Level 26: Citadel

[Bug note for the PC players - If you are playing the un-patched version (that is, the pure exe file you have got from the CD), you may encounter a bug here. When you start the level, you will not be able to press the F5, F6 and P keys - quick save, quick load, and Pause. To fix this, load a previous save game before triggering the cut scene at the end of the Citadel Gate and approach Azizus on foot. Then, approach him on the motorbike to trigger the cut scene.]

Proceed forward.

The cut scene shows Lara finding Jean-Yves tied to a ceremonial pillar. He is relieved to see Lara and tells her that Von Croy is possessed by Set. Lara unties him and suggests that he leave, as things "may turn nasty". Jean though tells her everything he knows before going, namely that Von Croy is digging under the Citadel into the Crusaders' vaults in search of the Ceremonial tablet, which contains Set's binding incantations.

We then see Von Croy, who has just found what he was looking for, the ancient Ceremonial tablet. He then gives it to one of his guards and tells him to prepare it and see if the Croft Woman has arrived with the Armor. Finally, he takes the Amulet of Horus out of his pocket and places it inside a receptacle. This opens a big stone door and two knights wake up.

After the cut scene, go to the left and in between the columns to reach a second room with a ceremonial pillar, similar to the one Jean was tied to. You lose the control of the Look button, but keep going past the pillar and then again between some columns in the south. Go up the stairs and enter the small room on your right. Pull the lever to raise the double golden doors in the room where you found Jean. Then pick up the Torch from the alcove in the west. Light it via the burning torch on the wall and return to the second room with the ceremonial pillar.

Jump onto the ledge in the west and stand beneath the rope to set it on fire. The rope burns away, breaking a part of the floor back in the first room, where you saw Jean. Drop onto the ground and go to the left, heading back into that first room straight away. Throw the Torch away and go through the double golden doors. Pick up the Uzi ammo at the end of the alcove and return outside.

Drop into the pit. You do not need the Torch anymore, unless you like the idea of keeping it for a light for a while. Follow the tunnel around to the left. At the T-junction, pick up the Shotgun Wideshot ammo from the alcove and continue downhill.

The cut scene shows a ninja running up a ramp standing in front of a lever.

You can kill the ninja now if he is standing close to the edge. If he is not, you can take care of him later.

1st Secret (1-2\ total: 61-70) - Walk to the edge of the tunnel and take a diagonal standing jump to the ledge on the left. At the bottom of the stairs you will see a hallway with a Large Medipack in the middle. Avoid it for now, as you will get toasted by a firetrap. Climb onto the ledge next to the stairs (west) and take a running jump to the stairs on the opposite side (if you accidentally fall into the pool, check the next paragraph down on how you can return back up). Go up to the top and jump up to grab the bars. Monkey swing and locate the crawlspace at the end of the wall to your right. Stand against the wall, release Action, and press it again to grab the edge of the crawlspace. Crawl in and drop down on the other side. Pick up the Large Medipack and the Grenadegun Flash ammo. Crawl back and drop into the pool below.

From the pool, up at the top - Swim through the tunnel to reach the pool that is at the bottom of the main room and get the Grenadegun Super ammo from the underwater block. Climb onto the long ledge in the East and turn to face West. Take a running jump to grab the block on the opposite side and pull yourself up. Climb onto the block on the left to find yourself back at the top of the main room, next to the tunnel from where you first entered.

Once again, climb onto the ledge next to the stairs (west). Turn to face the main room (east) and drop backwards to hang from the edge. Shimmy to the left, release Action, and press it again to grab the crevice below. Now shimmy to the right, and when you turn around the corner, release Action and press it again to grab the crevice below. Keep shimmying to the right around two corners and pull up at the end. Make sure you press the Duck button, as the opening is low. Drop down on the other side and pick up the Uzi ammo at the end of the flooded passage.

Crawl through the next opening. You may want to save your game before proceeding. Turn around and hang from the edge. Release Action to drop onto a slope and press the Jump button to back flip to a second slope behind you. Do not let go of Jump, and Lara will jump towards a crevice. Press Action to grab it. Then shimmy to the left. Pull yourself into the alcove and pick up the Small Medipack. Turn around. (If you accidentally fall into the pool, follow the underwater passage to reach the pool at the bottom of the main room.)

Take a running jump to grab the ledge at the bottom of the stairs ahead. Pull up and draw your weapons to kill the ninja at the top of the stairs on the left. If you want to avoid this ninja, then after grabbing the ledge at the bottom of the stairs, shimmy to the left and pull up. That way you will not trigger the ninja. However, make sure you do not step on the square to your right or you will trigger him. Run up the two sets of stairs to reach the upper part of the main room.

If you did not kill the ninja when you first entered this area, do it now as he is standing to the right. Go up the ramp and turn around when you reach the lever because another ninja emerges from behind the bottom of the ramp. Pull the lever to deactivate the firetrap in the hallway with the Large Medipack. You can quickly drop into this hallway from the opening to the left of the lever (you lose some health). Or, drop into the pool and make your way back up more slowly. Once you reach the hallway, pick up the Large Medipack and go down the stairs.

The cut scene shows the next room.

Compass puzzle - First, pick up the Grenadegun Normal and Super ammo's from the two corners of the room (southeast and southwest) and the Small Medipack from the far right corner (northeast). Save your game before attempting to move any pedestal. Approach the four movable pedestals and look at the letters they have on top. Each letter corresponds to one of the four cardinal points (North, East, South, and West). You need to push\ pull each pedestal onto the appropriate circular tile on the floor using the compass you have in your inventory to locate each cardinal point. Do not forget that the red part of the needle shows each cardinal point. Once you have placed them correctly, the three doors to the east, north and west open. The opening in the south is from where you came.

(Bug note - Some people have mentioned that they cannot see any letters on the top of the pedestals. This happens because the video cards they are using do not display them. If you have this problem, check this diagram. Also, even if you solve the puzzle correctly, the three doors may not open because of the bug. In such a case, 1) load up a previous save game and do not push/ pull a pedestal onto a tile it does not belong, or 2) if you do not have any previous save games, rearrange the pedestals and push them in the order North - East - West - South.)

West door - First go through the door in the west, the left one as you have the entrance to the back of you. Go down the ramp to enter a room with a platform in the middle. Climb onto the platform and drop into the pit on the left to get the Flares. Climb back onto the platform, and drop through the trapdoor and into the pool below.

There are three underwater tunnels. Swim through the tunnel in the south and follow it to the end. Use the underwater switch to close the trapdoor you dropped through before. Get the Small Medipack from the northwest corner and return back to the main underwater room. Ignore the west tunnel because it leads to a lever you cannot use. Swim to the bottom and follow the north tunnel. It leads to a flooded pit with a chain that you also cannot yet make use of. Climb out of the water and pick up the Revolver ammo from the southwest corner. Go through the opening to return back to the puzzle room via the North door.

East door - Go through the door in the east and down the ramp. Just before entering the next room, two ninjas appear. Kill them both and pull the room's lever to lower the level of the water back in the pool with the three underwater tunnels.

North door - Return to the puzzle room and go through the door in the north, making your way back to the room with the chain. You still cannot use it, so drop into the water and follow the tunnel to reach the main pool. Climb into the opening in the west and use the lever you previously could not use. This opens the two trapdoors in the main pool that makes the water lower a bit more.

Drop into the water and get the Uzi ammo from the northwest trapdoor. Swim through the next opening (north), and since you lowered the water, the tunnel is not fully filled. Climb out of the water and follow the rest of the tunnel, killing the ninja that is waiting outside of the pit. Pull the chain to open the exit door and climb out of the pit. Pick up the Small Medipack the ninja dropped and go through the exit.

Area with ramp, pits and two knights - Follow the tunnel and crawl through the opening almost at the end. When you drop down the camera shows the two knights coming towards you that Von Croy callously awakened. When you are able to control Lara again, climb onto the wooden ledge, or side jump to the left and go up the ramp in the south. You cannot kill the knights, but you can use them to unblock the exit. Just be careful of the deep pits. Go to the top of the ramp and stand having the wooden beams to the back of you. When the knights approach you, they raise their sword in order to hit you. Jump forward to avoid their hit. Do not even think to side jump to the right or you will fall into the pit.

Alternative method - Stand having the wooden beams to the back of you and angle Lara a bit to the right, so you can see a wooden ramp against the opposite wall. Let the knights come close enough, and just as you see them ready to hit the beams (and Lara), make a standing jump towards the ramp. Lara will land on the ground below the ramp, just to the left of the pit. Climb up the wooden ramp after this and follow it to the left in order to get out through the exit, which the knights should have already broken open.

Go through the exit and climb onto the ledge. Follow the passage to reach a room with fires on the columns. Pick up the Uzi ammo just to the right of the entrance and the Flares at the end of the ledge. Drop into the pit.

2nd Secret (2-2\ total: 62-70) - Head to the west to find a hole in the floor. Facing the wall, locate the small opening on the left. Hang from the edge, release Action, and press it again to grab the edge of the opening. Pull up and crawl to the end. Drop down and follow the tunnel, taking a standing jump to clear the angled ledge. Climb onto the next two ledges to find a small room that contains Grenadegun Flash ammo, Revolver ammo, a Large Medipack, Crossbow Explosive ammo, and Shotgun Wideshot ammo. All of these things are guarded by two knights, so after a couple of pickups you may need to drop down from where you came and climb back up again, although you can avoid the knights because they are slow.

Slide down the ramp to return to the room with the fires on the columns. Drop into the pit again and head to the north to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara bumping into a croaky-voiced Von Croy, who is surrounded by four dogs. He asks her to come closer, because he requires the Armor she holds in her possession. "And in return?" Lara asks. Von Croy says he will grant her vigor and she will command the ultimate power, that of life or death over those she chooses at her side. Then they will bow at her feet and give worship. Lara steps away and removes the Amulet from the receptacle, trapping Von Croy and the dogs behind the door. "Barking man". She then climbs out of a window of the Citadel and dives into the water.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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