Level 29: Menkaure's Pyramid - How to climb up the pyramid

Stand on the small sandy ledge at the bottom of the pyramid, having the pit to the back of you. You can walk on the pyramid just a bit to the left in order to reach the first ledge of the pyramid. From there face north and climb onto the next flat ledge (second ledge of the pyramid).

Turn 45 degrees to face northwest. You can see the giant wasp at the end of the next ledge. Kill it from here and take a standing jump to the ledge the wasp previously hovered above. This ledge is a long one, and it is the third from the bottom of the pyramid. Walk to the end (west).

From the bottom of this ledge, take a running jump to the west. You will land on a slope and slide down to the first ledge of the pyramid. Kill the giant wasp that emerges from the left (assuming you slid down backwards).

Continue to the end (west) and start climbing up the pyramid. Step onto the second ledge and climb up the next four to reach the sixth ledge of the pyramid. Turn right and walk to the end (east) of the sixth ledge. A giant wasp is waiting for you on the other side. You can kill it now or first take a running jump over the slope to land in front of the door and then kill it.

Secret (1-1\ total: 65-70) - Use The Guard's Key to unlock the door, but do not go through it yet. Stand having the door to the back of you and drop onto the fifth ledge on the left. Go to the end of the ledge (east) and take a running jump over the slope to land on the next flat ledge. Turn left and climb onto the sixth ledge, killing the giant wasp as you do so. Then climb onto the seventh ledge, and then the eighth.

Turn left and take a standing jump over the slope to land on the block to the right of the door. Pick up the Small Medipack and take a running jump to the opposite side. Pick up the Revolver (ammo if you already have it - this is actually the Secret) and hop backwards to avoid the swarm of beetles that drop from the above. Go through the door of the pyramid to end the level. The beetles will follow you, but only until the end of the level.

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