Level 13: Alexandria

The cut scene shows both the train you just left and Lara is standing in a yard.

(Bug note - If, by the end of the previous level, Lara went out through the exit holding a flare, she may strangely have her arms bent at the beginning of this one, as if she is still holding it. You can draw and shoot with any available weapon to try and remedy this, but once you holster it, her arm will bend again. To cure this bug, draw an actual flare and throw it to the ground. Or, draw a flare and then press the "Draw Weapons" key. Lara will draw her pistols and once you put them away, everything will be okay.)

Follow the road to the dark corner and kill the two black scorpions. Pick up the Small Medipack and go up the stairs. When you enter the next open area with the fountain, you can see a ninja running to the right. Follow him into the alley and then to the first opening on the left that leads to a warehouse with many crates. Kill him now, or he will come after you later and prove to be a pain. Take care of the other two more ninjas in the warehouse whilst you are at it. Return back to the area with the fountain.

Open the purple door on the south side of the area to enter a small library. Kill the ninja that appears from the left and focus on the closed door. You will shortly come back here for a Secret. For now, exit and follow the alley in the northeast corner. You will see the Motorcycle in the enclosure, but you cannot get it now. Pick up the Shotgun Normal ammo in front of the fencing and go back to the fountain area. Open the purple door on the east side and go up the stairs.

The FMV shows Lara entering Jean Yves's study. Jean seems surprised that Lara is alive. Lara tells him that Von Croy has the Amulet, but Jean tells her that he does not have the Armor, so there is still time to prepare for Set. The Armor apparently was taken to Cleopatra's lost Palaces because of its significance. Lara can access the Palaces through the Great Library, but she needs to get there via the Catacombs beneath Alexandria. There is a problem: Von Croy. His digs pass through Jean's tunnels and Jean's men do not like to work when Von Croy's thugs are around. Jean wishes luck to Lara and tells her that she can return if she needs help.

(Bug note - If you enter the study holding the Shotgun, Lara will still be holding the Shotgun after the FMV, but with one hand. Through our last playing, this bug occured by also holding any weapon. If you press the Draw weapons key, everything will come back to normal.)

Get the LaserSight, the Crossbow Normal ammo, and the Shotgun Normal ammo from the drawers opposite Jean's desk. Pick up some more Shotgun Normal ammo from the floor between the bookshelves on the northeast corner and exit to the balcony. Go to the left and kill the two ninjas that shoot at you from the opposite ledge. Take a running jump to the ledge they were standing on and pick up the Uzi ammo one of the ninjas dropped.

Secret (1-1\ total: 44-70) - Go to the right hand side of the ledge and take a running jump to grab the edge of the roof on the West Side. Shimmy to the right around the corner and hang above the switch (as shown in this screenshot). Do not worry if you cannot hang exactly above. Release Action and press it again to grab the lever. This opens the door in the small library ahead. Enter and pick up the Large Medipack and the two Crossbow Normal ammo's from the alcove.

Exit and follow the alleyway on the left-hand side of the small library, passing the opening that leads to the warehouse with the crates. If you enter the warehouse you will meet another ninja there. He will clamber down from the crates at the back of the room looking for trouble. He drops nothing, though, so unless you want all kills, do not bother going in. Kill the ninja that appears around the last bend and pick up the Small Medipack he drops. If you have entered the warehouse previously, a second ninja will attack from behind at the same time. He drops nothing. Follow the passageway to end the level. If you want all the kills, back track to the area with the fountain and kill two more scorpions. Those two are triggered by stepping on the penult square of the passage.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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