Level 29: Menkaure's Pyramid

* Plus 1 scorpion if you do not manage to get the Armory Key. Also, we do not count the soldier at the beginning of the level, because as it seems the scorpion is quicker than Lara. If, however, you manage to kill the soldier, you can add 1 more kill in your statistics.

[Note about the scorpions - In this level you will encounter giant red scorpions. They are poisonous, and if they bite you, you will need to take a Medipack to heal yourself. You can kill them with the various weapons you are carrying, but each weapon requires a specific number of ammo to be spent. Here are the ammo's you need for each weapon: 3 Normal Grenade ammo's, 1 Super Grenade ammo, 3 Explosive Crossbow ammo's, 6 or 7 (depending on the distance) Shotgun Normal or Wideshot ammo's, 5 Revolver ammo's, and almost 90 Uzi ammo's. Depending on the amount of ammo you have for each weapon, choose the appropriate weapon each time. It is not recommended to use the Pistols!]

Continue ahead and pick up the two Uzi ammo's from the north and southwest corners of the cave. Climb onto the blocks on the far left (southeast), and open the trapdoor on the ceiling. To do that, stand underneath the handle facing north and jump up, pressing Action to grab it. Climb up to the desert above.

The desert - When you step outside, a giant scorpion emerges from the west (oh my!). Kill it and head towards the direction it came from. Halfway down on the left (south) there is a soldier busy trying to kill another giant scorpion. The soldier is friendly, but if you kill him or let the scorpion to do the hard work for you, you will get the Revolver ammo the soldier drops. Also, because the soldier cannot survive the fight with the scorpion, make sure you kill it (both scorpions can be killed if you jump over the deep pit close to the intersection). From the intersection, go to the west and pick up the Large Medipack from the back right corner of the small area.

Return to the intersection and approach the deep pit in the north. You can jump either to the left or right side of the pit because they both lead to the same place, but the left one seems easier. So, take a running jump over the pit and draw your weapons. As soon as you turn the next corner, a giant scorpion appears. You can kill it face to face or quickly return back the way you came, jump over the pit, and safely attempt to kill your foe from distance.

Approach the next pit. Stand on the right hand side and take a running jump to grab the extended block on the opposite side. Pull up. Or, stand on the left triangular ledge and take a diagonal running jump to land on the extended block. Kill the giant scorpion that emerges from the left and the giant wasp from the right. Or, take a diagonal running jump back to the ledge you came from and kill them from there. Usually the giant scorpion kills the giant wasp when you do that!! Head to the east to reach another deep pit. You need to reach the opposite side and here are two possible ways:

Tricky jump - Stand on the extended flat ledge at the edge of the pit and turn to face south. Take a running jump to grab the back of the angled block and pull up (the angled block is shown here). You will start sliding, so jump to the ledge ahead. Turn left and you will see a giant wasp beyond. Kill it from here and jump to the ground.

Shimmy across the rocks - Stand on the sandy ledge at the bottom of the pyramid (opposite the pit). Face the rocks in the east, but turn slightly right to face southeast. Stand on the corner of the ledge, tap back once, and take a running jump to grab the edge of the rocks (the yellow X in this screenshot shows the spot). Shimmy to the right around the corner and drop to the ground. With the second of these methods, you do not trigger the giant wasp.

(Important note - Save your game before opening the door. If you are interested in all Secrets, you may not complete the next part successfully. Also, you may activate a bug where after the cut scene that follows, Lara will not be able to move her arms. This means that you will not be able to draw your weapons or climb. What causes the bug seems to be the Shotgun you use in order to kill the scorpion inside the small building.)

Building with scorpion and soldier - Kick the door open and enter the building. Inside you will see a giant scorpion trying to kill a soldier. You need to kill the scorpion, but if you are interested in all the Secrets, you must kill it BEFORE it can kill the soldier. You do not have much time, so you need to use a powerful weapon. If you decide to use the Uzi's, you need to be careful not to target the soldier instead of the scorpion. If you decide to use the Revolver, you can combine it with the LaserSight, and as soon as you enter the building, aim for the scorpion and kill it. To make sure you kill the scorpion and not the soldier, move the scope towards the tail of the scorpion and then shoot. If you are having troubles and you keep aiming at the soldier, use Manual targeting.

If you make it on time, a cut scene will show the scorpion throwing the guard away, and Lara finishing the scorpion with her Pistols (which is slightly bizarre if you previously were using another weapon). She then approaches the wounded soldier and he tells her: "Allah be praised. For a moment, I thought I was dead for sure. Please, for your own safety, take these keys and hide in the pyramid of Menkaure. Save yourself from these abominations."

In your inventory you should now have The Guard's Key and the Armory Key the latter of which you will use to access a Secret in one of the levels that soon follows. If you did not manage to kill the scorpion before it kills the soldier, you need to pick up The Guard's Key from the floor, but you will not have the Armory Key in your inventory.

Get the pickups from around the room; a Small Medipack and Shotgun Normal ammo from the West side, and a second Small Medipack and Shotgun Wideshot ammo from the East side. Then exit the room. If you killed the soldier before, you will encounter a giant scorpion outside. Go to the left towards the deep pit. Approaching the pit, locate the rocks on the right (north). Jump up to grab the edge and shimmy to the left around the corner. Shimmy to the end, and when Lara is not able to shimmy any further, release and drop to the ground.

Climbing up the pyramid - (The following sequence is shown in these screenshots). Stand on the small sandy ledge at the bottom of the pyramid, having the pit to the back of you. You can walk on the pyramid just a bit to the left in order to reach the first ledge of the pyramid. From there face north and climb onto the next flat ledge (second ledge of the pyramid).

Turn 45 degrees to face northwest. You can see the giant wasp at the end of the next ledge. Kill it from here and take a standing jump to the ledge the wasp previously hovered above. This ledge is a long one, and it is the third from the bottom of the pyramid. Walk to the end (west).

From the bottom of this ledge, take a running jump to the west. You will land on a slope and slide down to the first ledge of the pyramid. Kill the giant wasp that emerges from the left (assuming you slid down backwards).

Continue to the end (west) and start climbing up the pyramid. Step onto the second ledge and climb up the next four to reach the sixth ledge of the pyramid. Turn right and walk to the end (east) of the sixth ledge. A giant wasp is waiting for you on the other side. You can kill it now or first take a running jump over the slope to land in front of the door and then kill it.

Secret (1-1\ total: 65-70) - Use The Guard's Key to unlock the door, but do not go through it yet. Stand having the door to the back of you and drop onto the fifth ledge on the left. Go to the end of the ledge (east) and take a running jump over the slope to land on the next flat ledge. Turn left and climb onto the sixth ledge, killing the giant wasp as you do so. Then climb onto the seventh ledge, and then the eighth. Turn left and take a standing jump over the slope to land on the block to the right of the door. Pick up the Small Medipack and take a running jump to the opposite side. Pick up the Revolver (ammo if you already have it - this is actually the Secret) and hop backwards to avoid the swarm of beetles that drop from the above. Go through the door of the pyramid to end the level. The beetles will follow you, but only until the end of the level.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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