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Level 9: Sacred Lake

This level is linked with the previous two (Temple Of Karnak and The Great Hypostyle Hall). You need to visit each level twice in order to proceed with the game.

First Time

Pool around the Temple - After sliding down, climb up over the ledge ahead and go to the left to reach the outside area. Draw your weapons, as a crocodile is waddling over towards you from the left hand side. Notice the Small Medipack on the rock ahead. If you stand on the latter the crocodile may not be able to reach you. Kill it from there and pick up the goody. In the dark alcove to the right there are nothing but two bats. No need to go there unless you want all the kills.

Head to the left until you reach the slanted edge of the pool. You may notice a crawlspace on your way. You will come back here later. There are three crocodiles lurking somewhere in the moat. One or two of them may are visible to you now. If you approach the edge of the pool you will quickly induce them into pursuing you. You may need to step off the edge that is covered with water to do so. Kill them from the safe ledge, and if a crocodile attempts to climb out of the water using the sloped ledge, jump backwards and use a high block where it cannot reach you.

Cave and pool with two poles - Jump into the water using the sloped ledge and then swim forwards around the corner to the right until you reach a closed gate. Use the sandy slope opposite the gate to climb out. Go to the right (North) and follow the ledge as it goes until you reach the entrance of a cave. Enter the cave and walk forwards, passing two holes on either side (be careful not to fall down). Just before you reach the hole on the far side, kill the bat that comes at you from the left. If you walk on the right hand side of the cave, you will trigger a second bat.

Drop through the hole and turn around. Drop down past the two ledges until you reach the slope. Slide down and do not press anything - Lara will land on a ledge with a pole. Alternatively, you can jump whilst sliding and grab the pole, but make sure you line Lara up correctly to the pole before sliding. Climb up the pole having the slope on your right. When you see the next ledge with the pole, stop climbing when Lara's legs are lined up with the second ledge. Turn around and perform a back flip. Climb up the second pole, again having the slope on your right. When you see Lara's legs lined up with the next ledge, turn around and back flip once more.

Turn around and crawl through the opening. Drop down on the other side and follow the hallway. Pull the chain to open the gate back in the moat area, releasing two more crocodiles. If you take a look through the bars, you will see that you are currently at the bottom of that pool! Return to the crawlspace and then the room with the poles. There is no need to use the first pole. Just hang from the edge and drop down. Jump to grab the second pole and slide down.

Drop through the hole on the left and get the Small Medipack at the bottom of the pool. Swim to the other side and get the Flares on the left of the opening. Surface and dive again, following the opening as it first goes to the right and then upwards. The crocodiles you released by pulling the chain are waiting for you. Their position varies depending on the time you spent lounging around after pulling the chain. Usually one of them is waiting outside the tunnel (in the pool) and the other is outside the pool somewhere. In any case, when you exit the tunnel, swim to the right and climb out of the water using the sloped ledge. You can kill the crocodiles from there. Jump in the water and make your way out of the pool to the ledge opposite the gate.

Behind the gate/ Inside the Temple - Swim through the gate you just opened and climb out using one of the ledges on the right. Get the Small Medipack and Shotgun Normal Ammo, drop into the pool again, and climb out at the other side. Pick up the Shotgun Normal aAmo and drop into the pool again. Just opposite the gate is an underwater switch beneath the column (as shown in this screenshot). Stand in front of it and press Action to use it. This opens the trapdoor at the bottom of the pool.

Facing the entrance, swim down and through the tunnel to reach a closed door. To open it, stand in front of it and press Action. Before continuing, return to the surface and get some air. You may want to save your game before attempting to swim down through the tunnel once more.

Again, swim down and through the door you just opened. Follow the tunnel as it goes. It makes some turns and at some points the angled ledges make the swimming more difficult. At the first T-junction, the available right hand way is a dead end. So, go to the left. Before turning right, look out for the opening above (exactly in the corner). Keep swimming to the right and surface to get some air. Get the Large Medipack at the bottom of the pool and save your game.

Mirror room - Dive back down and go through the tunnel where you first entered this room. Do not turn left. Instead, swim upwards until you reach a room with a mirror. Approach the mirror and take a look on the ceiling through it. There is an opening in the ceiling on the left and to the back of you, as you see through the mirror (see this screenshot). Swim through the opening and climb out of the water. To save time, swim parallel to the border of the left wall (do not stick to it, just keep close to it) with Lara's head brushing against the ceiling. When she reaches the opening, her head will pop out of the water. Follow the hallway and climb up onto the next ledge. Get the Canopic Jar 2 from the pedestal and the two sets of Uzi Ammo - one on each side of the entrance.

On acquiring the Canopic Jar, a cut scene will show the gate at the bottom of the ramp opening up out in the main pool area.

Drop into the water again and make your way back to the main pool. You may want to surface in the small room you got the Medipack in before, just to replenish your breath bar. Once in the main pool, follow the opening next to the trapdoor. The current will push you back into the Temple Of Karnak section.

Pick up the walkthrough for the Temple Of Karnak (Second Time).


Second Time
After completing the The Great Hypostyle Hall (Second Time)

  • Secrets: 1
  • Kills: 9
  • Pick-ups: 18

Follow the dark hallway to reach the outside area.

[Note - You will have already visited this part of the level, but back then you will not have had one of the two pickups required. In order to complete this part you need the Sun Goddess (Temple Of Karnak level) and the Sun Disk (The Great Hypostyle Hall level). If you came to this point via the opening in the floor, it means you are at the beginning of the level (first time through) and need to go back. Check the walkthrough above (First Time).]

Kill the three black scorpions that are lurking around the pool. You can kill them safely from the central platform. If you have not been to this area before, drop through the hole in the back right corner (Northeast) of the area. Crawl through the opening and climb out. Kill the black scorpion that scuttles out towards you, pick up the Flares and return back outside.

Drop into the pool and swim to the back part of the area (West). Swim through the small opening and get the Small Medipack and the Shotgun Normal Ammo from the other side (East) of the pool. Surface and climb up onto the central platform. If you have not already done so, combine the Sun Goddess with the Sun Disk to get the Sun Talisman. Stand in front of the small pyramid facing west and place the Talisman on it.

The cut scene shows the Talisman magically rise up into the air, opening the other three doors as it does so (the fourth is from where you came).

Follow the right opening (North) to get a Small Medipack from the crawlspace. Go through the left one (South) and take a diagonal running jump to the square ledge on your left. Pick up the Flares, jump to grab the pole and slide down. Jump into the water and get the Uzi Ammo. Swim through the opening to the west and get the Shotgun Normal Ammo. Now swim through the opening on the other side (east) to get the Shotgun Wideshot Ammo and the Small Medipack.

Secret (1-1\ total: 30-70) - Open the door close to where you got the Medipack. Follow the tunnel and climb out. Get the Crossbow Explosive Ammo, the Large Medipack, and the Shotgun Wideshot Ammo from the pedestals.

Jump into the water again and make your way back to the pole. Climb up it and back-flip onto the small ledge. Take a diagonal standing\ running jump to the doorway and go back outside.

Room with huge columns - Follow the middle door (West) to reach a room with huge columns. Climb onto the opening on the left-hand side and pick up the Small Medipack, the Uzi Ammo, and the Shotgun Normal Ammo. Drop down and climb onto the block in the middle of the room (the lower ones will help you - see this screenshot to get oriented). Jump up to grab the bars and traverse towards the opening on the other side. Halfway across two bats will attack. Drop down and kill them. While battling them on the floor a third bat may also attack you. When they are all dead, climb onto the central block again and traverse across. Stand against the opening, release Action, and press it again almost immediately to grab the edge. Pull up and crawl through. (If you want you can kill the bats after reaching the opening. This seems to take more of your health away, though.)

Go up the ramp. The crawlspace on the left contains Uzi Ammo. Get it and go through the crawlspace on the right. Climb onto the ledge above and take a running jump to clear the gap and grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and drop onto the walkway below. You need to grab the angled ledge on the left. To so do, proceed straight a bit (north) and turn left towards the ledge that extends out from the walkway. Stand at the edge and take a running jump to grab the edge of the angled ledge (as shown here). Then pull up.

Two more bats attack you now. Kill them and drop to the ledge below. Go to the right hand side, hang from the edge, then drop onto a block in the room below. Get the Flares and the Uzi (Ammo if you already have it) from the pedestals in the north room and go through the exit. Cross the sand and approach the doors to end the level.

The FMV shows Lara opening the door of the pyramid courtesy of using the Amulet of Horus. She enters the pyramid and sees two glowing eyes in the darkness. She is ready to draw her weapons, but the eyes turn away (perhaps they are not interested in her, yet). Lara hears a voice outside. It's Werner - "Miss Croft". Lara does not seem surprised, though. Werner obviously came for the Amulet, but Lara will not let him get it easily. She draws her weapons and starts shooting at him. Werner covers himself and grabs the Amulet from the receptacle. The door begins to close and Lara runs towards the exit. She does not make it in time, and now she is trapped inside the pyramid. Werner puts the Amulet into his pocket and we see the creature whose eyes blinked at Lara before.


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