Level 1: BOLIVIA - Tiwanaku

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The game begins with a cut scene. Young Lara and her mother are in flight. Lara is holding a book and says to her the mother that just because no one caught one, it does not mean that they are not real. Lara's mother unpins a pendant from the lapel of her coat and puts it on the seat. She then says that they probably do not wish to be found. They both refer to the yetis, as Lara's drawing indicates. Lara is suddently distracted by a bright light outside of the plane. "Look", she tells her mother, at the same time as the plane hits turbulance. Lara's mother asks Henry, one of the pilots, what is happening and he replies that one of the engines has malfunctioned. The co-pilot radios for help. Lara's mother puts Lara on the seat and fastens her belt. Lara asks if they are going to crash and her mother - while fastening her seat belt - says that they will not, unless it is absolutely necessary. The alarm starts and Lara's mother asks her to close her eyes, but she does not want to. The cockpit explodes and white light envelopes the scene.

Back to present, the next cut scene shows Lara climbing some rocks. Zip is coaching via her headset. He can see what Lara sees and provides a humerous commentary about wanting to throw up every time Lara looks down. He then tells her that Alister is back. The latter grabs a headset and asks her what she is doing in Bolivia. Lara does not reply... She spots a lower rock and makes a swan dive and grabs it! She then replies "Ascending". She pulls up and asks him to meet Tiwanaku, a lovely pre-Incan civilization, currently in ruins. She also tells him that she has been looking for some artifacts, specifically some ornate stone dais, among other things.

You begin the level at the top of the rocks that Lara climbed up during the last cut scene. Lara is here because Anaya called her and told her about an ancient temple that contains an ornate stone dais. So, your main objective is to find the ancient stone dais of Tiwanaku.

[Checkpoint] From the starting position, head forwards and then left beneath the rocks, where you will find a Bronze Knife (1/10). Go back to the starting position and turn left (or right, if the cliff is to your back) and approach the stone ledge. You receive instructions on how you can jump.

Stand against the rocks and press Jump. Lara will grab the edge automatically. To release, press Crouch\ Roll. Press Jump again to pull up. Do the same for the next ledge to climb up it. Just to the left, you will see a small rock. Approach it and press the Interact button to kick it. Before going to the pool on the left, enter the alcove on the right to collect a Bronze Knife (2/10). Jump into the pool. To swim on the surface, use the direction keys. If you want to dive into the water, press the Crouch\ Roll button. Use the direction keys to swim around. To swim upwards and surface, press Jump. Locate the low ledge on the other side. When Lara reaches it, she will climb out of the water automatically. Climb up on to the next ledge.

In the cut scene, Zip asks Lara to check her PDA. Lara does so, and she says that it works, if this is what Zip is wondering about. He just checked if it was waterproof as they told him.

Continue to the left, where a movable boulder blocks your way. To grab it, press the Interact button. Use the direction keys to move it around. To release it, press the Interact button again. Lara cannot pull it, so push it over the gap to reveal a ledge just ahead. Jump onto it. [Checkpoint]

Approach the vine on the right and Lara will grab it automatically. Climb up it until you reach a second vine on your right (to climb quicker, press the Interact button whilst climbing up). Press right and Jump to leap off the vine and grab the other one. Again, press right and Jump to reach the ledge. Go to the right. [Checkpoint]

When you reach the edge, jump to grab the rope (jump towards it and Lara will grab it automatically). When you do that, Zip comments that the video is going to make him sick if Lara keeps on swinging. Lara then replies that he should look away from the screen. There are two caves: one on the left and one straight ahead behind the waterfall. First, explore the left cave. Turn left and swing towards it and press Jump when you reach the highest point. Turn on your PLS (Portable Light Source). Follow the tunnel and get the Silver Knife (1/5). Drop down at the end (press the Crouch button whilst hanging) to reach the other alcove, which is behind the waterfall. Exit to the other side and jump to grab the opposite ledge. If you accidentally fall down, you can climb on the ledge in front of the alcove and try again.

When you pull up, the cut scene shows the area and river above the alcove.

When you regain control of Lara, she will look at a crevice in the wall above, which leads to the river. Jump up to grab it and shimmy to the left. Zip asks Lara to be careful, but this is a long trip, as Lara says, and he would to better taking deep breaths. Lara is very optimistic, Zip comments. Continue shimming to the left around the corner. To shimmy faster, press the Interact button while shimming. When you reach the end, jump to grab the ledge behind you. Pull up.

At the top of the waterfall - [Checkpoint] Go up the stream, hugging the right hand wall, because a boulder rolls from above. Or, from the bottom of the stream, enable the Accurate Aim* and shoot the sticks around the boulder to make it roll down (as shown in this screenshot - thanks to Carolann for the tip). When it passes, continue up the stream. Lara will look at the horizontal pole above. Step on the low rock behind the pole and jump to grab it. Move to the left and face the next pole. Press forward to swing towards it and jump to grab it. Then jump to grab the left hand part of the waterfall. Shimmy to the right and whilst pressing right, press Jump to grab the right hand part.

[*Note: The Accurate Aim allows you aim at various objects. On the PC version it is the Z button (by default). The PS2 players need to press the right analog stick. Press it down (not move it down) and you will feel a "click". We are not aware of the other versions, but you can check the Control Configuration of the game. You will see it as either Accurate Aim or Manual Aim.]

The cut scene, shows Lara listening to a guard. He talks to someone through a radio device, who obviously told him that someone is close. The guard replies that he does not see any climber and cannot shoot on sight if he cannot see anybody.

Pull up. The guard is still talking. Lock the target and shoot him until he is dead. Zip asks Lara if she has any idea who he is, but Lara says that he is unremarkable. "Is this good or bad?", Zip asks, and Lara replies that it is deliberate, which is not good. The man drops a Health pack, so pick it up.

(Note - The maximum amount of Health Packs you can carry is three.)

Use your Binoculars and activate the R.A.D. mode. Look around to spot the moving object beyond. Lara says it is a mechanism. Go to the left of the mechanism and get the Bronze Knife (3/10). Take a look above to spot the movable boulder. You can either:

• Jump on the wooden platform (mechanism) and quickly jump to grab the ledge where the boulder is. Make sure to press and hold the Jump button to jump higher and farther. Pull up.

• If you cannot do the above, grab the ledge beneath the boulder and shimmy to the right around the corner. When you see another ledge above, and whilst hanging, press Jump to grab it. Pull up.

(Both ways are shown in this screenshot.)

Grab the boulder and push it fowards to throw it on the front side of the wooden platform. This will raise the other end. Drop down, climb on the rock next to the wooden platform, and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and jump to grab the ledge with the two waterfalls ahead. Pull up and continue ahead. [Checkpoint] Use the Grapple to catch the shimmering circular door ahead and press the Interact button to pull it. To release the Grapple, press the same button you used. Go through the doorway.

The cut scene shows two guards talking and Lara entering sneakily.

Kill the two guards. Press the Combat Lock button to lock on an enemy and shoot. Rotate Lara to aim at the other enemy. Zip asks Lara who these guys are. He finds it weird that some ruins are guarded this way. Vault onto the rock on the left and jump up to grab the ledge (as shown here). Shimmy to the left without stopping until you reach the end. The middle part of the ledge collapses, so if you fall down, you need to grab the ledge again, but this time jump to grab the left part. Jump to grab the horizontal pole behind and then the narrow ledge of the pillar on the other side. Traverse to the left around the corner, and while hanging, jump to grab the next ledge. Press Jump again to reach the ledge above. [Checkpoint]

Jump to grab the rope, swing and jump to the opposite side behind the waterfall (exactly above the ledge that collapsed - if it did for you). Go behind the waterfall and climb into the alcove, where you will find a Bronze Knife (4/10). You can get this Reward from the ledge before grabbing the rope: Use the Grapple to catch it, then grab the rope and swing to the right of the waterfall (thanks to Bruce for this tip). Drop down, continue to the other side of the ledge and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and jump to grab the second one. Finally jump to the opposite ledge. [Checkpoint] Draw your weapon and follow the passage. A guard will start shooting at you from the right, so dispense with him.

Approach the broken part of the bridge and take a look above to spot the shimmering sign. Jump over the gap and quickly press Jump again. Lara will use the Grapple to catch the sign and use it as a rope. Swing and jump to the opposite side (by pressing Jump, you also release the Grapple). When you jump off the ledge, a part of the bridge collapses, which allows you return back up and try again if you accidentally fall down, without having to take the long route (see this screenshot). Go up the steps and through the doorway. Notice the Bronze Knife (5/10) on the left. You cannot reach it, so back up a bit and use the Grapple to retrieve it. Follow the passage around to the left.

In the next cut scene, Lara talks to Zip. She comments on the Temple that she can see beyond. She says she is very beautiful and that she is falling in love with her all over again. Zip is used to hearing Lara talking this way and replies that she says the same thing to all the ruins. Lara says she is a lucky girl and then uses her Binoculars to scoot the area around. She sees a helicopter. The bloody tourists are coming again to spoil it. Zip asks Lara what she sees and she says some men, probably mercenaries, judging from the look. Zip again wonders what they are doing there. "Getting into trouble", Lara replies.

[Checkpoint] There are several guards down there, so stay on your toes. From this position, press the Combat Lock button and then the Interact button to throw down the nearby rocks, luckily killing two of the guards that are patrolling at the bottom of the slope. Slide down the slope with your weapons drawn. Two more guards will apear from the left, so kill them. Depending on the difficulty mode you play, they will drop up to three Health Packs. If you already have three of them, you cannot pick up any more. Heal Lara after the battle and pick up the Health Packs you need. Opposite the slope you can find a Bronze Knife (6/10) inside an alcove.

Head up the slope next to the one you slid and draw weapons. Kill another guard, who drops a Health Pack and his SMG gun. Pick up the gun and before using the rope, drop down to the other side and go to the right, where you will find a Bronze Knife (7/10). Return back and jump to grab the rope. Swing towards the ledge on the other side and jump there.

There are six guards to the right down the slope and you can probably see only four of them. Draw wepons and slide down the slope. Press the Interact button to shoot the decrepit pillar on the left and kill the guards that patrol below. Be careful not to fall down when you pass the stone bridge. You can use the low walls for cover, but if the guys take a lot of your health, you can return back to where you left the other Health Packs. When all guards are dead, pick up the items they dropped if you need them. Four of them dropped their RC650 Assault Rifle, but if you decide to get it (you get one and the others count as ammo) you need to drop the SMG gun. Heal Lara and pick up one or both Health Packs the guards dropped.

Facing the steps, climb on the block to the left and then the next one. Shoot the wall on the left (as shown in this screenshot) and get the Silver Knife (2/5). Go up the steps of the Temple.

The cut scene shows Lara going up the steps. Two mercenaries shoot at her before scarpering.

[Note: This cut scene may not play if you climb up the blocks to the Silver Knife. If, after getting the Knife, you jump directly to the stairs and do not climb up the rest of the blocks (as shown in this screenshot), the cut scene will play. The mercenaries will then die and you will be able to pick up their Assault Rifle.]

Enter the Temple and pick up the Assault Rifle (that will count as ammo if you have the gun) that one of the guards from the cut scene dropped (if the cut scene did not play, see the Note above). Go down the stairs. [Checkpoint] Kick one of the small rocks to activate the rotating spiked trap beyond. Notice the shimmering sign above. You will use the Grapple here. Run forward, jump at the edge and press Jump again whilst in midair to use the Grapple. Swing and jump to the opposite side. Go up the steps and through the narrow passage on the left, where you will find a Bronze Knife (8/10). Exit and enter the room with the chains.

The brief cut scene shows the two chains in the middle of the room and an alcove above.

Room with chains - As you have probably guessed, you need to jump from chain to chain. There is only one accesible chain at the moment and it is the right hand one in the middle (right if you have the entrance to your back). Grab it and climb up as much as you can. Now you need to jump and grab the other chain (in the middle of the room again), but when you do so, the chain starts moving down. So, quickly climb up (press the Interact button to climb quicker) and jump back to grab the first chain. Jump into the alcove.

Continue through the tunnel, jump to grab the chain in the next room and climb to the bottom. Or hang from the edge of the alcove and drop down. Go through the opening in the wall and follow the passage. [Checkpoint] Jump into the water and swim through the underwater passage. Keep an eye above to spot the surface. Climb out of the water and get the Bronze Knife (9/10). Jump into the water again, swim to the other side of the passage and climb out of the water. [Checkpoint] Draw weapons, because a jaguar attacks when you go down the steps, so either kill it or totally ignore it.

Boulder traps - Continue through the passage, but be careful, because there are huge boulders that threaten your safety. Carefully pass them to reach a room with a movable cage. Notice the other boulders on the left. You need to grab the cage and start pushing it between the second set of boulders. That way, the boulders will hit the cage and not Lara. You need to be careful however, because they may squeeze Lara when she reaches the second set or when she is close to the end and exits. To avoid the latter, you can push the cage until the middle of the second set, climb on the cage, drop down and exit freely. Go up the steps and follow the hallway to the next room.

The cut scene shows Lara entering a big room. The mechanisms along the room deactivates and the stone door on the other side closes. Same as the door you came through.

Room with stone door and mechanisms - [Checkpoint] You can use the Binoculars and examine the various objects to see which are movable and which are mechanisms. Before doing anything, go to the back right corner and climb on the ledge, where you will find a Bronze Knife (10/10). A jaguar is lurking below, so kill it from above.

The crate puzzle - There is a movable cage close to the Bronze Knife and two more below. There are also three pressure plates, which means that each cage must be positioned on a plate. In fact, you need just two, as Lara can step on the third plate. Push\ pull the first cage (on the right), which is close to the plate. To put the other one on the upper level, you need to use the ramp on the left. Position the cage on the ramp (to the side that is closest to the entrance). You need to jump on the other side of the ramp and flip the cage on to the top level. You can use the steps at the end of the ledge in the middle of the room and jump on the ramp (as shown in this screenshot).

If you want the Gold Knife, you need to position the cage on the middle plate. The camera shows that the stone door is ready to work. Now step on the left plate (if the entrance is to your back) and the door will start opening. When the door is half open (as shown in this screenshot), step off the plate. The door will remain half open, which will give you the access to the Knife.

(Note: You may encounter a problem here. On stepping on the plate, a cut scene plays where it shows the door opening, blocking your way to the Gold Knife. In that case, do not step on the plate. Either perform a low somersault over the plate or run past it diagonally, as shown in this screenshot. That way, the door will not open during the cut scene. Then you can step on on the plate and step off when the door is half open.)

Alternative method (by Brian C) - If the above method will not work for you, here is what you can do: Bring both cages on the top level. Position the first two cages on the left and right plates and lastly position the third cage on the middle plate (the middle plate must be done lastly). The cut scene that shows the door opening will play. Now facing the stone door, pull the middle cage off the plate and the door will close. The next part must be done quickly. Push the cage back on the plate and quickly turn around, run and pull off the either left or right cage. The door will then remain half open.

Alternative method (by shimodax) - If the above methods fail for you, you can try the following (it is a way of getting the Knife even if you have already placed the three cages on the plates): First, bring both cages on the upper level and push\ pull the cages on the three plates (it does not matter the order) to fully open the door. Now first pull one of the side cages off the plate and then the middle one. The door will remain open. Go to the side plate from where you removed the cage and step on it, looking at the door at the same time. The door will start closing, so step off when it is halfway down.

If you were not quick enough and the door closed or the door is half open but the chain (in the back left corner) you need to use in order to leave block your way (as shown in this screenshot), push the middle cage back on its plate and again go to the side plate and step on it. The door will start opening (slower this time), so step off when it's half open. In general, you can play between the middle and side plates until you make the door half open. When the middle cage is on its plate, the door opens when you step on the side plate. When the middle cage is not on its plate, the door closes when you step on the side plate. You can open and close the door as many times as you wish, until the door is half open and the chain you need to use in order to leave does not block your way. (Note: the second side cage must be on its plate all the time.)

Once you solve the crate puzzle - Go to the back left corner (if the entrance is to your back) and climb on the ledge. Jump to grab the chain, then the opposite ledge. Traverse around to the right and when you see another ledge above you, jump to grab it. Pull up and grab the horizontal chain. Swing to the other side and drop down. Hang from the edge on the right, release and grab the ledge below. Shimmy to the right and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and jump close to the exit door. [Checkpoint]

Go to the other side, past the exit door, and jump to grab the ledge (as shown in this screenshot). Shimmy to the right and jump to grab the ledge above. Use the horizontal chain to reach the opposite side, where the Silver Knife (3/5) is. Get it and make your way back the same way you came. Before exiting and whilst facing the exit door, grab the either left or right crevice of the pillar. Jump to grab the crevice above, and then the door (as shown in this screenshot). Jump to grab the top of the door, then the ledge above. Enter the alcove and pick up the Gold Knife (1/1). [Checkpoint] Carefully, make your way down. Go through the exit. The passage harbours traps, so you need to press the correct buttons as they appear on your screen. You probably noticed the Silver Knife in the pit, but you will get in a while. Follow the next passage to the end. [Checkpoint]

(Note: Many people encouter problems in the passage with the traps. Whe we say "press the correct buttons", we mean that you need to press the buttons that appear on your screen. On PC, for example, the icons that appear are the arrow keys. If the Up icon appears, you need to press the Up arrow key. On PS2, for example, the icons that appear are the four buttons on the right side of the gamepad. If the Circle icon appears, you need to press the Circle button. Note, however, that you need to press each button as soon as it appears, because you have less than two seconds.)

Room with metalic weight poles - There is a jaguar lurking below and you may want to kill it from here. Hang from the edge and traverse to the right. Release and grab each ledge below to reach the ground. Locate the movable rock almost beneath the entrance (to the left if you face it, as shown here). Push it to the end and follow the passage on the right to reach the bottom of the pit you passed before. Pick up the Silver Knife (4/5) and return back.

Climb on the ledge in the corner and jump to grab the closest metalic pole. It will rotate and give you access to the second pole. Jump to grab it and do the same for the third one. Once it rotates, jump to grab the ledge on the wall. Shimmy to the right and jump to grab the next ledge. Shimmy a bit to the right until the metalic pole is behind you. Jump to grab it (as shown here). Once it rotates, jump to grab the edge of the alcove. Pull up and get the Silver Knife (5/5).

Jump back to grab the last pole. It will rotate towards the wall you came from. If you fall down, you need to use the metalic poles again until you reach the ledge just before grabbing the last pole leading to the Knife. When you reach it, shimmy to the right and jump to grab the ledge above. Again, shimmy to the right and grab the ledge above. Finally, jump to grab the ledge on the left. Shimmy left around the corner and drop to the ground. Follow the passage and climb on the ledge above. Go to the right and pass the rocks. [Checkpoint] Follow the passage to the end.

In the cut scene Lara uses her Binoculars and watches some mercenaries beyond. When she spots the stone dais, she has a flashback of when she was a kid, because she has been in a similar place before. The flashback shows Lara entering a place. A man is laying dead in front of a sword. Lara approaches the sword and tries to touch it, but her mother comes and interrupts her. Lara pushes the sword in the stone and a green light is activated. A big metal circle rises up and her mother pulls her back and wonders what it is. Lara says that there is something in the light and her mother approaches the metal circle and it seems that she can see someone inside the light. She asks who he is. The person says something about Lara (probably because she was the one who activated the light) and her mother tells this person that Lara meant no harm. The voice seems to say "Pull out the sword". Lara's mother removes the sword and she disappears through a strong light! Lara finds a book and takes it with her.

Back to the present, the mercenaries shoot at Lara, but a man orders them to hold their fire. He talks to Lara and tells her that he wanted to meet her. Lara still has her weapons drawn and the man says that he just wants to talk to her, whilst the camera shows a blonde woman in a helicopter. The man shows Lara a part of the sword and asks her is she has found a piece of this. A quick flash back reminds Lara that the piece that this man is holding is a part of the sword. Lara asks him where he found it. The man says that it does not matter where he found it, but what it does. He asks her if she knows, but Lara says that what she knows is her own business. The man then assumes that Lara does not have any piece. He turns his back to leave whilst saying to her that Amanda said that Lara was sloppy and that she should have paid more attention in Paraiso. Lara is surprised to hear the man talking about Amanda. She tells him that Amanda is dead and asks him what he knows about Paraiso. No more talking from him.

When you regain control of Lara, you are on a bridge. Immediately run forwards because the bridge collapses. Jump over the gaps to reach the ground. This is the ornate stone dais you are looking for. The main objective is completed, but there are eight mercenaries around, so you need to kill them all. Some of them drop Health Packs and guns (which will count as ammo). [Checkpoint] When all are dead, the level ends.

The cut scene shows Lara approaching the stone. She kneels and talks to herself. There is more than one. Her father was right. Zip asks Lara what this is about and Lara says they have some work ahead of them.

Lara returns to Croft Manor. She enters Zip's office and asks him who the man she talked to in Bolivia was. Zip pulls a picture of the man up on his PC and says he is one of the Rutlands from the States. He is the senator's youngest son, James Rutland. Lara asks Zip to call up the footage, whilst Winston welcomes her back. She asks him to approach the computer screen and take a look at the place that Lara saw in Bolivia. She says it is almost identical (to the one she visited when she was young), but it was just configured differently. Alister gets into the conversation and asks "Identical to what?" and Lara replies of something that she saw a long time ago in Nepal. Winston asks Lara if she believes that it is a fragment of the sword, but before she replies, Alister asks about the sword. Lara replies that it is more likely one of a kind.

Lara asks Zip to find out what he can about Rutland, particularly where he is at the moment. Zip advises Lara to try Peru, since he talked about Paraiso and she agrees since Rutland did imply information that the artifacts are there. Alister (who obviously has no idea what is going here) asks about Paraiso, what happened there and who Amanda is. Lara asks Alister to take the images and see what he can work out and asks Zip to call Anaya and tell her to meet Lara in Paraiso on Saturday morning.


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