Level 27: Sphinx Complex

(Note - You will briefly come back to this level at the end of the Inside Menkaure's Pyramid level. For this brief visit, check the walkthrough of the Inside Menkaure's Pyramid level.)

(Note about the ninjas - As you will know from previous levels, some of these guys are dressed in a black and red uniform. A great percentage of their attacks are with a sword. They also use this sword to protect themselves from your bullets. So, it is pretty much useless to keep shooting at them whilst they are doing this. What you can do is to keep holding your gun and turn to the left or right. This will make them stop using the sword and you can try shooting them again. Do this until you kill them. Alternatively, you can holster your gun and draw it again.)

Follow the road with yours guns drawn. Just after you pass the wooden bars, a ninja appears from the right. Kill him and continue ahead. A second ninja appears from an alcove, and this ambush will also be from the right, so take care of him and pick up the Silver Key he drops. Place it inside the receptacle to open the metal door in the alcove from where the second ninja appeared.

As soon as you enter the next area, two more ninjas appear from the ledges on the right. If you badly need a Medipack, make sure you kill them quickly, as one of them runs to the other side of the area and steals a Small Medipack from an alcove. There are two levers on the right side of the area, and it does not matter which one you go to first. Just pull both of them, being careful of course to avoid death by falling into a deep, dark pit. Take running jumps to clear these pits and use the levers to open the metal door on the other side of the area. Doing this triggers one of the black and red uniformed ninjas to appear. Wait for him to climb onto the ledge and then dispatch him. Head to the west after this and pick up the Shotgun Normal ammo from the alcove on the right (north), and assuming the ninja from earlier on did not already take it, grab the Small Medipack from the alcove on the opposite side, too (south). Go through the metal door you just opened when you are done mopping up.

Area with pits - There is a pit on the left and a pit on the right. First, approach the pit on the right. Slide down to the ledge below and take a standing jump to the ledge on the left (west). Turn right and walk to the edge of the ledge. Stand on the corner of the ledge and take a running jump to grab the rim of the pit that is horizontal (it is not flat as it goes upwards but it is horizontal). Pull yourself up and continue ahead to the second pit. Do not worry about the wooden door for now. You will open that from inside.

From the edge of the second pit, take a standing jump to the ledge on the left where the Large Medipack is. When you do that, a ninja appears on the north rim of the pit. Kill him and pick up the Medipack. Take a running jump to the northeast ledge and climb out of the pit. Kick open the blue door and enter the room. Shoot the crates in the back right corner and pick up the Uzi ammo. Push\ pull the movable metal shelf to reveal a grate at the foot of the wall. Crouch and shoot it. Crawl through the opening to reach the next room. When you step out, another ninja is shooting at you from the right. Kill him and pick up the Shotgun Normal ammo he drops. Shoot the crate that is in front of the first metal shelves and pick up the Metal Blade.

(Note - If the above ninja takes a lot of your health, try this: crawl outside to trigger him and having the Crouch button pressed, crawl backwards and into the opening. Kill him from here, but make sure that you are at the back of the crawlspace or he may still be able to shoot you.)

Secret (1-1\ total: 63-70) - Now stand facing east and pull the first metal shelf out from its starting position (the one that is closest to the crawlspace). You may need to pull it twice in order to have some space. Stand facing south and pull the second metal shelf. Pick up the Shotgun (ammo if you already have it) from the dark corner.

Push the button in the northeast corner of the room to open the outer wooden door that earlier you passed from the outside. Immediately draw your weapons as you do this, as two more ninjas choose this moment to come in out of the cold to try and get you! Kill them both and exit through the door. If you are low on health and do not want to bother with those ninjas, do not press the button. Instead, crawl back through the opening you came and cross the pit. Those ninjas will never appear.

You are standing between the two pits you passed before. You need to return back, so approach the left pit. Take a running jump to the ledge on the right, then a standing jump to the ledge on the left. To get out of the pit, stand against the slope (south) and take a standing jump. Make sure you keep pressing the forward key after jumping, so that Lara does not slide back. On your left is the door you entered this area from. Ignore it and continue ahead.

Approach the next pit and either slide down or take a standing jump to the ledge on the left. Take a running jump to the next ledge ahead (south), turn right and take another running jump to the next ledge. To get out of the pit, stand against the slope (south) and take a standing jump. Continue to the right. As you go, Lara will glance in the direction of the lighted tablet down the gully on the right, which can be seen at the bottom of the Sphinx. Go towards that tablet now.

The cut scene shows Lara kneeling in front of the tablet and reading out loud the inscription written upon it: One night, in dreaming, came to me the spirit of the Sphinx. In his passing, he spoke unto me words of great wisdom. "Thutmosis, here is your true destiny: This land of Egypt is forever yours to rule. In return, protect me always from the sands of time. As you are, I must be free from head to toe. So that we both may see the divine beauty of creation."

Return back to the more open area and head to the right (west). Approach the pit on the right side where the triangular ledge is and slide down to the ledge below. You can see the two ninjas on the outside of the pit. Kill them now if you want, using the Crossbow combined with the LaserSight (or use the LaserSight bug as it is described at the bottom of the page). You can jump to the ledge on the north that is closest to the rim of the pit or jump to the one that is on the west first and then towards the one in the north. Whichever way you choose, climb out of the pit when you are done.

Shoot the crates at the far left corner of the area and pick up the Wooden Handle. Return to the pit and climb onto the sandy block in the east. From there take a standing jump on the Sphinx's paw and pick up the Shotgun Wideshot ammo at the end of it. Slide down to where the lighted tablet is. If you have not done so, combine the Metal Blade with the Wooden Handle to get the Shovel. Stand a couple of steps away from the tablet where the dark part of the ground is, and use the Shovel. (If Lara says "No", just place her feet in a slightly different position nearby and try again).

The cut scene shows Lara digging a hole.

Drop into the hole and continue downhill to reach Underneath the Sphinx.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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