Level 34: Inside the Great Pyramid

Go down the ramp until you reach the deep pit. Drop onto the lower ledge on the left and take a running jump to land on the opposite side. Draw your weapons and kill the ninja that appears in the distance. If you proceed even further, a second ninja, this time in a red and black uniform, attacks with his sword from the hallway on the right. Better kill the first ninja after jumping over the pit without moving too far forwards. You really do not want to be dealing with both ninjas at the same time. Pick up the Uzi ammo that the first ninja drops and go through the hallway that the second ninja appeared from.

(Note - At this point, and if the ninjas took a lot of your health, you can backtrack to the previous level, restore your health, and then return back. You can do that every time you are close to the entrance of the pyramid.)

Kill the ninja after turning around the corner and go through the gate. It closes behind you and a ninja in red and black uniform, along with a bat, appears from the top of the ramps on either side of the room. Take care of them both in a hostile fashion. If you run up the ramps, you need to kill a second bat. Continue through the tunnel between the two ramps. Be careful, as two moving stone blocks will try to crush you. To get past the first block, stand on the left or right side, and when the stone block is on your side and ready to leave, move forward. Alternatively, whilst the stone block is moving to the other side, take a standing jump. Repeat your same method of choice for the second block.

Room with basin - As you enter the next room, a dog from the right hand side will attack you. Kill it and be on your guard for when two more dogs come at you from the left. If you are having trouble killing the dogs, shoot them from the opening you came from, as they will not follow you there. Go around the basin and jump into the middle of it. Pick up the Small Medipack and the Torch. Light the Torch from one of the lit torches on the wall and light the rest of the torches on the walls to lower a stone block on the west side of the room. Throw the Torch away after this. You will not need it anymore. Go through the opening, pick up the Shotgun Wideshot ammo from the left and throw the switch on the right to lower a stone block back at the top of the ramps.

Three dogs appear out in the room with the basin when you pass through the opening. Take care of them. Again, you can kill them from the opening where the moving blocks are. Go through the moving stone blocks as you did before. Go up the ramps and through the opening you revealed by throwing the switch.

The cut scene shows the four star receptacles and the openings above.

Place the Shaft Keys inside the four receptacles. Each time you place a Key, a blue light shines down from the corresponding opening towards the room's epicenter (according to the cardinal points). When you have placed all the Keys, the four blue lights will create a hole in the floor. Now throw the switch to open the gate back at the bottom of the ramps. This also makes two ninjas enter through the gate.

(Note - Many people have mentioned that they miss a Shaft Key at this point. Make sure you have got the Eastern Shaft Key from the previous level. To return back, you need to use the switch that opens the gate at the bottom of the ramps and go through it. Jump back over the pit and go up the ramp to return back to the Khufu's Queens Pyramids level, where the Eastern Key is.)

Draw your weapons and exit, being careful not to fall through the hole. Kill the two ninjas and pick up the Shotgun Normal ammo that one of them kindly leaves behind for you. Go down the ramps, but before going through the gate, pass the moving stone blocks once more. The basin is now completely destroyed by the blue lights, and an opening has been revealed on the east side of the room. Go through it, pick up the Large Medipack from the right, and throw the switch to the left. This opens a gate in a place you have not been to yet if you have followed this walkthrough to the letter.

Bypass the moving stone blocks for the final time and then go through the gate ahead. Draw your weapons straight after this point, as when you return back to the main ramp where you started the level, two ninjas are waiting for you. One is standing on the left and the other on the right. Kill them both and pick up the Small Medipack. If you decide to backtrack to the previous level, when you jump over the deep pit on the south side of the ramp, you will encounter another ninja in black and red uniform. You may want to backtrack if you want all the kills and pick-ups, as the ninja drops a Large Medipack.

Go down the ramp to reach the deep pit. Kill the bat and take a standing jump to the next ledge. Kill another bat and take a running jump to the opposite ledge on the right. A ninja is in the process of clambering onto the next block. Kill him before he can make any mischief.

Secret (1-1\ total: 70-70) - Turn around and use the Binoculars to take a downward look into the last pit you jump over (press Action for the night vision). There is a ledge with an alcove sticking out from it on the left hand side of the pit. Take a standing jump to the ledge and get the Crossbow (ammo if you already have it) from the alcove. To return back up, turn so that the alcove is to the back of you and take a standing jump to grab the ledge where you were before. Pull yourself up.

Continue ahead (north) and take a standing jump to the opposite ledge. Drop onto the lower block, pick up the Large Medipack, and take a standing jump towards the gate. When you enter the room with the hole in the floor, three bats attack. Kill them and approach the hole. All four sides of this hole are climbable. Climb to the bottom and then through the opening. Follow the passage and drop down at the end. Make one more step forward to finish the level.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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