Level 22: Chambers of Tulun

First Time
You first enter this level from The City Of The Dead one.

Drive down to the left and run over the soldier behind the corner on the right. There is another soldier on a balcony ahead, so keep driving and be careful of the deep pit around the corner on the left. Dismount and kill that second soldier from here using the Crossbow or the Revolver combined with the LaserSight.

Inside the Chambers - Backtrack to where you killed the first soldier and enter the Chambers on the right (north). Continue ahead to the main room with the mosaic floor and get the Grenade Launcher (ammo if you already have it) from the first ledge on the left and the Small Medipack from the second ledge on the right.

1st Secret (1-2\ total: 56-70) - Return to the entrance and climb onto either of the two blocks alongside it. Turn and take a running jump to grab the ledge above the arch that leads to the main room - pull up. Walk to the left edge and take a running jump to grab the crevice. Shimmy to the right until you can pull up. Jump to grab the ladder on your right and climb around the two corners to the other side (if Lara will not climb around the corner at first, let her pull her legs up and try again). Drop onto the ledge, turn around, and follow the hallway to the end. Climb onto the next ledge and continue on to the upper part of the Chambers.

Top of the Chambers - The lever on the left-hand side closes the front and back doors of the building for two minutes. You do not need to pull it now and you may not need to use it at all. Stand close to the doorway from where you came and turn to face south. Take a running jump to grab the extended ledge on the right and pull up. Then turn left.

The Secret is in the wide opening to the east. Take a running jump to grab the rope. This triggers the appearance of a giant wasp in the southeast corner below. Swing towards the opening and jump to the ledge. When you first grab the rope, you can swing and jump back to the ledge you just came from to kill the wasp from there. This will save you the potential trouble caused as the result of a much closer encounter with him in the secret area. Kill another giant wasp on the left and pick up the Large Medipack and the Shotgun Wideshot ammo.

Walk to the edge. The next wide opening on the left side (south) includes two pickups - a Large Medipack in a corner and Revolver ammo that a soldier drops after you kill him. There are two ways to reach this opening:

The long route - You need to drop down onto the purple ledge on the left below (from where you came) and take the long route back up using the rope again. Once you grab the rope, you need to jump to the opening on the south side.

The short route - You can jump directly to this ledge, but you will need to line Lara up precisely with the corner that the ledge and the slope on the left together create. Walk to the left corner of the ledge you are standing on and turn left to line yourself up with the corner mentioned above. Tap back once and take a running jump to land only on the corner. Make sure you do not press Action or turn whilst in midair, and keep pressing the up direction key when doing the jump.

When you reach the ledge, make your kill and pick up the goodies. Drop through the opening and slide down to the ground in front of the entrance. Get the motorbike and jump over the deep pit, jumping from the left-hand side. Do not be nervous of the camera that changes whilst you jump. If you get a good run up you will be able to jump over it quite easily. Dismount close to the broken stairs just after the deep pit and draw your weapons. As soon as you turn left around the corner, a giant wasp emerges; take care of it.

Orientation - The broken stairs will be useful later, so do not bother jumping from there using the motorbike. (Perhaps unbeknown to you, there is currently a vital component missing from your motorbike.) The opening just before the corner leads to three doors. You are only able to open one of them at the present time, but there is nothing interesting in there (you will return later). The wide opening with the ramp at the end of the street leads to another Cairo level, but you do not need to go there yet.

2nd Secret (2-2\ total: 57-70) - Step on the ledge that is in front of the back door to the Chambers and turn to face north. Jump up to grab the ledge and pull up. You may need to shimmy to the right a bit. Go through the opening, then through the crawlspace. Crawl to the end and drop down. Pick up the Flares, the Large Medipack, the Revolver ammo, and the Crossbow Explosive ammo. Return back the way you came.

First meeting with the Minotaur - Cross the street to the west, beyond the back door of the Chambers. When you turn the corner around to the left, a Minotaur emerges from the far side (oops!). He is holding a large sledgehammer, and every time he whacks the ground with it, a white energy wave will takes a certain amount of your health if you standing too close to where the sledgehammer hit the ground. The deal here is to turn the wheel on the right hand side in order to open a timed door in front of it. Yes, the door is close to the wheel, but you are not meant to able to climb up the ladder behind the door. You are supposed to fall down every time the Minotaur hits the ground with his hammer and makes the surrounding area vibrate. Courtesy of small bug in the game however, it is in fact possible to climb up this ladder no matter what the Minotaur gets up to with his hammer.

Get past the Minotaur - Run in front of the wheel and begin to turn it. Three times are enough to make the door half open/ half shut. Then jump over the wheel to land in front of the door. Turn right and climb onto the ledge. The hallway on the left leads back to the Minotaur (you do not want that!). Stand against the ladder and side step to the right so you are soon almost touching the wall there. Press Action and the up direction key to grab the ladder. Lara should now hang from the ladder using only her arms. Her legs should be free. Keep pressing the up direction key until you reach the top.

If you do not feel comfortable taking advantage of the environment like this however, or you just want the full Chamber of Tulun experience, you will first need to make the Minotaur follow you inside the Chambers. Then you need to trap him inside there by pulling the lever at the top that closes the front and back doors. After this, you need to use the rope to jump to the wide opening in the south before dropping to the ground outside via the slide. Now make your way back to the wheel and the ladder it opens. With the Minotaur trapped inside the Chambers, you can now use the ladder without being knocked down by the vibrations. The only trouble is you will have to do all of these things in just two minutes, because both doors to the chambers open up again after this amount of time.

If you still want to go ahead and bypass that ladder the hard way, make you place the motorcycle in front of the slide you have to go down in order to leave the Chambers on the south side. This is because you will need the motorcycle to jump over the deep pit. Another thing to remember is that when you enter the Chambers, the Minotaur follows you inside and does not exit. So, take your time in climbing to the top in order to pull the lever. Even if you drop some seconds during the entire process, and the Minotaur reaches you whilst you are about to turn the wheel, ignore him and turn the wheel anyway. He will stand nearby banging the hammer on the ground, the only significant result of which will be the need for yourself to use a health pack. Run straight to the slowly descending door and hang from the ladder as described in the above paragraph. The Minotaur will not bang his hammer down if Lara climbs the ladder using only her hands, and so she will be able to make it safely through to the next level.

Follow the hallway to enter the Citadel Gate.

Pick up the walkthrough for the Citadel Gate (First time).


Second Time

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 0*
  • Pick-ups: 0

* Or 1 if you manage to kill the Minotaur.


You return to this level after the Citadel Gate. You must bring with you the Nitrous Oxide Cannister. If you do not have it then do not come back here yet.

Follow the tunnel to the end and climb down the ladder. Go down the passage on the left, climb onto the ledge, and slide down to where the Minotaur is. Sprint to the left in order to avoid his white energy waves, and turn right around the corner to reach the back doors of the Chambers. Get the motorbike and go through the wide opening opposite. If you have not parked the motorbike up beyond the deep pit, cross the Chambers and get out from the other side. Jump over the deep pit with the motorbike and drive up the ramp opposite the back doors of the Chambers to enter the Trenches (First Time).

[Note - Now you have the perfect chance to kill the Minotaur (yes, kill him!), even though it is not compulsory. However, for some strange reason he is now vulnerable, and you can perform an easy trick to get rid of him. How to do it: let him chase you around the corner to where the exit of the Chambers is. He will not follow you down the step, but if you are lucky, he will enter the Chambers and start going in and out of the exit. Now, get on your bike and position it so you can bang on the corner between the Chambers' exterior wall and the low step. Wait for the Minotaur to get close to the exit (either inside or outside works, so long as he is near the door) and run with the bike into the corner. The Minotaur will magically fall down dead and instantly disappear!]


Third Time

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 4
  • Pick-ups: 5

You return to this level from the Trenches in order to get the Roof Key. You must have attached the Nitrous Oxide Feeder to your motorbike by combining the Nitrous Oxide Canister you got from the Citadel Gate, and the Valve Pipe from the Trenches level. If you have not done this, check the corresponding walkthroughs for the pickup you missed.

When you enter the level from the Trenches, drive to the left and then turn right around the corner towards the deep pit. Do not jump over it. Instead, use the right hand part of the broken stairs to jump into the opening on the East Side. Take a good run up and press the Sprint button whilst driving forward to get an extra boost and successfully perform the long jump.

Once you land in the opening you can hear a door open. This door is below, in case you accidentally dropped onto the ground. Dismount, step onto the ledge, and draw your weapons. A soldier is waiting for you beyond the door. Kill him and slide down the ramp. You will open the door at the top of the ramp in a short while. Continue ahead (north) and kill the soldier in the next room. Pick up the Torch from the floor and return to the previous room.

Throw the Torch aside somewhere here in the wide room because there are other things you need to do without it first. Go down the ramp in the southwest corner. Draw your weapons and kill the soldier at the bottom of the ramp. As he does not move around, you can sprint to the end of the hallway where he does not shoot you and kill him from there. Go through the yellow-white door, the one that opened when you landed your motorbike after jumping from the broken stairs. Also, the ladder on your right leads you back to the broken stairs. Open the dark blue door on your left and be on the ready for the soldier that pops out from the left behind the now opened door. Take care of him, return to get your Torch, and come back here to light it from the burning torch on the wall.

Go up the ramps to return back to the wide room and go up the ramp next to the wall in the east. Stand underneath the sprinkler and press Action. Lara will place the burning Torch close to the sprinkler and it will start spraying water all over the place. You just opened three doors - one next to the room you lit the Torch in (but it does not include anything), a second at the top of the ramp you slid down before in order to first enter this room, and a third that is right next to you. Go through the door next to you and pull the lever to activate a pulley outside that dumps a box in the room you got the Torch from. Incidentally, the opened door that is opposite the lever is the door you opened at the top of the ramp.

Exit to the room with the sprinkler and follow the hallway in the north to get to the room you got the Torch from. Climb onto the stacked crates and take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge; pull up. Drop onto the ground at the other side and shoot the crates in the southeast corner to get a Small Medipack and Crossbow Normal ammo. Shoot the crate in the bottom left corner to reveal a closed gate and the crates in the far left corner to get the Shotgun Wideshot ammo. Combine the Crosbow or the Revolver with the LaserSight and shoot the padlock to open the door. You can use the Pistols and crouch whilst shooting to break the padlock. Get the Roof Key from the niche.

Exit and make your way back to the room with the sprinkler. Go up the ramp on the left and go through the next two doors to return outside. Get the motorbike and return to the street, using the slope from where you came.

If you want, you can get the 2nd Secret from the City Of The Dead level. You need to jump over the deep pit (use the left side of it) and follow the street driving up the ramp opposite the front door of the Chambers. For that, pick up the walkthrough for the City Of The Dead (Second Time). If you are not interested, follow the north side of the street and drive up the ramp opposite the back door of the Chambers. Pick up the walkthrough for the Trenches (Second Time).


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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