Level 5: The Submarine

The cut scene shows Lara taking a rest in the storage area of the Submarine. However, Yarofen and two sailors discover her and lock her in a cell. "Under no circumstances open this door!!" Yarofen orders.

Locked room\ ventilation ducts - You are locked in a cell without a weapon. You need to find your way out. Notice the broken metal handle between the bunk beds. Press Action in front of it and Lara will rip it free. This is the Crowbar. Go to the other side of the room and use the Crowbar to pry off a grate on the right hand side of the hallway to enter the ventilation ducts. Turn right, crawl through the opening, and climb up the ladder at the top.

1st Secret (1-3\ total: 13-36) - Now crawl backwards and hang from the edge. If you stand up for a while you will notice that the wall is climbable. Climb down until you see an opening on your left. Climb to the left as much as you can and release Action to land in the opening. Do not worry if you fall down. The fan is not harmful. Get the Golden Rose at the end of the duct and return to the shaft. Walk to the edge and take a standing jump to grab the opposite wall. Climb to the top but do not pull up, as there is nothing interesting in the opening. Shimmy to the right and around the corner, and pull up.

Crawl forward and climb up the next ladder on the left. You can see the electrified wires ahead, but they cannot harm you. Crawl backwards and hang from the edge. Shimmy to the left and around the corner and pull up in the next opening. Open the trapdoor and drop down onto a crate. Get the Small Medipack from the shelves next to the crate and the Battery (-) from the drawers. You cannot open the door here, so return to the ducts. Crawl backwards and hang from the edge. Shimmy to the left and pull up into the small opening. Climb up the next ladder on the left and crawl through the opening.

The cut scene shows Lara again watching Mikhailov and Yarofen. Mikhailov says they are close to the U-boat and that they have to find, if its cargo is still intact. Yarofen asks what they are looking for, but Mikhailov does not seem willing to say. Yarofen mentions the spy they located on board, and although Mikhailov told them to dispose of him ("Her", Yarofen clarifies), he says he will dispose of her when he returns. For now he orders Yarofen to move the sub into position. So, Yarofen does, speaking from the microphone.

Kitchen - Continue crawling (the grate should be on your right). Climb down the ladder at the end, crawl through the opening, and open the next trapdoor. Drop into the Kitchen and take a look around. Make sure you do not step on the burners or you will catch fire. You can also see a cook nearby. As everything that moves in this level is an enemy, you have to kill him. He must not notice you, though. So, having the Walk button compressed, walk around the kitchen and stand behind him (not too close, though). Press Action to bring up your inventory, make the Crowbar your selection from it, and use it to kill the cook. If he notices you he will turn around and attack with the knife he is holding. You can either load your game or return to the ducts. The cook should be back at work by the time you return, and you will be able to try again.

Once you are done with him, pick up the Bronze Key he drops. Use the Key to open the metal door in the Kitchen. Get the Silver Key from the right hand shelves, and the Pistols from the drawer. Exit and use the Key you just got on the second door. Equip the Pistols from your inventory, as a sailor and a soldier are waiting for you in the Mess Hall. Kill them both.

Mess Hall - You just entered the main part of the sub. For those playing the game for the first time, it may look like a maze. Entering the Mess Hall (after exiting the Kitchen), you can see a closed door and a hatch on the right hand side and an opening to the left. Keep the Mess Hall in your mind as a "Start Point", the opening on the left as the Left part of the Sub and the hatch as the Right Part of the Sub.

As you approach the right hand side of the Mess Hall, the closed-door opens and a soldier emerges from inside the head. Kill him and pick up his Shotgun Normal ammo. There is nothing interesting in the head, so exit and go over to the opening on the other side of the room (leave the hatch for later).

Left part of the Sub - At this T-junction there is a closed hatch on the right. You need a card to open it. So, go to the left and follow the hallway until you reach another small T-junction. Kill the sailor that appears. You cannot open the left hatch (you will later open it from the other side), so instead turn the wheel to open the hatch on the right. Climb up the ladder and follow the hallway around to the right to reach a Storage Room. Kill the soldier and the sailor that are lurking inside and pick up the Shotgun the sailor drops. Climb onto the crates opposite the entrance and pick up the Aqualung. There is a Large Medipack at the top of the crate pile to the right of the entrance.

2nd Secret (2-3\ total: 14-36) - Facing the entrance, use the Crowbar to pry open the crate on the left (as shown here). Pick up the Golden Rose and exit the Storage Room. Climb down the ladder and return to the Mess Hall the same way you came.

Right part of the Sub - Turn the wheel to open the hatch on the right of the head. There is a small Storage Room on the right. Kill the sailor inside and climb onto the crate. There is a trapdoor above the crate. To open it, stand at the edge having the shelves to the back of you. Jump up and press Action to grab the handle. Turn around and climb into the ducts. Crawl around to the right and then to left. After turning left you crawl through a third opening, where you can stand.

3rd Secret (3-3\ total: 15-36) - Look up and you will see a small opening above. Use the Binoculars if it is dark for you. Climb on it to find the Golden Rose. Return to the ducts.

Continue crawling and open the next trapdoor. Then drop onto a crate. As soon as you drop to the floor, a sailor emerges from the door. Kill him and get the Battery (+) from the drawers. Exit the Storage Room and follow the hallway on the left (you do not have a card to open the hatch opposite the Storage Room). The first opening you meet on the left leads back to the Mess Hall. Continue ahead and climb down the ladder. Follow the hallway and kill the sailor that comes out from the other side. Pick up the Shotgun WideShot ammo he drops and enter the room with the bunk beds at the end of the hallway. Get the Small Medipack from the other side and return to the hallway.

Turn the wheel to open the hatch and enter a room with torpedoes on each side. Kill the soldier and climb up the ladder at the end. In the next hallway there are two hatches on each side. The first on the left is already open, but does not include anything. So, turn the wheel to open the hatch on the right. Kill the soldier inside and pick up the Suit Console that he drops. The second hatch on the right is already open, and a sailor lurks inside. Kill him and turn the wheel to open the second hatch on the left (if you are quick, you can open the hatch and kill the soldier from there).

Step on the metal ledge to the left and stand in front of the upper part of the diving suit. Enter your inventory and combine the Suit Console with the Aqualung. Then combine the two Batteries (+ & -) to get the Suit Battery. Insert the Suit Console into the suit and then the Suit Battery into the Console.

The cut scene shows Lara putting on the suit. She then uses an elevator leading to the water outside the sub.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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