Level 33: Khufu's Queens Pyramids

Proceed forwards. As soon as you turn the corner, you see two soldiers trying to kill a giant scorpion. Like in Menkaure's Pyramid level, those soldiers are friendly so long as you do not attack them (unless you are interested in all kills). This time though, they will not leave any pick-ups behind if you kill them. If you step forward a few yards, a second giant scorpion will soon appear. Destroy anything that moves, but you might want to stay out of the fighting until the soldiers are dead. They will lower the health bar of one of the scorpions for you.

Once the area is clear, go down the first ramp on the left side (south). Open the door and enter the building. Shoot the crate at the back right corner and the six crates inside the caged area to get a Small Medipack, Revolver ammo, Crossbow Poison ammo, GrenadeGun Normal and Super ammo's, Uzi ammo and Shotgun Wideshot ammo (wow!). Exit the building and go to the left.

(Note - If you have not got the Armory Key from the Menkaure's Pyramid level, skip the next paragraph and approach the deep pit.)

Secret (1-1\ total: 69-70) - If you have got the Armory Key from the Menkaure's Pyramid level (that you should if you have followed this walkthrough to the letter), go down the second ramp on the south face and open the door. Enter the building and use the Armory Key to open the gate. Shoot the crates inside the cage to get the Uzis, the Shotgun, the Crossbow, the Grenade Gun, the Revolver (ammo if you already have some or all those guns), Crossbow Normal ammo and Shotgun Normal ammo. As you exit the building you will encounter another giant scorpion. Blow it away and approach the deep pit.

Stand on the left hand side of the rim and take a standing jump onto the block on the left. Turn to face north and side step to reach the right hand part of the ledge. Take a running jump to the ledge ahead without pressing Action or Lara will not make it (see this screenshot). Also, Lara will not make it if you attempt to jump from the left side. Immediately draw your weapons because a giant scorpion is running towards you from the left. Kill it before it pushes you back into the pit.

The next series of jumps is obvious (and you can see them in this screenshot). Stand on the extended ledge facing east and take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge. Pull up and turn right (south). Take a standing jump onto the block and kill the giant wasp. Climb onto the next ledge and turn left. Take a running jump towards the ledge without pressing Action (you do not want to grab it) or Lara will not make it. Walk to the left hand corner of the triangular part of the ledge and take a standing jump to the next ledge ahead. Walk to the front right corner (facing the pit) and take a running jump to grab the opposite block. Pull up and turn right. You can kill the giant wasp from here, and then take a running jump to the ledge below (where the wasp was). Be on your guard for the giant scorpion that is ready to turn around the corner. Take care of it and head to the passage between the two pyramids.

Pick up the Small Medipack at the end of the passage and push the movable boulder to the end (west). This reveals an opening on the left pyramid (south). Go through it and open the trapdoor at the end of the hallway. Turn around and drop backwards to grab the edge. Climb down the ladder, turn around, and go through the gate.

The maze - The gate closes behind you. The deal here is to get to the opposite side of the maze by virtue of passing through its small hallways. All of them are closed off from each other, however, by some temperamental stone doors. Some of these doors open and shut automatically from one side but not the other. Also, if you move away from an open door it will close again, making things more complicated because you will struggle to keep a clear view in your head of exactly where you are in the maze. There are 16 niches to be encountered in the hallways. Five contain goodies and the rest provoke swarms of beetles. As in every maze, you must discover the right direction to go in order to reach your objective. If you want all the pickups however you have to back track a couple of times. Here you will find a visual guidance.

At the first intersection, turn left (east) and the stone will lower in front you. Kill the black scorpion that is coming from ahead, but do not proceed any further. If you step on the lighted square ahead, the stone will raise behind you, blocking you way. Get the Uzi ammo from the niche on the right after the stone (the one before the stone reveals a swarm of beetles) and backtrack to the entrance of the maze.

Continue forward (west\ or to the right if you have the entrance to the back of you) and the stone will lower. Kill the black scorpion and before passing the stone, get the Small Medipack from the niche on the left. Follow the passage and ignore the second niche, which reveals beetles. When you turn the corner on the left, the next stone lowers and you will need to kill another black scorpion. Continue forwards (south) until you reach the next intersection.

Here you need to go to the right (west). The stone lowers so you can pass through. Follow the passage that turns left to reach the next passage, which has two lit torches on the wall (one on each side). Ignore the two niches and continue through the passage, which soon turns once more to the left. The stone lowers to reveal both the next intersection and a black scorpion that you need to kill.

Here you need to go left for a quick pick-up, before backtracking one room in order to continue. So, head to the left (north) and the stone will lower. Do not pass it!! Just get the Uzi ammo from the niche on the right and backtrack to the intersection heading south. The stone lowers and you will need to kill a black scorpion that attacks you from ahead. Continue through the passage that turns left, lowering the next stone that reveals the next intersection (ignore both of the niches as they contain beetles). Head to the right (south) and draw your weapons before the next stone lowers.

Guardian room - Can you remember this Guardian? You saw him in the Inside Menkaure's Pyramid level. This time however, three black scorpions are joining him which makes his body more difficult to target. You can side jump to the left and right whilst shooting at him, or simply crouch in front him and shoot using just the Pistols without getting damage at all. If you follow the second way, you may need to kill the scorpions first because they will most likely bite you when you crouch in front of the Guardian. If that is the case, get out of the room to avoid the bolts and to avoid targeting the Guardian, and the scorpions will follow you. Be quick, because the Guardian will not hesitate in attempting to follow you out into the hallways.

If you are having trouble, and the scorpions are making it harder, do not enter the room. Instead, wait for the Guardian to come to the intersection (behind the corner) and kill him from there without triggering the scorpions. Once you are done, use the Crowbar to pry the Eastern Shaft Key from the south wall. When Lara picks up the Key, the gate back at the entrance of the maze opens.

Alternative method - If you want more challenge and do not care for getting all kills, ignore the Guardian and his scorpions altogether. As soon as you enter the room, run/ jump your way to the opposite wall. Quickly get the Eastern Shaft Key with your Crowbar, roll and run/ jump out of the room again. If you are fast, you will not need more than a solitary Medipack during the entire process. Note that it is more likely you get poisoned by a scorpion than to get really badly hit by the Guardian's bolts.

On your way back - Exit the Guardian room. Here you have two choices; you can either proceed ahead (north) or right (east). The distance is exactly the same, but if you want all the kills and pick-ups, you must go to the right. So, follow the passage on the right and draw your weapons to kill a black scorpion that appears from behind the stone that lowers. Before passing the stone, get the Large Medipack from the niche on the left and go through the passage. When the next stone lowers, kill the black scorpion and approach the intersection.

Continue ahead (north). The stone lowers and you need to kill another black scorpion. Before passing the stone, get the Shotgun Normal ammo from the niche on the left and head to the next intersection. Here, turn left (west). The stone lowers and you can see four torches (only two are lit) at the next crossroads. Turn right to lower another stone block. Continue all the way ahead to reach the exit gate. Climb up the ladder and emerge outside the pyramid.

Climbing up the rest of the pyramid - Approach the deep pit. Turn to face east and take a running jump to the block ahead. Turn left (north) and take a running jump to the next block. Keep facing north and walk to the edge. Then take a standing jump to the block that is a bit higher. Kill the giant wasp (if you are having troubles killing this wasp, jump back to the previous ledge and kill it from there). Face east and climb up the next two ledges of the pyramid. Turn a bit to the left (northeast) and take a standing jump to the upper ledge of the pyramid. Do the same to get to the next upper ledge on the left (northeast). Do not walk further on this block; wait for the two boulders to fall. Walk to the end of the ledge (north) and take a standing jump to the northeast again to land on the upper ledge. Kill the two giant wasps that emerge from the door and climb to the door (you can safely kill those wasps from the previous ledge).

Use the Guard's Key to open the door and go through it to get Inside The Great Pyramid.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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