Level 12: Desert Railroad

The cut scene shows an outside view of the train that Lara is in. It is soon heading off to Alexandria where Von Croy is.

(Bug note- Sometimes, on starting the level, Lara might not be able to move one of her arms. To restore this function, draw a flare or look through your Binoculars. This should bring everything back to normal.)

You are in the second car of the train to begin with. The first one is supposed to be the central engine. We will count it as first one though, as it is the first you are in. Pull the lever to open the door of the car (the second lever on the right is missing the handle. Ignore it for now). Go to the edge of the door and take a diagonal standing jump to the right to land on the next car.

Open the door to enter the second car. You temporarily lose control of the Look button here, but there is nothing to be afraid off. Go to the right and open the first door on the left of the hallway. Shoot the crate and pick up the Small Medipack. Exit, open the second door, shoot the crate, and get the Shotgun Normal ammo. When you approach the third door, a ninja in a red and black uniform attacks from the end of the hallway. Take care of him and exit the car from the other side (the third cabin does not include anything).

Jump to the third car that is covered by a maroon coloured canvas. A ninja jumps from a jeep onto the fourth car around about now, and when you step onto the canvas, a cut scene will show a second ninja jumping onto the fourth car from another jeep. Depending on the time it took you to jump to the third car, the first ninja may have already reached you.

After the cut scene, run and jump to the fourth flat car, keep running, and jump to grab either of the two ladders on the fifth car. Pull up and kill the ninjas from there. If you are lucky, it is possible that one of the ninjas will try to follow you and accidentally drop down beneath the carriages, thus killing himself and taking him out of the game (if you do not mind backtracking, you can always go back to the second car, as they will not attempt to jump up there at all).

In any case, climb up either of the fifth car's ladders and pull up. As soon as you reach the other side, the camera pans back showing a ninja coming through the trapdoor. You still have control of Lara, but do not bother killing the new ninja as he is heading to the other side, and a second ninja is coming through the trapdoor of the sixth car. The latter will start shooting at you with Uzi's. Immediately jump back to the fourth car and kill them from there. The ninja with the Uzi's may accidentally drop down and kill himself whilst trying to jump onto the fifth car. If he does not, kill him whilst being as far away as you can from the fifth car.

Drop through the trapdoor of the fifth car. Crouch to shoot the crate and get the Shotgun Normal ammo. Get some more from the northwest corner and go to the other side behind the crates. Kill the ninja that is lurking there. Climb out of the car through the trapdoor and jump to the sixth car. Or, you can walk to the edge of the opening, grab the ladder, and climb up. Do not drop through the trapdoor yet. You will return here later. For now, jump to the seventh car, which is another one with a canvas. You cannot climb the canvas this time, so hang from either of the two sides of the car and shimmy all the way to the end. Pull up.

The cut scene shows Von Croy's helicopter passing over the train.

1st Secret (1-3\ total: 41-70) - Climb up the ladder on the left hand side of the last (eighth) car and go to the end. A ninja climbs into view from the left side; kill him. If you do not want to lose health, jump back to the seventh car and kill the ninja from the top of the canvas. Hang from the edge where the ninja came. A door opens as you do, so shimmy left or right to hang above the opening. Then release Action and press it again quickly to grab the crate below. Pull up and drop into the car. Pick up the Large Medipack, the Crossbow Normal ammo and the Revolver ammo. Hang from the crate again, shimmy to the right and climb up the ladder.

Now hang from the right (North) side of the car. Shimmy to the left or right until you see an opening below you. Release Action and press it again quickly to grab the edge of the crate. Drop into the car (the door closes when you do so) and pick up the two Shotgun Normal ammo's, the Shotgun (ammo if you already have it), and the Crowbar. Use the Crowbar as a handle to activate the lever that opens the door. Turn around and draw your weapons, as a ninja is suddenly coming at you now from behind the crates (nobody knows where he came from, though). Kill him and jump back to the seventh car with the canvas.

Making your way back - Now you need to make your way back to the first car (the one you started the level in). Climb onto the canvas and go to the other side. You can see a ninja making rounds at the top of the next car. He is quite far away, and you may not able to kill him from here. Lara will not target him immediately, but you can still kill him from this place. Slide down the canvas and the door of the car ahead will open. A ninja appears from the left - kill him from here. Jump into the car pressing Action to avoid hitting at the upper part of the doorway.

2nd Secret (2-3\ total: 42-70) - Go to the back and use the Crowbar to pry open the front side of the crate. You just found a Secret room. Shoot the crates and collect the Grenade Gun and two Flash ammo's for it.

If you did not kill the ninja before (the one who was patrolling at the top of the car), make sure you do it quickly because if he notices you now, he will start shooting at you with his Uzi's. Unbeknown to you initially, two more ninjas are climbing onto the back side of the car. You may see only one however. Usually the second one does not make it and falls down. Take care of them and jump to the next car. Do not drop through the trapdoor. Continue onwards and jump onto the flat car.

A cut scene shows a ninja jumping from a jeep onto the car.

After the cut scene you can see two ninjas running towards you. Immediately roll and jump to grab either of the two ladders on the previous car. Climb up and kill them from there. Continue ahead to the car with the canvas. When you reach the other side, a ninja appears from inside the next car. Take care of him, go through the car, and take a diagonal standing jump to the right, pressing Action at the same time to avoid hitting the upper part of the doorway. You are back in the car where you started the level.

3rd Secret (3-3\ total: 43-70) - Use the Crowbar to pry open the front side of the crate that is exactly opposite the doorway. Pick up the Small Medipack.

Now use the Crowbar as a handle to activate the lever and separate the car from the rest of the train. This motion will also open the door in front. Approach either of the two openings to end the level.

A cut scene shows the car that Lara is in (along with the engine of course) going to Alexandria.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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