of the pairs if you do not have it). Climb out of the pit and exit the cave. Now go to the right of the fork and pick up the Small Medi Pack. When you approach the icy blocks, another yeti will appear from the opening at the top. It will climb down the blocks, so start shooting whilst jumping backwards. Climb up the blocks and go to the right.

Area with rolling boulders - Do not enter the next cave!! When you reach the entrance, two snowballs will roll down. Enter cautiously and the next one will roll. Now turn left and notice the opening at the end of the cave. Start running\ jumping towards the opening and do not stop at all, because the remaining snowballs are rolling behind you. There is a low ledge in front of the opening, so do not hesitate to jump on it.

Follow the passage to reach a deep pit. Slide down backwards and press Action to grab the edge. Shimmy to the left, pull up and back-flip to the ledge behind. Turn around, vault on the next ledge and take a running jump to grab the icy ladder. Climb to the top and into the opening. Walk to the next slope, slide down backwards, grab the edge and release to drop to the ground and in front of a giant gong. You will lose about 50% with this drop, so make sure you have enough health before making this move.

3rd Secret – Before using the Gong, turn around and go down the steps. Hang from the edge and release, pressing Action to grab the lower ledges until you reach the ground. Turn around and head to the far left corner where the ladder is. Jump to grab it and climb to the bottom. Drop to the left (there are spikes and nothing interesting on the right) and use the switch to open the door of a building above. Climb up the blocks, grab the ladder, climb almost to the top and back-flip. The building is on the right of the structure (as you face it), so enter and pick up the Jade Dragon from the block (plus four pairs of Grenades as a reward for finding all the Secrets).

Exit the building and go to the left around the structure. As you face it, use the icy blocks on the left to climb to the top. Use the Gong Hammer to strike the gong. This breaks the two ice walls to the sides of the structure, so make your way down and go through one of them. Pick up the Talion and be prepared for the big battle.

A huge yeti breaks the big icy wall of the area and comes out as soon as you drop to the ground. You can easily kill it if you find a safe spot and here is one: Exit the room you got the Talion through the right hand opening (if you face the opening in the wall) and go to the left. The last icy ledge is a safe spot. Drop down to alert the yeti and jump backwards and onto the ledge. Start shooting at the yeti which will go to the other side of the arena after some shots. There is a Large Medi Pack and two sets of Uzi Clips in the cave the yeti came from. If you are interested in all pick-ups, enter the cave when the yeti leaves. Then run\ jump onto the safe ledge and shoot again. When it leaves, drop down to lure it back and climb on the safe block. Follow the above procedure until it falls down. When you succeed, the level ends.

The FMV shows Lara exiting the caves. She steals a jeep from a guard that is patrolling outside and leaves. Another jeep with two guards follows Lara, but she manages to take care of them and escape. Later a track with a man inside chases her, but Lara escapes again by jumping over a pit. She reaches the Temple of Xian and uses the Talion to unlock the door.


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