Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 18: Home Sweet Home

The cut scene shows Lara admiring her new prize. She suddenly hears cars coming and dogs barking. The camera then shows many thugs getting out from two vans and apparently bust into, as the alarms start ringing.

Lara's bedroom - Your inventory is empty and you are holding only the Dagger and the Gun Cupboard Key. The thugs have already entered the Mansion, so you need to be quick. Run around the bed and use the Key to unlock the door. Enter the Gun Cupboard and jump\ climb on the shelf. Pick up the Shotgun and eight set of Shells from the left corner, enter your inventory and select the Shotgun (ignore the rest of the pick-ups for now).

Turn to face the door, without dropping down, and wait. The first guy will appear, but he is carrying a club, so wait for him to enter and shoot him twice. A second guy appears after a few seconds, so let him enter and shoot him twice. A dog appears after or before the second guy, so let it approach a bit and kill it with one shot. After a few seconds, a thug appears, but he does not approach. So kill him with three shots whilst he is running outside. (Note: The above order of appearance may vary, but the total number of goons that appear in the first round is three along with the dog.)

Now pick up the rest of the goodies: one Small and two Large Medi Packs, two sets of Flares and twenty eight sets of Shotgun Shells. Exit the Cupboard with the Shotgun drawn. A thug enters from the balcony on the right. Once you kill him, pick up his Shotgun Shells. There is one more thug lurking in the house and depending on the time you have spent in the bedroom, you may encounter him here or after exiting. Take him down anyway.

Go down the stairs of the house. When you exit, three thugs and a bad guy along with two dogs appear. You can jump back into the house and kill them from a relative safe spot. Do not run up the stairs because the thugs will take a lot of your health. One of them drops a Small Medi Pack. Exit and go to the left. Kill the dog that attacks whilst backing up. Keep having your weapon drawn, because one thug and a bad guy will attack. The final enemy attacks from the right of the house and he is holding two big guns. Shoot him whilst jumping backwards to take him down. Or, as soon as you trigger him, roll and run inside the house. Run/ jump up the stairs and wait for him to enter the front door. Start shooting as soon as he enters, and he will be history before he can reach you. Once you kill him, the game ends.

The cut scene shows Lara being ready to take a bath after her adventure. When she is ready to take off her clothes, she turns towards the camera, makes a comment and shuts it down.

[Note – When you finish the game, you can start a new one after the credits. You will have all the guns with unlimited ammo and unlimited Large and Small Medi Packs. Have fun ;-) ]


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We would like to thank Nicky for her help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without her participation.
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