» Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles  

Lara Croft has been burried alive in Temple of Horus at the end of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. She is presumed dead. Her butler, Winston, Father Patrick and the archaeologist, Charles Kane* have gathered at the Mansion and reminisce Lara's past adventures. Four adventures - four mini stories, which take place in Rome, Russia, Ireland, and Von Croy's Industries.

A small game that only fills the gap between The Last Revelation and the next game (The Angel of Darkness). Something that the players can keep up with. The PC and MAC players get a pack of two CD's. The second CD includes the Level Editor, which is based on the TR4 engine and allows the fans to create their own TR adventures.

Available for platforms: PS - DC - PC - MAC

[ Developer: CORE DESIGN ] [ Publisher: EIDOS Interactive ]

Secrets: There are 36 Secrets in the game. The number of Secrets in each level varries from 1 to 3 and they consist of Golden Roses. If you find all 36 Secrets, you can access the Special Features from the Options of the game after viewing the credits.

» Demo

» Level 1: Sreeets of Rome
» Level 2: Trajan's markets
» Level 3: The Colosseum

» Level 4: The base
» Level 5: The submarine
» Level 6: Deepsea dive
» Level 7: Sinking submarine

Black Isle
» Level 8: Gallows tree
» Level 9: The labyrinth
» Level 10: Old mill

» Level 11: The 13th floor
» Level 12: Escape with the iris
» Level 13: Red alert!

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