Level 24: Trenches

First Time
You first enter this level from the Chambers Of Tulun.

You may or may not have the Nitrous Oxide Canister by now depending on whether or not you visited the Citadel Gate level. If you are following this walkthrough paragraph for paragraph, you should have it in your inventory, as you would have been to the Citadel Gate once before.

Drive up the ramp and dismount. Pick up the Uzi ammo from the ledge ahead and make your way over to the East Side where the palm tree is (yes, leave the motorbike). Go through the opening behind the palm tree and follow the street downhill to the left. Turn right around the corner and draw your weapons before turning left. There is a soldier lurking behind the column on the right. Take care of him and keep progressing down the street.

Stop just prior to the T-junction and save your game. There is a sentry gun down the street on the right that starts shooting at you ceaselessly when you appear at the top of the T-junction. You had better destroy it from here instead of entering the area it is in and crawling behind the crates. You will lose a lot of health and it is not worth it.

Destroying the sentry gun - The key is not to trigger it at all, that is do not enter the T-junction. Facing the T, turn right and stick your back to the wall on the left. Equip the Revolver combined with the LaserSight and begin side stepping to the left until you can see the tank of the sentry gun. Now use the LaserSight and try to aim at the red part of the tank. It will be difficult to aim, but when the red point of the LaserSight is a bit to the left of the red part, shoot it, and the sentry gun will hopefully explode.

If you cannot do the above way, enter the area with the sentry gun and run and crouch behind the crates on the right hand side. Keep crouching and move to the end of the path on the left around the corner. Here you will see an opening. Use this to shoot the tank.

From the T-junction, turn left and take a standing jump over the slope. Pick up the Large Medipack and the Uzi ammo. Slide back down and go through the opening to enter the area where the sentry gun used to be. Climb onto the crates and then onto the upper ledge. Pick up the Grenadegun Super ammo and drop onto the ground. Climb into the opening above where the sentry gun was and drop through the hole.

Area behind the sentry gun - Follow the passage and turn right, but do not proceed around to the next right. There is a sentry gun with a built in flame-thrower. In the middle of the passage there is a crawlspace on the left. Crawl through it but be careful of the two pipes that release steam. As soon as the first steam recedes, crawl forwards. Do the same for the second one. When you pass the first steam, you will trigger a soldier in the next room. You can get out and kill him, or crawl backwards and use the Pistols, shooting his feet until he falls down.

Pick up the Small Medipack the soldier drops and shoot the crate to get the Shotgun Wideshot ammo. Go through the opening next to the crawlspace and climb onto the left ledge. Then turn around. Equip the Revolver combined with the LaserSight and shoot the tank of the sentry gun to blow it up from a safe distance. The soldier behind the sentry gun is still alive (after this explosion? Wow!!). Shoot him in the legs however and he will start moving. Immediately crouch to avoid his shots. Stand and shoot him again. Depending on the weapon you use and the time it takes you to kill him, he may start throwing grenades, which are harmless on the PC version. Once you are done, drop down and exit to the street through the crawlspace with the two steam pipes. You cannot exit from the crawlspace opposite where you were standing before, because there is a high ledge on the other side and Lara does not have enough room to fit her legs through there.

Follow the street where the sentry gun was. At the corner, crawl through the opening on the right, being careful of the two steam pipes as before. Pick up the Weapon Code Key from the dead soldier and crawl back out. Continue forwards until you reach a deep pit. You can see another sentry gun on the other side, but since you have got the Weapon Code Key, you do not need to worry. Grab the crevice on the left and shimmy to the right around the corner. Pause for a while until the steam from the pipe halfway down recedes, and then continue shimmying around the next corner. Drop to the ground and kill the soldier that comes from the right. Climb onto the ledge where the sentry gun is and pick up the Large Medipack from behind.

Area with the overturned jeep - Continue west where an overturned jeep is. When you approach the engine, a soldier comes from the alcove on the right. Immediately run away from the jeep to disable the camera so you will have a better view of the soldier. Otherwise you may shoot the sentry gun instead of him. Once you are done, use the Crowbar to get the Valve Pipe from the engine of the jeep. Enter the alcove and shoot the crate to get the Large Medipack (take a standing jump to clear the angled ledge).

You need to make your way back to where you left the motorbike. So, shimmy across the pit, pass the two crawlspaces, climb onto the ledge to return where the sentry gun exploded in the area with the crates, and follow the street to return to the beginning of the level (where the palm tree is).

If you have followed this walkthrough to the word, you should have the Nitrous Oxide Canister from the Citadel Gate level. If not, you need to return to the Chambers Of Tulun now and then go to Citadel Gate (refer to the walkthrough of Chambers Of Tulun to see how you can get there). If you have not done so, combine the Valve Pipe with the Nitrous Oxide Canister to get the Nitrous Oxide Feeder. Stand in front of the motorbike like you are about to use it and select the Feeder from your inventory; Lara will attach it to the bike. From now on, you can press the Sprint button whilst driving forwards to get an extra boost.

In order to proceed with this level, you need the Roof Key that you can get from the Chambers Of Tulun (using the broken stairs you ignored before). If you are not interested in backtracking, you can proceed without the key (continue below with the Second Time of this level). If you want to see everything, pickup the walkthrough of the Chambers Of Tulun (Third Time). Also, now that you have got the extra boost, you can get the Secret from the City Of The Dead level. For this, you need to follow the walkthrough for City of the Dead (Second Time). Otherwise continue below with the Second Time of this level.

If you decide to backtrack to the Chambers Of Tulun, get the motorbike and drive up the ramp on the south side of the palm tree area.


Second Time
You enter this level for the second time after backtracking to the Chambers Of Tulun in order to get the Roof Key. You may also have visited the City Of The Dead level to get the 2nd Secret.

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 4
  • Pick-ups: 3

Leave the motorbike and go up the stairs in the northeast next to the palm tree. There are ledges on each side of the stairs. Climb onto the left one and get a Large Medipack. You can hear a soldier patrolling. He is on the roof above where you got the Medipack. You can kill him now or leave him for later.

Exit to the stairs and climb onto the right hand ledge. Walk to the edge facing south and jump up, pressing Action as you do so to grab the handle and open the trapdoor. Grab the opening on the left and crawl through. Drop down to the other side and pick up the Crossbow Explosive ammo. Crawl through the next opening to find yourself above the palm tree. Press the Draw weapon key to kneel, equip your Pistols, and shoot the wooden box on the right that blocks up the crevice. Turn and hang from the edge. Shimmy to the left all the way around the two corners and drop onto the ledge.

If you have the Roof Key courtesy of a successful backtrack to the Chambers Of Tulun, grab the bars and traverse across. A swarm of locusts will attack, but keep traversing anyway. Dropping down is not worth it, as you will lose the same percentage of health, plus you will need to make your way back up here again. When you are at the opposite roof, kill the soldier and pick up the Small Medipack he drops. Use the Roof Key in the lock of the double doors in the back right corner and cross the short hallway (skip the next paragraph).

If you do not have the Roof Key and you are not interested in backtracking, or you are low in health and want to avoid the soldier, stand at the end of the ledge passing the bars above. Take a diagonal running jump to grab the red lighted ledge. Then pull up.

Take a running jump to grab the opening in the north. Shimmy to the left, passing underneath the balconies as you do so, and pull up at the end. Follow the short hallway and climb onto the block. If you did not kill the soldier before (the one that was patrolling on the roof), do it now via the small opening, because he will start shooting at you and then throwing grenades (harmless for the PC version, but extremely harmful on the PS version).

Now take a look-see through the small opening and locate the red light above a box at the far end. You need to shoot this red light. One Crossbow Normal ammo is enough. Combine the Crossbow with the LaserSight and shoot it. You will know when you have hit it because the box will start smoking. What you just did was open a door elsewhere, and if you have followed this walkthrough to the word, you will not have been there yet. You are supposed to see a cut scene showing the door opening at the top of a sandy hill (the door as shown in this screenshot), but in pressing the Look button in order to aim the red light through the LaserSight, you disable the cut scene.

Make your way back the way you came and safely drop to the ground. Get the motorbike and follow the street in the northwest (opposite the palm tree). You can see two sets of stairs leading upwards. The right set of stairs leads to the door you opened by shooting the red light before, and the left set to an area below the door you opened but from the other side. You may want to go up the left stairs first and drive over two soldiers. You cannot proceed with the motorbike any further however, as a high ledge prevents you from doing that. If you dismount and climb onto this ledge you will see the open door above you on your right and a ladder on a higher ledge to the left. You cannot reach the ladder on foot because of the steep pile of sand, so you need to jump over the gap between the door and the ledge where the ladder is using the motorbike.

Jumping through the door using the motorbike - Drive back to the position described earlier in front of the two set of stairs. You need to take a long run up and drive up the right hand set of stairs, pressing the Sprint button for the extra boost, passing through the door, and landing on the opposite ledge where the ladder is. Make sure you press the Sprint button whilst driving up the stairs. If you attempt to use the extra boost whilst on the sand hill, Lara will not make it. To make sure you have enough momentum, you can always start your run up from the open area that connects this level with the previous one. Line the bike up so that you do not bang into any walls whilst you are boosting it. Once you make it, dismount and make sure you park the bike away from the closed door on the left of the ladder. Climb to the top and follow the hallway to enter the Street Bazaar (First Time).

(Note - You will come back to this level again and open the door in the northeast corner from the other side. So, better leave the motorbike away from that door in case you go on to have trouble passing through it. Also, before climbing up the ladder, approach the sandy hill in the south and take a look at it. There is a block at the bottom of the hill now that was NOT there before your last jump on the bike. Keep that in mind, as you will need that block later on, and also if you accidentally slide down at any point.)


Third Time
You enter this level for the Third Time from the Street Bazaar.

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 2
  • Pick-ups: 0

You slide down the ramp backwards. When you drop onto the ground, turn around and follow the opening in the west to return to the palm tree area. Continue ahead to reach the two sets stairs, and go up the left one. Follow the road and climb out onto the ledge close to the sandy hill. There is a block at the bottom of the hill now. Climb onto it and then take a diagonal standing jump to grab the ledge close to the ladder. To do that, stand at the back of the block facing east. Take some steps to the left to reach the hill and turn left 45 degrees. Take a standing jump, pressing Action as you do so to grab the ledge. Now pull up. Climb up the ladder to enter the Street Bazaar (Second Time).



Fourth Time
You enter this part of the level after a brief visit to the Street Bazaar.

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 1
  • Pick-ups: 0

You must have the Mine Detonator Body and the Mine Position Data from Street Bazaar there in order to successfully continue here.

You are standing on a ledge separated from the ground ahead by some barricades with skulls on it. If you have not already done so, combine the Mine Detonator Body with the Mine Position Data to get the Mine Detonator. Then select it from your inventory. Lara will use it and detonate the mines on the ground ahead. You can use the Mine Detonator even if you stand having the barricades to the back of you. Some people, though, have mentioned that it only works if you stand at the end of the ledge.

Jump over the barricades and climb onto the ledge. Push the red button to open the nearby door that leads you back to the motorbike. Get onto the motorbike, drive through the door, and head to the left, running over a soldier as you do so. Drive up the ramp to enter the Citadel Gate (Second Time).


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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