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If you are up for a challenge, this is for you! Can you complete each level in the given time?

• Bolivia - 12:30
• Peru - 21:30
• Japan - 12:15
• Ghana - 20:00
• Kazakhstan - 27:10
• England - 27:00
• Nepal - 13:40
• Bolivia Redux - 4:15

The Time Trials are not just for fun. Completing a Time Trial, you unlock various things like outfits, cheats etc. If you have problems completing the Time Trials, this section provides tips for each level and shortcuts that help you bypass certain points.

To play a level in Time Trial, you must have first completed it in normal gameplay. For example, if you want to play Ghana in Time Trial, you must be currently playing Kazakhstan. This means that you do not have to first complete the game. The Time Trials' difficulty level is Medium.

To access the Time Trial, select from the Main Menu Load/ Save, then Replay Level. Choose the level you want, then select Difficulty. Enable the Time Trial (and probably choose the outfit you want) and then select Continue.


First of all, do not panic. The given time is enough even if you make a couple of mistakes. So, do not quit and keep going. Once you are done reading the following tips, you will be able to make it up and earn some time.

Make Lara move faster. Instead of just running, perform low somersaults to cover more distance (whilst running, press the Crouch button). If you have your Pistols drawn whilst that, you can start tapping the Crouch button. With the Pistols in her hands, Lara will not make consecutive handsprings (which is a waste of time). Instead, she will do consecutive low somersaults. Also, do not forget the Interact button whilst shimming or swimming; this makes Lara move faster. You can also make Lara slide down the slopes faster if you swan dive or, in some cases, roll over them.

Focus on your task. Your target is to finish the level in the given time. Ignore Health Packs and Guns (unless it is completely necessary). Do not bother with the Rewards you have maybe missed or the guards that shoot you. Skip them when possible! Killing the jaguars is really time-consuming.

Forget about the timer and try not to look at it. It will make you more "vulnerable" if you think you are not going to make it.

Take a breather or do not get distracted? The cutscenes do not waste time. The clock only ticks when you actually move Lara. If you want to take a breather, let the cutscene play. Some people do not want to get distracted by the cutscenes, and they skip them. This is up to you.

Do not "save" Lara. When you jump to grab a far ledge, press and hold the Jump button to make Lara jump higher and farther. If Lara grabs the ledge with one hand, you will have to "save" her (by pressing the Interact button), which makes you lose time.

Do not care about Lara's health. In the cases where you have to kill the guards, be aggressive. Also, if there is a long drop, just jump down. It will save time, even if it means losing a bit of health.

Aerial Assault. It is really handy when you have to kill many enemies (first part of Peru, Japan when you first meet Takamoto etc.). You can usually kill a couple of enemies per jump, as long as you target another one quickly after you take someone out.

Do not die. It sounds funny, but if you die two or three times, retry the Time Trial. If you die once, just after a Checkpoint, you can still try to finish it.

The mysterious left roll®. This trick was found by Gandarufu and it can be proved really effective. It requires a bit of practice, so do not give up if you cannot make it with the first time. The mysterious left roll® helps Lara reach ledges that she normally cannot reach. This means that it makes Lara jump higher. It cannot be done with all ledges, so we have included those where you can perform it. [Note: To make it work, the game's FPS (Frames Per Second) must be over than 30. If it is less, disable some graphics settings from the game's setup. One way to check your FPS is to download FRAPS. It is a screen grabber which includes a frame rate overlay on the screenshots.]

Below you can choose a level and read some tips. We have also included some shortcuts which can help you bypass some points.

It feels better when you beat the Time Trials without cheats, but if you have problems you can first complete the Bolivia Redux Time Trial which enables the One Shot Kill cheat, and then the England Time Trial which enables the Bulletproof Lara cheat. Bear in mind that when you have the Bulletproof Lara cheat enabled, Lara does not drown or get hurt by the enemies, but long falls and cold waters damage her.

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» Level 1: Bolivia - Tiwanaku
» Level 2: Peru - Return to Paraiso
» Level 3: Japan - Meeting with Takamoto
» Level 4: Ghana - Persuing James Rutland
» Level 5: Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek
» Level 6: England - King Arthur's Tomb?
» Level 7: Nepal - The Ghalali Key
» Level 8: Bolivia - The Looking Glass
Good Luck!

Tips and shortcuts were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. This section would not have been written without their participation.

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