Level 1: Streets of Rome

* Some people have mentioned that a Doberman appears in the passage between the Garden and the Temple. If you find it and kill it, add 1 more kill in your statistics.

In Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation, Lara was buried alive in Temple of Horus. She is now presumed dead. The game opens with an FMV that shows Lara's memorial. Three people honor her memory in a rainy night. One of them places a wreath at the bottom of the statue while at the same time a thunder throws light to the plaque: Lara Croft. Once and future adventurer. For her.

Winston, Lara's butler, and Father Patrick, who sit at the back seat of a limo, talk about this sad day and how much Lara will be missed, although Winston wishes that one day Lara may return back. In Croft Manor, Winston invites Father Patrick and Charles Kane (a famous archeologist and very good friend of Lara) to the study where they can talk about the day's events. As they site in front of the fireplace, Winston explains about the Philosopher's Stone that Charles Kane is holding.

The flashback takes us to Rome's Opera. Lara is there, watching, when Larson appears. It seems they have an appointment, because Larson asks for the cash for the Mercury Stone he has in his possession. However, Lara wants to deal with Pierre (Larson's partner) who appears shortafter pointing his gun to Lara. When they try to get her suitcase without giving the Stone, Lara kicks them, grabs the piece and jumps on the stage. When she escapes, Larson and Pierre are after her. Lara exits the Opera from the back door and gets a bike. The men drive a car and they chase Lara. She manages to slip beneath a half-open gate, but the guys do not make it. So, Lara leaves.

The level opens with Lara standing in an alleyway behind the Opera House. You have the Mercury Stone in your backpack, but you will not use it until later. The opening ahead and on the left leads to the backstage area of this Opera House. It is the training area and it does not include anything essential for the forthcoming level. It does however include some pick-ups and a Secret.

Opera Backstage - Go through the opening on the left and stand on the right hand side of the crate. Lara explains that in order to climb onto the crate, you have to stand next it, push forward and then Action. Climb onto the metal box ahead and then climb to the walkway on the left. Follow it to the end. Lara guides you on how you can leap this short distance: walk to the edge, press forward and Jump together.

Head through the opening on the right hand side and pass the hallway to reach a room with a wooden floor. Lara explains how you can perform a longer jump. Walk to the edge and then tap back once. Now press forward and Jump together.

(Note - The instructions for the standing and running jumps are quite similar. To perform a running jump, press forward and then press Jump after a fraction of a second.)

Go to the back of the metal structure and jump up to grab the top of it (see this screenshot to get orinted). Pull up and pick up the Small Medipack. Turn right and take a standing jump over to the scaffolding. Pick up the Flares and the Large Medipack from the alcove on the right. Here you need to crawl. Press the Duck button and then go forwards. Once you get the Medipack, crawl back out, jump back to the metal structure and then drop to the wooden floor.

(Note - Here you can take a shortcut. Once you crawl out from the alcove with the Medipack, head to the other side of the metal structure. Then take a running jump to the yellow metal ledge (as shown in this screenshot). This is advised for more experienced players who know how to control Lara efficiently. If you decide to take the latter course, skip the next two paragraphs.)

Enter the doorway and follow the hallway around to the left. Lara now explains how you can take a running jump and grab the opposite ledge: Walk to the edge, then tap back once. Now press forward and Jump together. When in midair, hold Action to grab onto the ledge; pull up. If you accidentally fall down, you will find a box beneath the ledge that can help you climb up. Now follow the walkway to the left. To perform a sideways somersault, press left and Jump.

Continue ahead. To monkey swing, jump straight up at the bars and press and hold Action to grab them. Keep pressing Action and then push forward. Swing across to the other side and release Action to drop onto the ledge.

You now need to climb up the ladder and go around the corner: to climb this wall, stand facing it and press forward and Action together. Keep hold of Action and push up to climb the wall. To climb around corners, just keep pushing in the desired direction. To crawl, hold down Crouch and now push forward. When you enter the crawlspace, you can release the Crouch button and move around using only the direction keys. When you reach the end, turn right and crawl backwards, holding Action to climb down. Or, turn left and crawl forward pressing Jump to somersault. Then head over to the closed gate.

To use the lever switch, stand next to it and press Action. Throw the switch to open the door and enter the next room. Go down the stairs and over to the opposite side of the room, ignoring the stairs on your right. Climb onto the metal box, turn left, and jump to grab the upper ledge.

Area with pool - "To swim, jump into the water, use Action to swim forward and the directions to steer." Core Design may of had another plan for us to swim forward. The correct button is the Jump button. So, dive into the water near you now and follow the tunnel until you reach a place you can surface. If you approach the opening on the left, you will listen to your lesson on exiting the water: To climb out, swim to the edge and press Action. Make sure you press forward at the same time.

Before continuing, swim down to the bottom of the pool and follow the next tunnel. Climb out of the water and pick up the Large Medipack and Shotgun Normal and Revolver Ammo's. Drop into the water again and return to the previous pool. Climb out through the opening on the left to reach a platform opposite the first pool you dropped into. Enter the opening on the left.

Warehouse with tightrope - Here Lara explains how you can use the tightrope: to walk the tightrope, walk up to the rope and press Action. Push forward. If you unbalance, push in the opposite direction to correct.

You may not be able to successfully walk the first time through, but make sure you practice the move, because you need it later on in the game. If you fall down, climb onto the crates and try again. Once you make it across, do not proceed just yet. Make your way down using the crates and go through the opening. Get the Flares from the shelves on the left, by pressing Action in front of them. There is a movable metal frame in the left corner of the room. Push it forwards. To do that, press Action in front of it, and whilst holding Action, press forward. Pick up the Revolver Ammo.

1st Secret (1-3 \ total: 1-36) - Push the second movable metal frame on the right twice to reveal an opening. Follow it to a secret room and pick up the Uzi Ammo from the floor. Then collect the Golden Rose from the shelves.

Head back to the tightrope and climb the crates to reach the top. In the next room, only the right hand shelves contain the spoils: a Small Medipack. Continue down the steps and throw the switch to open the gate. You are now back where you started the training exercise. Safely drop down, exit to the right, and turn left.

Area with fountain - Head forward towards the arch at the end of the street. Follow the alleyway on your right with your weapons drawn until you reach a more wide-open area with a fountain in the middle of it. Kill the Doberman that attacks. You will be able to see a closed gate on your left, but you will need a key for that, so ignore it for now. Follow the alleyway next to the awning. At the end and around the corner to the left, use the Godhead to open a gate close to where you started the level.

Return to the wide-open area with the fountain and turn left to cross the alleyway you passed through before. Then turn right, taking a note of the dark part of the floor to the right. For now, run down the steps on the left, passing the gate you just opened. Use the Godhead to raise a block located behind you, where the dark part of the floor was. As you use the Godhead, a flock of bats will attack you. You cannot kill these bats, so either Roll and run away or crouch down in either of the two corners up ahead.

Turn and climb onto the block you just raised. Pull up, turn to face the start of the level, and take a running jump to grab the opposite ledge above the opening. Pull up and pick up the Small Medipack. Jump back to the block and climb onto the next ledge. Run up the ramp to reach a small lounge. Exit to the balcony on the left and drop down at the end. Shoot the window on the right of the hallway and pick up the Revolver Ammo. Continue through the hallway and around the corner. Shoot the next window on your right and pick up the Small Medipack.

Courtyard - Go down the steps to reach a courtyard. As soon as you enter it, a Doberman appears. Return to the hallway and kill it, firing from the second window you shattered. Return to the courtyard and open the blue double doors on the right. Immediately jump backwards and draw your weapons, as a second Doberman attacks. The Dobermans will not follow you to the stairs, so you can easily pick them off by standing on them. Kill the rabid dog and enter the small room. Pick up the Large Medipack in front of the barrel and climb onto the crate to collect the Shotgun Wideshot Ammo.

Exit to the courtyard. If you follow the opening opposite the doors you just opened, you will find a switch that opens the gate next to it. This leads you back to the area with the fountain, but it is not essential for the game. Thus, return back to courtyard and go up the stairs to return to the hallway. If you have not already shot the window on the right (as you return back), do it now and climb on the ledge. Take a standing jump across to the opposite ledge and go through the opening on the left. Run up the ramp and climb on the platform. The camera changes view, but you can press the Look button and disable it. At the end, you will find the Golden Key 1. Get it and return back to the hallway. Turn left and go up the ramp to reach the roof.

A cut scene shows the closed gate below.

If you did not see the Doberman in the cut scene, you can hear it barking now. Jump over the railing to land on the awning below. Pick up the Flares and kill the Doberman from here. If you keep losing sight of it from above, jump onto the fountain below and take care of it from there (as shown in this screenshot). Drop to the ground and use the Golden Key on the lock next to the gate.

Dealing with Larson - Go down the alleyway but take heed before turning the corner. Larson is waiting for you. If you have played and finished the very first Tomb Raider game then you will recognise Larson as a rogue adventurer who will always try to stop you. Like in TR1, you cannot kill him (at least for now). You just need to make him leave. Do not bother with him now and sprint to the other side of the courtyard, below where Larson is standing. You will have just left a pick-up, but you can always return to it in a minute. Turn left and go down the ramp. Get the Garden Key #1 from the metal box and return back. Head all the way up and around to the left, and then stand on the right hand side of the opening.

Larson is waiting for you again on the other side. You cannot avoid him now, so start side jumping to the left and right whilst the entire time taking pot shots at him. You will need a few shots on target to make him leave. When he does leave, go back down to the courtyard below and retrieve the Small Medipack from the alcove on the left. Return back up and negotiate the tightrope all the way over to the other side. If you start to lose your balance, remember Lara's advice and press the opposite directional arrow to correct. When you reach the end, enter the doorway and safely drop to the ground. You can use the switch and open the gate that leads back to the fountain, but it is not strictly necessary, unless you have missed the first Garden Key.

Streets around the Garden - Follow the other side of the alleyway. Turn left at the T-junction and then right into a hallway. Enter the small room on the left and pick up the Revolver Ammo. Take a mental note of the wooden gate here. You will eventually come back for a Secret. Backtrack to the hallway and continue up the stairs on the left. Go to the far end and pick up the Revolver from the ground. Turn around and head up the next set of stairs on your right until you reach the blue double doors.

Warehouse with barrels and closed gate - Open the doors and get the LaserSight on the left next to the barrel. There is a closed gate with a padlock in the far right corner of the room. Combine the Revolver with the LaserSight, equip the gun, and shoot the padlock. Use the Look button to aim at the padlock, and the directional keys to move the target. Press the Duck button to zoom in and the Sprint button to zoom out. Alternatively, you can use the Pistols and shoot the padlock. Stand in front of it, start shooting and crouch. You will hit the padlock on your way down into the crouching position.

Pick up the Garden Key #2 and immediately roll and run to avoid the rats that come from the left hand side (and accientally you cannot kill). As you exit the room, jump over the railing and make your way back to the T-junction. Continue down to the alleyway, turn left, and use the two Garden Keys in the receptacles.

The brief cut scene shows the two big gates on the other side of the Garden lawn open. The camera then focuses on three gargoyles.

Return back and enter the garden through those gates.

A second cut scene shows Lara approaching the gargoyles and placing the Mercury Stone inside one of the nearby receptacles. Pierre and Larson watch her from a roof above. Pierre says to Larson that they will wait until she collects the other pieces. In this fashion they have the full prize at no extra effort.

Garden outside the Temple - As you can see, four pieces in total have to be placed beneath the gargoyles. Lara just placed the first one, so you are after the rest three. There is an opening opposite the entrance that leads to a pool, but you cannot go anywhere from there. Follow the opening in the far-left corner of the Garden and head all the way up. Some people (probably in the PS version) have mentioned that a Doberman attacks here. Kill it anyway.

The brief cut scene shows the area locale and falls to a bell outside the Temple.

Lara focuses on the bell as you walk into the courtyard. There is a closed door at the bottom of the stairs in front of the Temple, which will open later. Go up the stairs on the left or right hand side and pick up the LaserSight, which is exactly beneath the bell, plus the Revolver Ammo from the right hand corner behind the columns. Combine the Revolver with the LaserSight and shoot the bell to open a door on the left side of the Temple. This also opens a wooden gate that gives you access to a Secret, but do not go there just yet.

Before going through the door you just opened, climb on the wall on the left hand side (as shown here) and follow it around to the left. Jump to the red roof on your right, cross it to the end, and take a running jump to the opening ahead. Pick up the Revolver Ammo and Large Medipack, and return back to the Temple the same way you came.

Climb onto the ledge where you opened the door and walk to the edge. Take a standing jump to grab the opposite ledge and pull up. When you enter the room, a flock of bats will attack. To avoid them, either crouch in one of the four corners of the room, or simply run around in circles until they fade away. Use the Godhead to open the door of the Temple and take a standing jump back to grab the doorway and return to the courtyard. Enter the Temple.

Inside the Temple\ Dove puzzle - There are two openings on either side of the Temple. Since the right one leads you to a closed door, head to the opening on the left. Follow the passage to the end and use the switch.

The cut scene shows one of the two doves shattering.

Exit, stand next to the dove, and press Action to rotate it. This will open the door to the right. Your actions have also made the wooden ram directly above your head begin to swing. Go through the right hand opening of the Temple and follow the ramp up and around to the top, passing the door you just opened. To get past the swinging ram, stand next to it having it on your right. Drop backwards to grab the edge and shimmy around to the right (see this screenshot to get oriented). When you are able to, pull up and use the switch.

The cut scene shows the second dove shattering.

Safely drop to the ground and rotate the dove to open a gate door in the courtyard. You can go to that gate now and end the level, but doing so will mean you miss two Secrets and a couple of pick-ups. For now, exit the Temple.

2nd Secret (2-3\ total: 2-36) - Again, climb in the opening where you opened the door after shooting the bell. Jump and grab the opposite ledge. Pull up to find yourself again in the room where you used the Godhead to open the door to the Temple. Now that you have solved the Dove puzzle, you have revealed two secret alcoves. Pick up the Small Medipack from the left alcove and the Golden Rose from the right hand one. Return back to the Temple the same way you came.

3rd Secret (3-3\ total 3-36) - Make your way back to the Garden, where Lara used the Mercury Stone, and exit along the right hand side of the alley. At the end, turn right and enter the room on your left where you previously picked up the Revolver Ammo. The wooden gate is open now. Enter and kill the Doberman that attacks from the right. Get the Large Medipack from the left shelves and the Golden Rose from the ones on the right. Return back to the Temple the same way you came.

Enter the door in the courtyard you opened after solving the puzzle. Pick up the Saturn Stone and walk back to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara going back to the Garden. Pierre and Larson are waiting for her. Pierre asks Lara to give him the Saturn Stone. Larson tries to get it from Lara's back pockets, but she knees him in his... privates. Larson gets the Stone anyway, and Lara warns Pierre not to use it. Larson ignores her warning however, and places it into the receptacle. "Don't say I didn't warn you" Lara says, as a bolt zaps Larson. The gate has realigned itself, and if it does not receive two Stones in the next few moments. Boom!!!! Another explosion will be triggered which would convert the entire local area into a wave of melting heat. Lara leaves, advising Pierre to get Larson from there and leave. "Au revoir, mon cher...".


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